Best Pet Odor Eliminators in 2021
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As a pet parent, you might be concerned about the unwanted smell in your house when your lovely companions mess on carpets, furniture, or litter boxes. You do not have to stay with that stench since it certainly affects your calmness in your house.

This problem is particularly worsened when you have kittens and puppies who are not trained on good bathroom behavior. You should get your cat a litter box and train him how to use it well.

Such smells as pee odors may be reduced by good use of these boxes. Potty training your puppy is another good move to teach him good behavior that will significantly reduce bad pet odor in your house.

A pet odor eliminator is a crucial product to every household with a pet. It is used to remove the unwanted smell from your home that comes from the surfaces your pet has messed on. It not only removes the bad odor but also keeps your house free from germs which can cause health hazards to your pets and the entire family.


A good pet odor eliminator does not mask the bad odor but instead uses an enzymatic mode of action that completely breaks the chemical bonds of the odor sources.

For a pet parent who’s getting started, you will find the market very saturated with the products to choose from. This is why we came up with the 12 best pet odor eliminators in 2021 that will get you started in your journey to get a cleaner home with a fresh atmosphere.

Our carefully researched products fall in different price ranges and there’s something for everyone.

Where Do Bad Pets Odor Come From?

Have you ever got to your home and immediately noticed that your house has strong urine, fecal matter, or vomit smell? Your pets might have just messed around the surfaces of your house and even on furniture.

The earlier you deal with this mess, the better because it might dry up and get even worse.The most susceptible surface that pets easily mess on are carpets followed by furniture and beddings.

Dog on carpet

Pet’s urine and fecal matter have bacteria that produce ammonia which has a bad smell. You might not readily identify the spot where your pet has messed up. In this case, you can use UV or black light to precisely identify the odor sources.

A bad odor may also come from body secretion that readily interacts with bacteria and other germs on your pet’s coat. When your pet plays on surfaces such as carpets, he will release dander and the secretion on the surface leaving a bad odor.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) and yeast infections on your pet among other diseases might be another source of bad odor. Be sure to check out with your vet to rule out any medical condition with your pet.

What To Look for When Buying a Pet Odor Eliminator

The market is filled with numerous pet odor eliminators which are sometimes called pet neutralizers or simply pet sprays. They come with different functionalities; some have a sharp scent while others are unscented. Choosing the one that works well for you will depend on several factors that are highlighted below.

1. Natural vs. Synthetic ingredients

Look for a pet odor eliminator that uses mild active ingredients which will not harm you nor your pet. In most cases, natural pet odor eliminators are milder and safe for use. They are made with active bio enzymes that degrade the molecules with bad odor.

Pet odor eliminator

Others have natural scents like citrus, lavender, orange, and peppermint that leave a sweet-smelling scent after treating soiled surfaces. The key issue of consideration here is to pick a product with safe active ingredients that will not expose anyone to health hazards while trying to remove bad smell from your house. 

2. Mode of application

Most people do not like spending a lot of time managing their pet’s mess. For this reason, you might need to have an odor eliminator that uses an easy mode of application. The pet odor eliminator spray is the easiest to use since it only requires spritzing on your desired surface.

Pet odor eliminator

Other products come in formulations that require dilution to an effective solution concentration. For this type, you will require a bucket of water to make it ready before using.

We also have other products which come in small desiccant bags which absorb bad odor as well as moisture. Find the one with a mode that works out well for you and is effective to get the job done.

3. Safety

We have already touched on safety when looking at the part of the active ingredients. There are other safety considerations that you need to have in mind alongside your health and that of your pet.

Candle odor eliminator

Does the eliminator stain your carpet? Do the chemicals burn the fabric of surfaces? To answer these valid concerns, you need to get a product that has been certified by a reputable regulatory organization for standardization.

4. Price

You should strive to work within your budget when buying such products. A more expensive pet odor eliminator will certainly have added features and functionalities.

A very cheap product on the other hand might not be the best option to consider because it may lack the required certification and, in most cases, they have compromised ingredients.

Strike a balance between your planned budget and the features that you need. Just ensure that you get a good product that works and is safe for use.

The Benefits of a Pet Odor Eliminator

Any household that uses any of the best pet odor eliminators will see many benefits coming their way. Have a look at the following advantages that lie ahead of you.

1. Removes the worst odors in your house

Pet odor eliminators have a unique mechanism different from what air fresheners do. The latter releases fragrance to the atmosphere of your living space and it only masks the bad odor.

Sooner or later, the fragrance disappears and you are left with the nasty smelling odor that you tried to avoid in the first place. 

Clean home

Pet odor eliminators work with an enzymatic mechanism that completely denatures the proteins and bacteria making up odor molecules. It doesn’t cover up the atmosphere with a wave fragrance but instead ‘kills’ the odor right from its source leaving your house with a good smell.

The eliminators that work by attracting moisture also get the job done pretty well by drying up the odor source hence breaking up its composition.

2. They help remove germs

These products also work to remove germs from your house hence improving hygiene. The natural pet odor eliminators are packed with essential oils and natural extracts that do not culture germs. This means that the existing germs will die and no more reproduction will take place.

3. Does not affect your house furniture and fabric

Pet odor eliminators have a formulation that does not leave any stain on your carpets and other surfaces. This is always not the case when using typical air fresheners which have a fragrance concentration that may leave white stains on your bright fabric.

Clean living room

When using pet odor eliminators, your carpet, furniture, curtains, and all other fabric will still maintain their outstanding look without any blotchiness.

4. Eco friendly

Going green is a responsibility that we should all take to make our planet a better place. Natural pet odor eliminators are made with environmentally friendly ingredients and cultures.

Eco friendly

After treatment, they disappear into the atmosphere without harming the environment. When buying and using such products, you are also championing a good environment.

How Do Pet Odor Eliminators Work?

We have already shown you that the best pet odor eliminators are safe in their mode of action. In this section, we will go into detail to explain exactly how these products work to ensure you have a fresh atmosphere in your house.

Eliminators have bio enzymes that denature the odor source to milder compounds that don’t have a bad smell. In addition to removing the nasty smell, most pet odor eliminators also remove stains from carpets and other fabric that may have been blotched by your pet’s mess.

Pet neutralizer

Other pet eliminators have added features that are good in training your pet for good behavior. After you have neutralized the area your pet messed on, some eliminators have the potential to discourage your pet from messing around the same area.

Pet odor eliminators come in different forms. The most common are; sprays, candles, desiccants, atomizers, and plug-ins. Most of them are best used in between baths and on surfaces with mess. All pet odor eliminators should be safe for both pets and humans.

12 Best Pet Odor Eliminator In 2021

1. Bundle: LEVOIT LVAC-120 Lightweight Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner + Arm & Hammer Plus Oxiclean Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator

LEVOIT has brought us a bundled package that has a spray and vacuum cleaner for a complete cleaning experience. You will use the spray to eliminate the unwanted pet odor in your house. The vacuum cleaner is very helpful when it comes to removing pet fur, hair, dander, and other dirt from your furniture. 

The Spray

The package contains an Arm & Hammer Oxyclean spray odor eliminator which works to remove stains as well.

The active ingredients comprise an oxygen concentrate and baking soda formulation. These components work together to ensure all bad odors from your house are removed safely.

The formulation neutralizes and leaves a fresh fragrance on the spot your pet had messed on. It is designed to further prevent your furry friends from repeating a mess on the same spot over again but this might not be the case for most people.

The spray bottle has a good design which is also very easy to use. It is very portable and you can carry it everywhere your pet goes.


It removed bad odor and stubborn stains.

It has a mild pleasant fragrance.

The spray bottle has a good design.


The nozzle might have minor issues with time.

The Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner has a handheld stick design and it is very lightweight thanks to its cordless design. It is powered by 2200mAh Lithium-ion batteries which provide up to 40 minutes of work time.

With a very impressive motor technology, it provides 150-watt powerful suction which is strong enough to clean the disintegrated odor sources and fur.

Apart from this, the machine is also able to collect dust, pet hair, cat litter, crumbs, and many other foreign particles on your carpet. This leaves your house flooring in a sparkling condition with no dirt nor odor whatsoever.

The roller brush is equipped with LED which illuminates all corners of your house to be able to see every kind of dirt that needs to be removed.


Keeps the charge for a long time.

The suction is good for a cordless vacuum cleaner.

It is lightweight and less noisy.

It comes with a handy wall mount for easier storage.

LEVOIT offers good customer service.


The container does not hold too much dirt.

Take a look at the video below from Levoit that shows how to use this product.

2. ANGRY ORANGE 24oz Pet Odor Eliminator Spray & 6oz Eliminati Bathroom Odor Eliminator

If you love the smell of oranges and the citrus family, then this product will impress you. The Angry Orange pet odor eliminator is made with extracts from orange peels which have their characteristic strong scent that can just cover any smell.

It uses a mode of action which differs from other common neutralizer brands. It doesn’t have the bio-enzymatic system of odor elimination but instead relies on the strong citrus smell and microbial activity to eliminate bad odor.

Orange peels contain the precursors that form citric acid and their acidic nature is responsible for reducing the microbial activities of the odor sources.

This product comes with a 24 ounces spray and another 6 ounces bottle that is used in bathrooms. The latter bottle is a newly launched product that adds amazing value to this pack. You can now eliminate bad odor in the bathroom after giving your pet his routine shower.

What happens when the spray eliminator gets depleted? Don’t worry, you can refill it and continue using your previous bottle to keep your home fresh daily.

ANGRY ORANGE Pet Odor Eliminator for Home – Citrus Deodorizer

We recommend that you buy this extra odor eliminator from Angry Orange which you can use to refill your spent spray bottles. It has the same formulation with the same working mechanism as the eliminator that came originally in the spray bottle.

There is no chemical used in the formulation of this product. The orange oil extract used is natural and it has more power in giving you a nice smelling house.

The product is ready to use, you are not required to mix it with water. Just transfer enough proportion to the spray bottle and continue your journey of keeping your house fresh.


Very easy to use.

Angry Orange offers a money-back guarantee.

The orange citrus smell is pleasant.

One of the best dog urine odor eliminators.

Can be used on multiple surfaces and pets.

The refilling option offers value for money.


The bottle spray nozzle might have functionality issues when used for a long time.

Have a look at this video from Lorentix Channel which will show you a user’s perspective of the Angry Orange pet odor eliminator.

3. Microbe-Lift EQ2 Barn, Stall, & Stable Liquid Equine Odor Eliminator, 1-gal jug

If you have spare spray bottles, then you can save some money by buying a refilling odor eliminator to continue using the bottle.

This product from Microbe-Lift works best for neutralizing barns, stables, and stalls. If you own a horse then this product is for you because it will keep his area free from the unwanted pee and fecal matter odor.

We have a considerable number of pet parents who use this eliminator in their households to remove bad odor. It still does an amazing job in your house but it is best suited for barns, stables, and stalls.

It has a 1-gallon concentrated solution capacity in the package. The eliminator liquid has special bacteria which work on odor molecules to disintegrate them and remove the stink at the end.

The liquid formulation has the power to reduce ammonia levels in pet odor sources by absorbing gas from the waste. An environment with high ammonia levels is not good for horses. It might cause ear and tail biting which will certainly compromise his health.  

You can also use this product to clean surfaces and fabric that has been soiled by your pet’s mess. Be it stalls, barns, walls, carpet, sofas, car seats, tables, you name it! For pet parents with heavy-duty requirements, this neutralizer will work well in such requirements.

This product is therefore a crucial part in giving your living space a fresh feel, keeping it odor-free, and improving the general hygiene of pets and humans.

The product is very safe for use because it is non-toxic and made with biodegradable ingredients which gives it a plus for eco-friendliness. However, the manufacturer has issued a precaution which you need to keep in mind.

Avoid any contact with eyes and open wounds! If it happens, flush immediately with plenty of water and wash thoroughly with soap and clean water.


A good neutralizer for horse

Heavy duty and flexible usage.

It has a mild fragrance.

It reduces ammonia levels on the surface.


It might blotch bright fabrics.

4. NaturVet – Yard Odor Eliminator – Eliminate Stool and Urine Odors from Lawn and Yard

If your pet spends much time outdoors, he might as well soil your yard and lawn. In this scenario, you need an eliminator that is specifically made for outdoor performance.

NaturVet yard odor eliminator works on a variety of outdoor surfaces including grass, gravel, kennel, concrete, patios, and much more. The solution formulation is safe for use on grass hence it does not burn or cause your lawn to dry.

This is an eliminator refill, so you will need a spray bottle to effectively apply it to soiled areas. NaturVet includes a 16-, 32-, or 64-ounces spray bottle with every purchase of this product.

You need to connect the spray bottle to a hose-end for effective results. It is recommended to use this product once a week and this goes to show you how good it is.

This product uses a concentrated solution formulation that is meant to withstand outdoor conditions while removing bad odor from surfaces. It can effectively deodorize your pet’s urine and stool, killing all germs and breaking the odor sources to give your lawn a new fresh feeling.


It does a good job.

It has a mild fragrance.

It does not blotch your outdoor spaces.

Money-back guarantee.


You will need a hose sprayer attachment to use it.

5. Zero Odor – Pet Odor Eliminator – Permanently Eliminate Air & Surface Odors

Zero Odor company uses a patented molecular technology on this product that eliminates bad odor without masking.

You will spray it on the spots your pet has had accidents and the solution formulation will work to disintegrate the urine odor molecules leaving the surfaces clean.

It has a temporary fragrance which the Zero Company calls ‘tracer scent’ which remains on the surfaces that have been neutralized. This mild scent keeps your house smelling nice and on top of that, it acts to prevent you from spraying on the surface again before the solution starts working.

This eliminator uses a non-toxic formulation that is also biodegradable. The solution doesn’t have chlorine or any other bleach that may stain and leave your fabric splotched although you will notice a bleach smell immediately after spraying. 


It has a mild fragrance.

Gets the job done with a little spray.

It does not mask the bad odor.

Very easy to use.


Some people might be concerned about the bleach smell immediately after spraying. This should however not bother you because it disappears quickly.

6. Citrus Magic Pet Odor Eliminator, 22-Fluid Ounce

This product is made with specific bio enzymes blended with water to work on bad odor to disintegrate their molecules completely.

When you are removing bad odor from surfaces, one of your major concerns should be whether the product will stain your surface. With the Citrus Magic pet odor eliminator, your surfaces are kept free from stain and it leaves a VERY mild pleasant citrus fragrance on top.

Besides using this product on your house furniture, and surfaces, you can also use it to neutralize pet beddings and litter boxes.

It removes urine color on surfaces and offers you a safe alternative for the chemicals that may stain your carpet even further.


It does not stain surfaces.

Made with a few simple ingredients.


You might not feel the citrus scent since it is too mild.

7. Skout’s Honor Professional Strength Stain & Odor Remover

This spray eliminator from Skout’s Honor comes in 32 ounces and 1-gallon options. The solution has BioKore technology which breaks up stubborn stains and removes all bad odor from the soiled spots on your surfaces.

You can use it on rugs, carpets, furniture, clothing, and other fabric materials where your pet has messed on.The solution is environmentally friendly and it works to ensure you have a clean and fresh home free from stains.

Being a non-toxic and biodegradable solution, this product is safe for use in households and can even be handled by kids. The solution does not expire and so it has a very long shelf life.

The product is ready to use straight out of the box and there is no dilution nor mixing required to get the right concentration. It fits in the hand comfortably and is very easy to spray. You can carry it along when going for adventures with your pet.


It helps prevent re-soiling.

Removes tough stains and odor.

Leaves a fresh scent on soiled spots.


The spray bottle nozzle can develop issues after some time of service.

8. THORNELL Cat-Odor-Off Concentrate

Thornell has been involved in providing vets with pet care products for odor elimination. This particular concentrate neither uses an enzymatic formulation nor masks bad odor.

If you want a neutralizer with a different mode of action then you can try this product.It comes with a bottle of concentrated solution which you will then dilute with water before application.

The concentrated solution is made with essential oils as active ingredients and permitted preservatives. You can neutralize the messed areas in the presence of pets and children since this product is non-toxic.

This kind of formulation is good because it is cost-effective. You can produce up to 4 gallons of pet odor eliminator solution from this purchase.  From our extensive research, this product can be featured as one of the best cat urine odor eliminators

After dilution, using this product is very easy because you are only required to spray it on the spots your pet has soiled. It also works to prevent your lovely companions from soiling the same spot after cleaning it. This is a good feature to have when potty training your puppy.


It offers value for money and gets the job done.

Prevents your pet from re-soiling the same spot.

Leaves a pleasant and fresh smell in your house.


Over dilution will reduce the solution’s potent on urine odor.

9. Febreze Fabric Refresher, Odor Eliminator Extra Strength + Unstopables, Fresh Scent

The Febreze fabric comes in 27 ounces and it is popular among pet parents because of its ability to remove bad pet odor from surfaces. It is a spray odor eliminator with a fresh scent that leaves you with a pleasant smell.

On top of that, it also has the power to eliminate stubborn urine stains which have blotched your fabric.The Febreze pet odor eliminator will give the hard-to-wash fabric a good revival leaving them with a 2X good scent that will revamp the atmosphere in your house without lingering in the air.

The fragrance released by this product is mild and would not make you sneeze or cough.With this purchase, you will get two products; the original fragrance and the unstoppable both with a fresh scent.


Works on multiple fabrics that are otherwise hard to clean.

The added scent is mild, pleasant, and lasts longer.

It comes in a two-pack.

It can double up as a general refresher.


The 2 packs have different scents and this might be an issue for some people.

Some users have reported issues with the packaging and shipping of the products.

10. Nature’s Miracle Advanced Stain and Odor Eliminator Dog for Severe Dog Messes

Nature’s Miracle used a bio-enzymatic formulation to come up with this eliminator solution which removes bad pet odor. It is common among pet parents who use it to eliminate severe pet messes with tough odors.

The enzymatic formula removes nasty pet odor breaking the source’s chemical bond. But this product also has a sweet fragrance which makes the room fresh every time you use it.

The sweet scent is mild hence it does not swift a sharp smell across your home.This product is best used on surfaces like carpets or any other fabric where your pet has soiled.

Since it has an alcohol ingredient, we recommend that you keep it far from children who are prone to play with sprays. Otherwise, it is a non-toxic product that does not present health hazards at home.


Tough on severe odors and stains.

Easy to use.

It has a mild fragrance.


It contains an alcohol formulation that might not be suitable for concerned pet parents.

11. Simple Solution Extreme Pet Stain and Odor Remover

When buying a pet odor eliminator, you need to get one that assures you of dealing with tough stinks and stubborn stains. That’s exactly what this product from “simple solution” does.

The 3 in 1 spray bottle has a multi-functional nozzle that releases the solution in 3 different ways; Foam, steam, and moist. The Foam spray works well to ensure that the bio-enzymatic solution breaks down the stains to remove tough odors.

The steam spray cracks of floor surfaces for improved accuracy in odor elimination. With the Mist spray option, you can cover a large area of the stained surface with the solution to remove odors and stains.

You can change the spraying mechanism by adjusting the nozzle to align with your desired mode. This product is good on organic stains and it offers a good start for a fresher and cleaner home.


3 in 1 nozzle sprayer.

It removes urine odor and stains efficiently.

Certified by Cleanseal and Woolsafe.

Very easy to use and maintain.


The moist spray might release more solution volume which might not be economical.

12. Pet Odor Exterminator Lavender & Chamomile Deodorizing Candle

This is a pet odor eliminator candle that burns to release a deodorizing smell in your living room. This exterminating effect makes your house get a good sweet smell of crisp lavender.

The enzymatic formulation attacks bad pet odor and removes its dominance in your house. Contrary to what many pet parents may think, this candle does not mask the bad odor, but instead, it removes it by denaturing the proteins and enzymes making up the bad odor.

It uses a paraffin and soy blend formulation that burn to keep your household free from unwanted pet odor. The resultant soothing aroma makes your living space lively, calm and is appropriate for the reduction of stress since it is infused with chamomile extract.

Pet Odor Exterminator, the manufacturer, says that the candle has an estimated burn time of 70 hours. However, from our test and review, we found out that it has slightly less than the advertised burn time but it is good enough for what you are paying for.

Great caution needs to be taken when using this product. Do not light it out of sight and always keep it away from flammable items in your house. This product is not suitable for homes with pet birds.


It leaves a mild sweet-smelling aroma.

Removes unwanted pet odor in your house.

It has a good candle burn time.


Candle eliminators present a fire hazard in your household when not monitored.

How To Make Pet Odor Eliminator at Home

Do you want to do it yourself? Great! You can use readily available ingredients to make homemade pet odor eliminators.

This can be a good step in mastering the mechanism of odor removal. Some readily available and affordable ingredients can be used directly without mixing with anything.

1. Use Baking Soda to Remove Bad Odor

Baking soda is a common name for the salt Sodium Bicarbonate which has very high adsorption powers. Most bad odors in pets are acidic, baking soda on the other hand is basic and so it has the power to neutralize the PH of the odor from the source.

Baking soda

You can use dry baking soda to remove bad odor, dander, and dirt from your furry friends by applying it directly on their coats.

Rub it smoothly to ensure that all parts of his skin have contact with the baking soda. After some time, say 10 minutes, brush it off from your pet’s fur using a clean brush to remove the powder.

You can do the same on a messed-up carpet, furniture, or any other fabric. Give the powder some time to stay in the messed area for the adsorption process to take place. You can then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the used powder, denatured odor source, and other dirt from your surface.

2. Use Vinegar to Remove Bad Odor

Vinegar is a very common ingredient in our kitchens. You can use it to remove bad pet odors from your house by following this simple procedure.

Since vinegar is acidic, you will mix it with water in 50-50 proportions to get the desired strength for this procedure. Put the mixture in a spritzer bottle and spray on any surface that has your pet’s mess odor.

Once you spray, you will immediately notice the dominant vinegar smell on the surface but it will fade out with time together with the nasty odor.

If your cloth is laced with your pet’s odor, you can use a little vinegar solution in your laundry to get rid of the smell as well.

3. Homemade formulation

You can create a homemade formulation of active ingredients to use as a pet odor eliminator. Get a mixture of Borax (Sodium Borate), Table salt (Sodium Chloride), and vinegar in equal parts and stir them thoroughly to get a paste.

Homemade formulation

Use the paste to rub it over the messed area with a bad odor and let it dry. Just be patient because it might take a few hours to dry properly.

Remove the dried paste from the surface and clean the spot with a brush or vacuum. You will have eliminated the bad odor, leaving your room with a good smell.

Be sure to use a proportion that matches the size of the mess. Smaller messed areas will require small formulation parts and vice versa.  


There you have it guys! 12 best pet odor eliminators in 2021. Having a pet in your household does not mean that you live with unwanted odor from their messes and litter boxes.

Getting a good pet odor eliminator is the first step you will take to having a clean and fresh atmosphere in your living space and don’t forget to give them the appropriate training to avoid such incidents.

There is no single way that can completely prevent bad pet odor from your house. What we should seek to do as pet parents is reduce the footprint of the odor source and break it down as soon as possible. By doing this, we make our homes a lively ecosystem where both pets and family members can enjoy their space.

Thank you for reading through this buying guide. If you have any concerns or questions, please leave a comment below and I will be glad to attend to you.


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