25 DIY Cat Stuff

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Cats love to play and sleep in comfortable places. If you’re a little handy with your tools, you can create some DIY Cat stuff using readily available materials.

These 25 easy and cool homemade ideas include a detailed description of each project, photos, diagrams, and links to well-explained instructions on how to execute them.

Get your tools and materials ready as we explore how to make cat toys, trees, houses, beds, and towers without complicated procedures.

5 Simple and Fun DIY Cat Toys

1.     DIY Toilet Paper Rolls Cat Toy

25 DIY Cat Stuff
Image Credit: catster

Instead of tossing away your old toilet paper roll, you can repurpose it into these creative homemade cat toys to keep your feline friend occupied.

From simple rings, to ring balls, and treat rattles, be ready to pick an idea that works well for your cat to make them happy all day long.

2.     DIY Catnip Yarn Balls

DIY Catnip Yarn Balls
Image Credit: trendhunter

We’re almost certain your cat will love these yarn balls infused with catnip. This is a great toy to keep your cat entertained, relaxed, and gripped to their game.

3.     Feather and String Cat Toy

Be ready to appeal to your cat’s natural instincts with this elegant toy inspired by the Martha Stewart team.

In addition to the comprehensive instructions, the project authors also included a short video to make it easier for you. Feel free to play around with different colors to find the perfect charm.

4.     DIY Stuffed Sock Toys for Cats

DIY Stuffed Sock Toys for Cats
Image Credit: kittyclysm

Why dispose of the single socks heap lying around your house when you can use them to make these classic cat toys?

This project can take you about 5 minutes from start to finish, and the best part is that you don’t need any special materials.

5.     Pipe Cleaner Homemade Cat Toy

Pipe Cleaner Cat Toy
Image Credit: Alisha from hubpages

You’ll be amazed at how super simple it is to make this toy. Any pipe cleaner can do the magic but we loved how the shiny ones capture the cat’s attention.

5 DIY Cat Tree Ideas

1.     DIY Cat Tree With Real Branches

DIY Cat Tree With Real Branches
Image Credit: Brittany Goldwyn

With inspiration from Brittany Goldwyn, you can make this beautiful cat tree that will add a natural art to your living room.

We were impressed by the reinforced base which gives the entire cat tree a natural look and adds stability to make it firm for active climbers.

The materials used in this project were priced at 75 USD, but with a little alteration on size you can make a smaller one for less the amount.

2.     Homemade Cat Tree with Hammock

Homemade Cat Tree with Hammock
Image Credit: ikeahackers

This cute cat tree gives your feline friend somewhere to sleep in the sturdy hammock near the base. This can be a great idea for cats who love lying low, but active climbers may prefer an elevated perch.

Be sure to cover the sides with sisal to give your feline friend a safe place to scratch when playing on this tree.

3.     Corner Cat Tree

Corner Cat Tree
Image Credit: ikeahackers

Still on IKEA hack ideas, you can craft this idea using a corner shelf unit to make a large tree for your furry friend.

The shelf unit may be unstable when standing freely, so be sure to attach it to the wall especially if you have multiple cats.

The other top highlight of this corner cat tree is that it can be used in houses with minimal space because it’s stationed out of the way.

4.     Wall-Mounted Cat Tree

Wall-Mounted Cat Tree
Image Credit: ikeahackers

With IKEA FROSTA stools, you can make this wall-mounted tree to save on space and provide your feline friend with extended perching places.

This project is more detailed, so beginners in DIY can tag a person with experience in woodworking for the best results.

The overall design wraps around the corners which makes for a more creative design to keep your cat active and entertained.

5.     DIY Cat tree

This 16-minute video from Worthy Woodworks lives up to the channel’s name! The project utilizes natural wood logs and additional materials to make it instinctive and appealing.

Pet parents with experience in carpentry with sophisticated tools will find this project easy and enjoyable to undertake.

5 Easy & Elegant DIY Cat Houses

1.     Best DIY Little Cat House

Best DIY Little Cat House
Image Credit: Brittany Goldwyn

This stylish piece of décor can serve as an indoor abode for your cat and a convenient side table to place your personal effects.

Brittany Goldwyn used readily available materials to make this brilliant cat house with a small entrance and a comfortable interior space.

2.     Homemade Cat House Tepee

Homemade Cat House Tepee
Image Credit: lilyardor

This cat tepee house is super simple and fun to make. Moreover, the materials used are readily available and we believe some can be found lying freely in your house.

Don’t hesitate to modify this house according to the size of your cat to make it functional. We also loved how great this cute piece looks when placed in one corner somewhere in the house.

3.     Homemade Cat Tent

Homemade Cat Tent
Image Credit: instructables

With an old T-shirt that no one uses anymore, you can make this indoor cat abode to give your kitty a comfortable sleeping space.

We loved how easy and fun it is to make this DIY cat tent even for beginners in DIY. The small opening for entrance is also ideal to keep shy cats secure.

4.     DIY Cardboard Cat House

Image Credit: happinessishomemade

A simple cardboard and a few other materials are all you need to make this stunning cat house.

We fancied the crafty idea in this project, so feel free to inscribe your kitty’s name to add a touch of personality.

5.     Cute Indoor Cat House in Basket

This splendid and comfy place for indoor cats is both easy to make and highly functional in keeping your best friend contained.

You can also place a fleece on top of this basket house to provide your cat with an open-air space to lounge when they need it.

In addition to the detailed step-by-step instructions for this project, you’ll also get a quick video that illustrates the whole process.

5 Comfy DIY Cat Beds

1.     Basket Cat Perch

Basket Cat Perch
Image Credit: hymnsandverses

The first DIY cat bed on our list is perhaps the simplest to make. All you need is a random basket, cushion, and hanging ropes to make this chic feline daybed.

It’s best to hang this bed on the window to give your cat a clear view of the outside world right from the comfort of your living room.

2.     DIY Cat Cave

DIY Cat Cave
Image Credit: thespiffycookie

Is your cat turning an empty box into their playing den? You can elevate their comfort by covering the box with an old T-shirt and adding an interior cushion for extra comfort.

Leave a small entrance and exit space from the neck hole of the old tee to make the cave private and secure for your kitty.

3.     Recycled Suitcase Cat Bed

Recycled Suitcase Cat Bed
Image Credit: brooklynlimestone

Instead of throwing away that vintage luggage case lying around your bedroom, consider turning it into a comfy bed for your feline friend.

All you need is to add a blanket, cushion, or pillow to make it extra comfy for your lounging kitty. We also loved the idea of sticking a few pictures on the inner upper deck of the suitcase.

4.     Stylish Cardboard Box Cat Bed

Stylish Cardboard Box Cat Bed
Image Credit: yourpurrfectkitty

Do you have an extra cardboard box lying empty at home? You can elevate it by making a comfy indoor bed for your feline friend.

A right-fitting pillow, fluffy blanket, or soft cushion will do the magic to sustain your cat’s slumber during the night.

5.     DIY Cat Hammock

DIY Cat Hammock
Image Credit: marthastewart

This gorgeous cat hammock will create the ultimate hanging spot for your furry friend while indoors. All you need is to tie a fabric underneath a four-legged table or desk.

This relaxing oasis will provide a delightful spot for your feline friend to observe their surroundings while relaxing.

5 DIY Cat Towers

1.    Homemade Cat Tower Plan

Cat Tower Plan
Image Credit: Imgur

This homemade cat tower stands at an impressive height of 6 feet and is made of 2 platforms only, making it an easy-to-make DIY project.

We loved the empty carpeted area because it gives the cat enough room to get active by moving around a secure place.

2.     How to Make a Cat Condo

25 DIY Cat Stuff
Image Credit: hgtv

With inspiration and instructions from HGTV, you can create this free condo plan to keep your cat entertained on the move.

The three baskets provide sufficient space for your feline friend to jump in and relax when they need to lounge.

The attached brackets and PVC pipe make the entire structure stable, which is good for multiple cats who love hopping in and out.

3.     Homemade Cat Tower with Feeding Stations

Cat Tower with Feeding Stations
Image Credit: ikeahackers

This stunning DIY cat tower shelf idea creates a lounging spot and a perfect feeding station for your feline friends.

Pet parents with both dogs and cats know how difficult it can be to feed their cats in the presence of a snooping dog.

This cat tower can offer a practical solution to feed your cat, and we love its stability because it’s attached to the ceiling and floor.

4.     Cardboard Cylinders Cat Tower

Cardboard Cylinders Cat Tower
Image Credit: instructables

This cardboard cat tower is a little bit different from the other towers featured in our list, but we can be sure your cat will love it.

The project author used four cardboard cylinders with additional materials to create this unique furniture for felines.

This cool tower lets your cat exercise their natural climbing and scratching instincts without exposing them to danger. Feel free to customize it to match your interior décor.

5.     Cat Shelf Wall

Cat Shelf Wall
Image Credit: instructables

This metal pipe cat wall may look intricate but it’s not difficult so long as you follow the instructions to the letter.

The best part about this cat tower is that it doesn’t take up any valuable floor space, making it a good option for people with limited space.


There you have it guys, 25 easy and fun DIY cat stuff! From toys, trees, beds, and houses, to towers, we hope you singled out a few projects to execute.

As you pick your tools and gather the materials to execute these projects, remember to be creative by customizing them to match your cat’s size and personality.

Where possible, it’s best to use recycled materials instead of purchasing new ones to cut costs and reduce waste.

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