Signs Your Cat Will Live a Long Time

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We all want our feline friends to live with us forever. Even though the average lifespan of many cats is pegged at 12-18 years, it’s not uncommon to find cats living to their 20th birthday.

But, how can you know if your cat will live and thrive for a long time? We’ve compiled a list of the signs your cat will live a long time, so keep reading to know if your pet is aging gracefully.

12 Signs Your Cat Will Live a Long Time

1. Your cat is looking great

Your feline friend’s outward appearance can reveal a lot about their health condition. Cats with glossy and flawless coats are often in fine fettle and they can enjoy a longer life.

Signs Your Cat Will Live a Long Time
Image Credit: Pixabay

Grooming your cat regularly and providing other essential care is enough to keep your cat looking great and help them live longer.

2. Your cat rarely gets sick

One of the best ways to tell if your cat will have extended longevity is if they seldom get sick.

Even though cats have an instinct to avoid dangerous situations, some may still get exposed to pathogens which can cut down their natural life.

Your cat’s immune system should be their number one protector against the most dangerous viruses and disease-causing microbes.

Scheduling regular visits to the vet and providing adequate nourishment are some of the things you can do to prevent health risks in cats.

3. Adequate self-grooming

Cats are known for their painstaking self-grooming habits which serve as a natural mechanism to keep their bodies clean, regulate body temperature, and ward off harmful germs.

Cat self-grooming
Image Credit: Cats Coming from Pexels

Sufficient self-grooming can help cats live longer because it maintains good skin health and eliminates harmful disease-causing bacteria from the coat.

Be wary of overgrooming because it can lead to hair loss, allergies, skin wounds, and ulcerations, all of which can come in the way of your cat’s life.

4. Your cat is active

Physical activity, such as running, playing, and jumping, can be a good measure of your cat’s prolonged existence. It is completely normal for elderly cats to slow down on physical activities.

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But if your feline friend is still running, jumping, and playing with great excitement, then this can be a good sign they will live for a long time.

Signs Your Cat Will Live a Long Time
Image Credit: Kirsten Bühne from Pexels

In contrast, if your cat loves sitting on the couch all day long, then you need to book an appointment with the vet for further check into their health condition.

5. Your cat has better sleep

A healthy cat can sleep anywhere, anytime, and snooze off like a baby for long hours. It is estimated that most healthy felines can sleep for 12 to 18 hours per day.

Better sleep is a good sign your cat will live for long because it allows them to recover from physical exertion and mental fatigue.

Signs Your Cat Will Live a Long Time
Image Credit: Александар Цветановић from Pexels

If your cat is not getting enough sleep, this could be a sign of underlying medical problems that require immediate attention.

6. Your cat has a good appetite

A healthy cat is unlikely to say no to food! If your feline friend has a good appetite and they eat their meals on schedule, then you can be sure to enjoy an extended life with them.

Cat Eating
Image Credit: Laura Chouette from Unsplash

Proper nourishment is essential to keep cats healthy and in good physical and mental shape. These nutrients and minerals will help your cat’s body organs to function optimally and extend their life expectancy.

7. Your cat is breathing normally

Healthy cats should have normal breathing patterns when sleeping or resting. Respiratory problems in cats can cause them to breathe heavily or wheeze even when resting.

Experts have estimated the normal breathing cycle in healthy cats to be around 30 and 60 breaths per minute when resting.

If your furry friend’s breathing rate is within this number, it is a welcome sign of optimum respiratory health.

On the flip side, if your cat is breathing at a faster rate than the average number, then it could be a sign of lung problems or asthma.

8. Your cat has normal stool

A well-formed and firm healthy cat poop should be brown in color, although some shades of brown are still within acceptable limits.

Consistent stool quality, shape, and texture are signs of good digestive health which is a foundation for a long life.

Plan for an immediate visit to the vet for medical tests if you notice any sudden changes in the texture, color, shape, and consistency of your cat’s poop.

Your vet may ask you to carry a sample of your cat’s stool. It’s crucial to hydrate your cat while providing a well-balanced diet to maintain good gastrointestinal health and stool consistency.

9. Your cat has a sleek body

A sleek kitty with a Feline Body Mass Index (FBMI) of between 15 – 29.9 is considered healthy with a normal weight.

Maine Coon Cat
Image Credit: Daniel Zopf from Unsplash

Cats with standard body weight have a reduced likelihood of suffering obesity-related conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

Providing your cat with a well-balanced diet, practicing portion control, and offering regular exercise can all help keep your cat fit for a longer life.

10. Your cat has pearly white teeth

Dental diseases are very common problems in elderly cats, so if your cat’s teeth are extra white and set on healthy gums, this is a good sign of a long life to come.

Cat with open teeth
Image Credit: Aleksandr Nadyojin from Pexels

Apart from being extremely painful, dental diseases in cats can increase the likelihood of kidney and heart diseases, and this may shorten their natural life.

You can improve your cat’s dental hygiene and care by brushing their teeth at least three times a week and taking them for professional cleaning occasionally.

11. Your cat’s senses are strong

Just like humans, cats have five senses which work in a fascinating way to help them understand their surroundings.

Elderly cats are likely to experience a decreased sense of taste and smell, which can make them finicky eaters, and this can hamper their overall physical wellness.

Such cats are also likely to experience anxiety-related behaviors due to the degradation of vision and hearing senses.

If your cat’s senses are still strong and working properly, then you can be sure to enjoy a lengthy lifespan with happy moments.

12. Your cat is social

Cats are social animals, and they thrive when interacting with their favorite human family and other household pets.

Signs Your Cat Will Live a Long Time
Image Credit: Sam Lion from Pexels

If your cat is upholding good social connections with every member of the family, then this is a sign of good mental health which can translate to an extended life expectancy.

An unsociable cat is likely to experience boredom and anxiety which can take a toll on their overall wellness and reduced longevity.


Of all the signs your cat will live a long time, it’s paramount to ensure your beloved furry friend is always physically healthy and in good mental shape.

You can achieve this by providing good home care and taking them to the vet for regular physical checks and wellness exams.

Knowing the signs of healthy living in cats will help pet parents detect when something is amiss, and take a proactive step in treating the affected cat.

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