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Are you looking for cat breeds that will make you instantly marvel at their beauty? Well, here’s our pick for the 21 gorgeous cat breeds loved for their majestic looks and enticing personalities.

It’s important to remind you that all cats are beautiful in their ways, but certain breeds are tremendously attractive.

Below, you’ll find cat breeds with distinctive attractive features like exotic coat patterns, sleek bodies, folded ears, luscious locks, flowing coats, elegant eyes, and much more.

21 Gorgeous Cat Breeds

1. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cat
Image Credit: norwegiancatfamily from Instagram

The Norsk Skogkatt, also called the Norwegian Forest cat in English-speaking countries was designed to adapt to colder climate and wet conditions.

This cat’s beauty is embodied by their long, silky, and wooly-haired undercoat for keeping them warmed up during chilly weather.

In addition to their charming splendor, the Norwegian Forest cats are known to be highly social, and they prefer spending quality time with their human caregivers.

Many Norwegian Forest cat owners have noted that although this breed loves to hang around people, they don’t like being cuddled too much.

2. Maine Coon

maine coon kitten
Image Credit: mainecoon_award_ground from Instagram

The term ‘gentle giants’ has been widely used to refer to Maine Coons owing to their large body size and lovable personality.

But it doesn’t end there, Maine Coons have a fluffy coat and a much feathery tail which complements their overall beauty.

Apart from splendor, these elegant-looking cats are highly priced for their intelligence and easy-going attitude. It’s possible to train your Maine Coon to respond to names just like dogs.

3. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora
Image Credit: its_rosiepeach from Instagram

The Turkish Angora cat breed has a long, lavish coat that is soft to the touch, with a full neck ruff that exudes a lion-like appearance.

Apart from being pretty, these longhaired cats are patient with their human caregivers and they’re always curious about the happenings at home.

The Turkish Angora cat loves to play, an intrinsic character that makes them a good choice for families with little children.

4. Persian

Image Credit: __c__h__a__m__ from Instagram

The Persians are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. Most of them are in solid white color and have been featured in numerous American cat food advertisements.

These elegant kitties have been considered by many people as the prettiest cat breed in the world, and we understand why.

In addition to their beautiful flowing long coat, the Persian cats are known for their distinctive flat face which exudes a sweet expression.

Cat parents with Persians need lots of time to care for the long coat, and this explains why some people prefer the Exotic Shorthairs cats, which are the short-haired cousins of the Persians.

5. Siamese

Image Credit: siamesegleam from Instagram

Among the longest-living cat breeds, the Siamese cats are known for their sleek athletic body and unique appearance.

The beauty of Siamese cats is exemplified by their striking blue eyes, and short coats, decorated with unique color points. These refined kitties are also known for their vocalization.

The other top highlight of Siamese cats is their highly sociable nature. These cats love being around people and they will thrive when raised in pairs.

6. Ocicat

Image Credit: kio_fotos.de from Instagram

A crossbreed of the Siamese and Abyssinian, the Ocicat is famous for their spotted coat, making them look like mini leopards.

Despite their wild-like aesthetics, the Ocicats are highly affectionate and they can thrive when given opportunities to play.

Aside from the pretty coat, the ocicat’s elegance is embodied in their sleek athletic body, long legs, almond-shaped eyes, and long tail.

The Ocicat earned their name from the wild Ocelot, owing to their striking resemblance.

7. Abyssinian

Image Credit: furryfritz from Instagram

The Abyssinian cats are among the oldest breeds and certainly feature in our list of the most beautiful felines.

These silky-coated cats have small rounded heads with very large ears that exude their true disposition and attractiveness.

Abyssinian cats are a true definition of beauty with brains, owing to their high intelligence and curious personality.

8. Russian Blue

Russian Blue
Image Credit: coco__russianblue from Instagram

The Russian Bue cats nearly went into extinction at some point, but luckily enough, feline enthusiasts in America imported some from Scandinavian countries in the 1960s to continue their lineage.

Known for their slender body, blue-grey double coat, and emerald eyes, the Russian Blue cats are a contender for the prettiest feline.

In addition to their good looks, the Russian Blue cats are highly favored for their sweet disposition, loyalty, and stable temperament making them an ideal housecat.

Russian Blue owners must have noticed the independent side of these cats because they sometimes love to be left alone.

9. Bengal

Bengal Cat
Image Credit: FursnPaws

This rare exotic cat breed is one of the most highly-priced kitties on our list. The Bengals share their genes with the Asian Leopard cat where they picked up a unique coat color and rosette markings

Bengals are known for their lean and muscular body, which is surprisingly larger than most other cat breeds.

Aside from their beauty, Bengals are highly intelligent kitties with sharp memories. They are also exceptional hunters, so you may want to keep them away from small pets like birds and rodents.

10. Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat
Image Credit: sterlingsilvercat from Instagram

As their names suggest, these elegant felines hail from the subarctic land of Siberia. These cats have long luxurious coats which were designed to keep them warmed up in chilly weather.

Siberian cats are exceedingly affectionate and friendly to their loving humans. This welcoming disposition makes them a great companion for households with kids and other pets.

11. Exotic shorthair

exotic short hair
Image Credit: sweetsweetclem from Instagram

The Exotic Shorthair cats are cousins with the Persians but lack the long flowing coat. Their short hair has earned them the nickname ‘the lazy man’s Persian’ because they are easy to maintain.

If you want to own a Persian cat but you dislike the substantial requirements for meticulous grooming, the Exotic Shorthair cat can be a good choice.

Exotics have brachycephalic faces, which predisposes them to breathing difficulties, making them one of the shortest-living cat breeds.

Aside from the good looks, the Exotic Shorthair cat loves being a lap cat, but they don’t solicit too much attention from their owners.

12. British shorthair

British Shorthair
Image Credit: mochithecatto from Instagram

True to their name, the British shorthair cats were first imported into Great Britain by the Roman legions, who needed working cats to chase rodents from their camp.

On the departure of the Roman armies, the cats mixed with European wildcats to breed offspring with well-developed bodies and short plush coats.

Despite having lots of patterns and colors, the British Shorthair cats mostly appear in blue short-coated fur. These family cats are easy-going and they have minimal health problems.

13. Ragdoll

Image Credit: FursnPaws

Ragdolls are easily one of the prettiest cat breeds. These long-bodied cats are muscular and large with an athletic body.

The beauty of Ragdolls is exemplified in their wedge-shaped heads with gorgeous oval-shaped eyes in vivid blue color.

Ragdolls were named so because the original breeding stock tended to limb and relax when picked up.

14. Himalayan

Image Credit: plumestagram from Instagram

The beauty of the Himalayan cat is embodied by the long hair of the Persian breed and the striking blue eyes and color code of the Siamese breed.

Himalayans have a silky long coat and a wooly undercoat, making them a high-maintenance breed akin to the Persians.

Regular brushing and baths are the best ways of ensuring your Himalayan cat is kept in their top condition.

Himmies, as they are affectionately called, are both gentle and playful although they can be wary of strangers.

15. Bombay

Bombay Cat Breed
Image Credit: Jesson Mata from Unsplash

When thinking about black cats, most people will have a Bombay pictured in their minds.

These elegant felines are known for their sleek black coat and striking copper or gold eyes, exuding the image of a miniature panther.

Bombay cats were originally bred to resemble the Jaguars, but despite their striking appearance, they are extremely playful and loving.

16. Scottish fold

scottish fold
Image Credit: mint.nyanya from Instagram

Scottish fold cats are distinguishable by their folded back ears which gives them an adorable and unique appearance.

Complementing their gorgeous appearance, the Scottish Fold cats are highly outgoing and curious household companions.

Scottish Fold owners can attest to the intelligence of these cats, which is evidenced by their ability to take in basic command training and tricks.

If you have multiple pets in your home, including dogs, you can never go wrong with a Scottish Fold since they have been recommended for their ability to make friends easily.

17. American Curl

american curl
Image Credit: yunmaru_1219 from Instagram

The American Curl cats got their name from their distinguishable curled-back ears which convey elegance and happy looks.

In addition to their beautiful coats, these felines are known for their love of play and friendly attitude towards their human caregivers.

They can form strong bonds and affection which helps in creating a harmonious environment for small children and other pets.

18. American Bobtail

American Bobtail
Image Credit: perseusandco from Instagram

The American Bobtail cats have been nicknamed the ‘Golden Retriever of the cat world’ for a reason. In addition to wagging their tails when happy, these cats are playful and devoted to their human family.

The American Bobtail can either be longhaired or shorthaired, carrying either dense fur or a long bushy coat.

Aside from elegance, the American Bobtails are intelligent enough to pick up basic command training and tricks which makes for an all-rounded pet.

19. Birman

Image Credit: ellsi_und_bellsi from Instagram

Birman cats are noticeable by their white-soaked feet, silky coats, and striking blue eyes. They also have different colored coats with unique color points which makes them a popular choice among many.

The good looks of Birmans are perfected by their friendly personality and stable temperament which makes them a good addition to multi-pet households.

20. Ragamuffin

Image Credit: lions_cat_tabi from Instagram

The Ragamuffin was considered a close variant of the famous Ragdolls but was categorized as a different breed in 1994.

These beautiful cats have a thick and dense coat which makes them appear much larger than they actually are.

Ragamuffin cats are ideal companions for families because of their laid-back attitude and friendly demeanor.

21. Minuet cat

Video Credit: mimi030303mimi from Instagram

Also known as the Napoleon cat, the Minuet cat is a relatively new hybrid feline crossed between the Persian and Munchkin cat breeds.

These gorgeous cats can form the best cuddle buddies, thanks to their tendency to play and form affection with humans.


Each of these 21 gorgeous cat breeds has their unique highlight making them a contender for the prettiest feline in the lot.

You must have noticed that good-looking cats come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Picking a cat from this list is not a blank cheque for elegance without responsibility.

Make sure to groom your cat regularly and provide them with a high-quality diet to keep them elegant and in top condition.

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