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We all love our pets but sometimes we can wrinkle our noses due to the related smells that fill our homes.

Families with pets know how it can be frustrating to deal with the never-ending unwanted odor from their furry friends.

It could be a strong stink from your kitty’s litter box, a musty smell from your dog’s bed, or a foul stench from your puppy’s dropping on the carpet. You cannot escape bad odors when having furry siblings at home.

Pet-related odor is not only bad for the atmosphere, but it also poses a risk of environmental contamination through bacteria which may lead to serious infections in cases of significant exposure.

There are many strategies available that you can use to get rid of pet odor from the house and make your atmosphere feel like a palace again.

One of them is burning a pet odor candle. Not to (literally) burn the smells but to release essential oils that will kick out those bad odors from your house.

But do pet-odor candles work to restore freshness in your home?

In this post, we will dive deep and look at how they work, their effectiveness, and whether pet odor candles are the best fit to fight the stench!

What Are Pet Odor Candles?

These are candles specially formulated to mask or neutralize offensive smells in your home and replace them with a nice-smelling aroma. Pet candles could either be scented or not.

Do pet candles work

They are made with a combination of ingredients which may include beeswax, soy blend wax, paraffin waxes, essential oils, zinc wick, and a fragrant or a mixture of aromas (in some products).

Pet odor candles are in many designs ranging from simple ones to more advanced products. They come in tons of fragrances to choose from ensuring that there is a product for everyone’s taste.

How Do Pet Candles Eliminate Bad Odor?

An enzyme-based pet odor candle works by neutralizing the pet-related offensive smells in your home by breaking down the odor molecules.

As the candles burn, they release a combination of molecules and powerful enzymes that attack and split odor-causing compounds leaving your house smelling fresh.

Some candles for pet odors are scented while others are just flat with a more natural appeal. It all dangles on your taste, preference, and how you would want your house to smell.

There are very many scent options to choose from and not all of them work equally to fight offensive smells in your home.

We have particularly found that lavender and cedarwood are among the best scents to choose for dealing with bad odor in your house.

Regular candles for pet odors work by masking the smells and releasing the burnt fragrance into the atmosphere. These may not be the best option to consider if you are looking for long-term solutions for house stinks.

We recommend that you trim your expectations and have in your mind that these products work best only when you are burning them.

They offer a temporary fix rather than a long-lasting solution to odor problems. After blowing out their flame, your house may just revert to the foul pong that you wanted to get rid of.

Do Pet Odor Candles Work?

Some candles (enzyme-based) are effective in neutralizing bad odor for some time while others (regular scented) may not be what you are looking for.

It will narrow down to the essential oils and enzymes used during the formulation of the product and how they are designed to deal with foul smells.

We recommend that you go for the candles that break down malodor in your home’s atmosphere rather than choosing a product that covers the smells because sooner or later, the smell will overpower the mask.

You also need to know where to light up your candle for maximum effectiveness. We recommend that you place it in the area where the odor emanates from.

Burning candle

If your kitty’s litter box is stinky, then make sure to burn the candle near the source of the odor. Otherwise, you may reduce the usefulness of the product when you light it in a far room.

The working of the odor candles will also depend on the type of smell you are trying to deal with. Some organic odor-causing compounds are very powerful and they may require deep cleaning rather than a simple quick fix to get rid of them.

A Word of Caution!

Burning candles can be hazardous especially when the flame goes on for long without close monitoring.

The flame could grow bigger and set fire to surrounding items such as furniture, books, or even your wall’s décor.

The hazard can get worse if your dog (or anyone) knocks over the candle jar and spreads the flame to nearby items and on the carpet.  

This could also cause possible injuries and more problems for your dog.

We ask that you be vigilant when burning a candle in your home. Ensure that you have a candle holder to place it in hazardous places.

A Permanent Solution

If you’re fed up with the constant pet-related odor in your home, then you need to consider using a more permanent approach to dealing with the problem.

You can do this by dealing with the odor source and breaking down the compounds responsible for the foul smell in the air.

Most of these malodor compounds are organic and oil-based. Get a good pet odor eliminator that works by breaking down the compounds to form mild products that have no stench.

By doing this, you have completely cut off the odor source and your house will regain its original freshness with an inviting atmosphere.

What To Look for In a Goo Pet Odor Candle

There are tons of odor-eliminating candles in the market and you can be spoilt for choices on what to consider.

You need to choose a product that not only freshens your home but one which does so in a good way without risking the quality of air inside.

So, here are some of the things that you need to put before the table when shopping for a pet candle:

1. Ingredients

The materials used in making the candle are as good as the functioning and effectiveness. You however need to strike a good balance between restoring freshness in your home and being safe.

We, therefore, recommend that you choose candles that have been formulated with natural ingredients, oils, and enzymes.

Going for the ones with artificial chemicals and fragrances might cause a safety concern in your house if the chemicals are found to be toxic.

2. Burn time

How long does the candle burn to restore freshness? I believe you wouldn’t want a situation where you have a candle that gets depleted in one day or less.

The size of the candle will determine its burn time and longevity. The average burn time for most effective candles for pet odors is 70 hours, which is good enough to drive away the bad smells for some time.

A candle with a decent burn time will last longer, meaning you get extended use and fewer requirements to replace the product.

3. Size and design

The candle size and how it has been designed should also be factored in when looking for such products. If you have a bigger house or room, then you should go for a bigger candle that can manage to counter the fouling odor effectively.

Pet parent with her dog

You should also choose one that features a good design from a reputable manufacturer. This is especially worthwhile if you will be placing the candle in the living room.

4. Scent

Do you love the airy cinnamon trail in your home or the waves of lavender and vanilla extracts? No matter what your liking is, you simply cannot miss a candle that has your favorite scent.

Make sure to go for the scent that you can keep up with in your house. If you prefer a more natural home atmosphere, then you can go for the scentless candles that leave your home with a general touch of natural freshness.

Other Methods

If a specific pet odor candle doesn’t seem to work in your home, you can try different brands from other top manufacturers before calling it quits. Make sure to scout around and look for something that can handle your odor problems.

There are quite a lot of other approaches that you can use to drive bad smells from your house and keep up with good hygiene.

They are:

  • Using pet odor eliminator sprays
  • Using home products such as baking soda and vinegar
  • Air purifiers to deal with pet dander and dust
  • Cleaning your house and vacuuming the carpet & upholstered furniture
  • Maintaining pet hygiene by grooming and bathing them.
  • Having proper ventilation in your house.

If you don’t like using candles, then you can have a look at our top picks for the best pet odor eliminators, I’m sure you will find a product that you will like.

Do Pet Odor Candles Work? – My Closing Thoughts

Pet odor-eliminating candles can be a good solution to deal with the persisting pet-related smells in your home.

Whilst some of these products will work, you need to remember that regular candles will only offer a short-term fix to the underlying problem by masking the odor.

Once you put off their flame, the once overpowered bad smell will reappear and terrorize your atmosphere for quite some time.

We recommend that you add enzyme-based candles to your odor-fighting collection in order to get the most freshness in your home.

Use these strategies in conjunction with regular house cleaning and pet hygiene to ensure that your home is the safest place for both you and your furry friends.

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