10 Cat Proof Christmas Trees

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December 25th is around the corner and many are decorating their homes for the blissful festivity of Christmas and New Year.

However, cat parents always have to deal with some challenges because our feline friends can be notoriously fascinated with Christmas trees.

The soft branches, shiny ornaments, and dangling decorations of X-mass trees can form a play area for your curious cat, but don’t let this hinder you from beautifying your home.

In this guide, we have researched and reviewed 10 cat-proof Christmas trees to ensure your festive décor remains intact, knowing your cat’s claws won’t create trouble.

10 Cat Proof Christmas Trees

10 Cat Proof Christmas Trees.
Image Credit: Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

1. National Tree Company Artificial Mini Christmas Tree

With a 35-inch base diameter, this cat-proof Christmas tree is stable enough to withstand the playful antics of your feline friend.

The tree features hundreds of lifelike branches to create a naturally appealing decoration with minimum shiny bits and pieces.

The manufacturer includes an option for sizes ranging from 4 feet to 14 feet to ensure a pick for every home.

2. Prelit Pop-Up Christmas Tree

For cats who are not interested in flickering lights, the Prelit Pop-Up Christmas tree will do the trick during this festive season.

The study four-legged stand is stable enough to hold up the knocks and punches from your playful furry friend.

This Christmas tree comes with a timer and 16.4 feet 50 LED string lights to light up your moods during this celebration period.

We also loved the collapsible design, which allows you to easily set up the tree in convenient places and round it up when needed.

3. Treepool Artificial Christmas Tree

A cat-resilient Christmas tree should have a more realistic look with minimum shiny features that will not attract your kitty’s attention, and this is exactly what this artificial Christmas tree offers.

The manufacturer provides over 10 different sizes to choose from, which makes it a perfect choice for a variety of homes.

In terms of durability, we were impressed with the sturdy metal hinges and the high-quality PVC branches supported with a robust metal base to ensure your cat doesn’t cause any problems.

4. DNYKER Artificial Christmas Tree

This lush and full Christmas tree is an embodiment of pure bliss, simplistic decoration, and a cat-proof design.

The metallic base is sturdy ensuring the entire structure does not crumble down when hit with a playful cat.

You’ll love how easy it is to assemble and collapse this naturally-looking tree for convenient storage and reshuffling.

5. NIGHT-GRING Artificial Christmas Tree

The snow-shimmering sequins on this beautiful Christmas bauble provide enough decoration while keeping your cat contained.

The purchase includes warm LED lights that twinkle and sparkle in light to give your house a lively theme for your Christmas festivities.

This tall Christmas tree is made using high-quality PVC material which is resistant to the cat’s sharp claws.

6. Lighted Christmas Wall Tree

This lighted Christmas wall tree stands at 5 feet high and it features over 40 cool white lights. The top highlight for this festive bauble is how to shape the LED strips into tree branches on your wall.

Your curious cat will get thrilled by the illuminating wall, but they won’t be able to cause problems with their sharp claws or teeth.

7. Evergreen Classics Artificial Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree comes pre-wired and strung with lights which are embedded on the artificial branches for a lively Christmas-themed decoration.

The well-made, folding metal stand can securely hold your Christmas tree to keep it from tipping when struck by a curious cat.

You’ll also love the Simple Shape technology which allows the bauble to spring into shape instantly without manual shaping.

8. National Tree Company Pre-Lit ‘Feel Real’ Tree

For minimal space, this artificial Christmas tree can offer a joyful decoration without appealing to your cat’s antics.

This Christmas tree is well-made with high-quality materials that can withstand the sharp claws of your kitty.

The hypo-allergenic materials will also ensure the holiday cheer is maximized for individuals and cats with allergies.

9. Sullivans Artificial Tannenbaum Fir Tree

This kitty-safe Tanenbaum in a gunny sack is ideal for small-sized rooms, and it provides sufficient decoration while being unappealing for your furry friend.

The conifer cone design gives the tree a natural outward look while maintaining a Christmas-themed mood in the area.

10. Ten Waterloo Christmas Tabletop Tree

This pine wood 16-inch Christmas tree can be furnished on a tabletop and conveniently placed on the floor area or fireplace.

The plain design is subtle but magnificent enough to cheer your Christmas moods during the Dec 25 celebrations.

We also loved the weighted gunny-wrapped base because it brings a natural theme while maintaining a less shiny outward appearance to keep your cat away.


Our list of the 10 cat proof Christmas trees comprises beautiful products that are sturdy and crafted with high-quality materials to withstand the sharp claws of your cat.

For additional reinforcement, you can invest in a Christmas tree fence to keep the decorated area out of bounds for your furry friend.

It also helps to keep catnip away from your Christmas trees. If you have a heavy chewer, it’s a good idea to avoid Christmas trees with electric codes since they present a chewing hazard.

Harnessing the power of natural deterrents such as citrus smell can work in your favor to keep the Christmas bauble safe from cats.

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