Are pet strollers worth it

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Are pet strollers worth it? This is a debate that has attracted much attention in the recent past. Despite their growing popularity, we still have people wondering if pet strollers can really be useful.

You have probably encountered pet parents rolling their furry friends down the streets or you may have seen them on your favorite social media platforms.

Is this a trend gone too far or can you actually reap some benefits from pet strollers? Keep reading to find out whether you should consider getting one for your lovely pup.

Why Do People Put Pets in Strollers?

Most pet parents would not just put their furry companions in a stroller for fun. There are several reasons why people may opt to put their lovely pets in a covered space when rolling them out to the streets.

The following are some of the most common reasons:

1. Assisting pets with mobility issues

For a dog with mobility concerns or recovering from surgery, a pet stroller might just be what they need to get around with ease and comfort.

Pets with arthritis will also benefit from the smooth ride to the park in a stroller rather than using a harness and leash which might increase their joint pains.

2. Protection from harsh weather

Many pet parents would put their furry friends in a stroller to protect them from the scorching summer sun or the freezing winter cold.

This is more important for pets who are sensitive to extreme weather conditions.

3. Including pets in family activities

A good way to include your furry siblings in what you do is to get them in a comfortable space even while going for long walks.

A pet stroller provides just that and ensures that your lovely friends get the warmth of being part of the family.

Why Some People Think Pet Strollers Are Ridiculous

Some pet parents find strollers to be very adorable, useful, and convenient for them while other people will just see it as plainly ridiculous.

Such people find it hilarious to see a dog moving around in a stroller because they believe that dogs should be able to walk by themselves which also helps in exercising. They could be right…, but have they thought of a senior or sick dog? Probably not.

Are dog strollers a good idea? Some of them argue that dog prams will only make your pup fully dependent on the tool and might not want to work their paws out the next time they are needed to step out.

Above all, some people find the strollers to be out of shape and design and they believe that it is a more tedious way of pet parenting.

They suppose that putting your dog on a harness and leash is a much easier way of going with them for errands than having a whole ‘load’ to push.

Should You Get a Stroller for Your Dog or Cat?

Despite the skeptics, should you step out and get a pet stroller for your furry siblings? And, is it suitable for dogs or cats?

Well, the answer to this question will be subject to your individual pet and what you would love to do with the stroller.

First of all, both dogs and cats can benefit from a smooth ride on a stroller. You can actually get one for any of your pets.

If you have a senior dog or cat, or those who have serious mobility issues, then surely you need to figure out how you can assist them in moving around comfortably.

A pet stroller is definitely a great option to get such pets up and running in no time with guaranteed comfort and security.

Don’t miss those important vet visits or pet grooming sessions just because your dog is recovering from a treated wound.

Get a good stroller and take your pet to their routine check-up and tag them along in your evening walks.

Are pet strollers worth it

On the other hand, if your furry siblings are younger and healthy then you might not necessarily need a pet stroller to move them with you.

You can always get one and put it in your storeroom for emergency purposes, but a healthy pet should be able to get their paws dirty and hit the road without worry.

3 Main Reasons to Buy a Pet Stroller

You are there with an online store cart with a pet stroller, should you check it out? Here are some reasons to get one:

1. It offers convenience for pet owners

Pet strollers make it easy for pet parents to take their furry companions with them easily, without having to worry about them getting tired or hurt.

2. Great for senior or mobility-impaired pets

Pet strollers can help older or mobility-impaired pets to get around more easily and securely. This makes it possible for them to go on walks, outings, and hikes without tolling their aching joints.

3. Safe movements for errands

You can use your dog pram to tag your pup along on a short errand like grocery shopping or longer walks across the park.

They also allow you to safely take your furry friends to the grooming salon without stressing them out.

7 Other Advantages of Pet Strollers

1. Ease in movement

With a pet stroller, you can now take your furry friend with you on the go and include them in your outdoor activities on the weekend.

This allows you to go with your furry companion to various places without tiring them out or risking sunburns from the scorching sun.

The next time you go out shopping or run a few errands in town, you can tag along with your pet and let them feel the warmth of moving around with you.

2. Less stressful trips with multiple pets

You know how stressful it can be to move around with more than one pet using a leash and harness.

If one of them is trying to take the lead, the other is moving into things around the streets, while another one is busy tangling and pulling on the leash.

You can escape this stress by getting a sizable stroller that can accommodate multiple pets. This will allow you to move with all your furry companions in peace.

3. Sheltered while outdoors

As you are busy checking out your shopping items at the store, your pets in the stroller will be more secure and with reduced chances of confronting other pets, who might be aggressive.

4. Good for sick and recovering pets

If your doggo or kitty is arthritic or recovering from injuries, then a pet stroller will be a perfect movement tool to get them from one place to the next.

This guarantees them a seamless movement without risking further injuries or placing too much weight on their weakened joints.

5. Good for senior pets

Older pets may not have the luxury to walk on their paws for long as they used to some years back. Their bodies are becoming weak and the joints might not support their weight for a long tedious walk.

You can reignite this hobby in your aging furry friend by getting them a comfy stroller for their evening walks.

6. Restrain your aggressive pet

If you have an aggressive cat or dog, you know the problems you might run into if they bite and injure a random person along the streets.

You can avoid this problem by transporting your pet in an enclosed chamber that limits their interactions with humans and other pets.

7. Dignified vet visits

Dogs and cats will always know when they are about to get into the vet’s office and this occasion is always characterized by resistance.

With a pet stroller, you can escape all that leash-pulling from your dog or the cat’s aggression when in the vet’s waiting room.

They will now be housed inside a comfy personal space just waiting to be pushed inside the vet’s office for their mandatory checkup.

4 Disadvantages of Pet strollers

1. Cuts down on exercises

Using a pet stroller consistently can limit your pets from getting the much-needed exercise for their well-being and might soon become entirely dependent on strollers.

This is especially worrying if you have healthy and energetic pups who have the strength to walk but they get on the stroller most of the time.

Dog in bicycle stroller

2. It might increase stress

Some pets don’t find it amusing to sit in a stroller and move around town while being pushed.

They can easily get stressed by being lonely or hearing the boring sounds of the wheels rolling down the road. Make sure to try out a few trials at home to see if your pet prefers a pram ride.

3. It can be bulky

A pet stroller might be bulky and will take up more space compared to walking with your dog on a leash. This is especially worrying when you roll down a narrow street with a heavy-duty stroller.

Strollers will also take up much space in your home when not in use. You should carefully map out the specific area you are going to store your stroller while idle to avoid storage issues.

4. It can be costly

Pet strollers can be expensive to buy and maintain. The cost will vary depending on the individual product and the features therein but some pet parents will find it to be a bit pricey.

Are Pet Strollers Worth It? – ‘Rolling’ Out

Yes, pet strollers are completely worth it depending on your individual pet needs and your preferences.

Pet pram strollers are great tools for older pets and those who cannot move with ease. It is definitely good to have such accessories that can come to the aid of our ailing furry friends.

You should however be cautious because relying on pet strollers, especially on younger and healthy pets, might not be worth it. You could make them become fully dependent on movement aids at a young age.

If your dog or cat can manage to move around with ease, let them hit the road running for their benefit and well-being.

If you’re still interested in buying a stroller for you pet then have a look at our top picks for the best pet strollers.

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