30 Dog Mom Shirt Ideas

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For all the dog moms out there, you can show the world your love for your furry friend by rocking a trendy dog mom tee with the prettiest catchphrase or graphics.

Below, you’ll find a collection of 30 dog mom shirt ideas that you’ll absolutely love to wear when planning your next dog walk or other outdoor adventures.

Grab a cute dog mom shirt today for you and your female friends to match with a stylish outfit that tells the world how special your canine is to you.

30 Dog Mom Shirt Ideas

1. Rockin’ The Dog Mom Aunt Life T-shirt

Show off the love for your cute dog by rocking this light cotton blend t-shirt. The breathable and lightweight design makes it a good choice for all-day wear under hot climates.

There are plenty of colors to choose from, so grab one that matches your mood and intended outlook.

The fabric is hand-wash only, so don’t toss it in a washer to keep it in pristine condition for long.

2. Rescue Dog & Pitbull Drawing Dog Mom Shirt

Pass a positive message about rescuing dogs while showing your unfiltered love for Pitties with this cute dog mom tee.

The manufacturer included many color options to fit a variety of tastes. We also loved the men’s option which makes it a perfect tee for a couple to consider.

The lightweight design with a classic fit makes this tee a favorable option to consider during the warmer days. With a machine-washable fabric, caring for this tee can never be made easier.

3. Pitbull Dog Lovers T-Shirt

If you own a Pitbull, this dog mom t-shirt is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. This cute tee is made with solid colors but features a cute-looking Pittie wearing a big smile.

The fabric is machine washable, meaning you won’t spend a lot of time caring for and maintaining this wonderful attire.

4. Pittie Mom Pitbull Dog Lovers Mother’s Day Gift

Grab this t-shirt for yourself or get it as a gift for a dog mom during the upcoming Mother’s Day celebrations.

The statement piece featured on this tee is beautifully designed for Pitbull owners out there or those working with Pitties in rescue organizations.

Expressing your passion for pitbulls by putting on this t-shirt can be a great step in toning down the unfair criticism these lovely dogs have received over the years.

5. Lazy One Women’s Dog Mon Nightgown

This oversized t-shirt gives a feminine twist to all the dog mommies out there. The material is made of combed cotton and we’re happy that it’s machine washable.

This night dress provides the perfect comfort to sleep and snug with your furry friends while expressing your love to them through bold text.

The other top highlight for this oversized dog mom tee is that it comes in many cute and funny designs, to match the personality of every female pup owner.

6. Leopard Print Dog Mama T-Shirt

Be fashionable and cute while expressing your love for dogs with this funny leopard print dog mom t-shirt.

In addition to adding a taste of the wild, the leopard print design can be a great match for other great outfits and handbags.

Although the fabric can bear a machine wash, it is recommended to wash this cute tee by hand using cold water to protect the paw prints and pattern.

7. Frenchie Mama Dog T-Shirt

Lady owners of the French Bulldogs can have this great addition to their wardrobe that expresses their love for dogs.

This round-neck tee is made with cotton and it’s also machine washable for quick and easy maintenance.

The material is light, soft, and comfortable to wear, making it a great outfit for outdoor adventures with your pup during sunny weather.

8. Fine vintage French Bulldog T-shirt

This cute dog mom tee comes in a wide variety of sizes, we’re sure you can’t miss one for yourself and another for your friends and relatives.

The materials are lightweight and soft, which makes for good wear in outdoor conditions during hot weather.

We loved the vintage and retro design because it brings a good old love for the French bulldogs and showcases how far they’ve come.

9. The Dogmother Women V-Neck T-Shirt

This ‘dogmother’ printed t-shirt from Ann Arbor T-shirt Company is the perfect gift for anyone who loves dogs and cherishes the famous Godfather movie.

We’re certain this tee will capture many eyes and hearts as you express your true calling to mother our beloved furry friends.

The V-neck, tall, and slim design make this t-shirt a good fit for women while being trendy enough to match with other top brands.

10. Golden Retriever Mom Dad Heartbeat T-shirt

There’s just so much to love about this t-shirt. The cute Golden Retriever prints make it a perfect attire for pet parents with Goldies.

We also loved the heartbeat design with cute little paws, which clearly communicates how close you’ve placed dogs in your life.

11. Life is Golden Shirt for Women

Life is good, but it can be golden with this cute casual women’s t-shirt. The cotton blend material is light and soft, making it a great outfit for outdoor adventures on a sunny afternoon.

The Golden Retriever graphics on this tee emphasize your love for these double-coated canines and give a clear message to anyone you meet.

With only three color options to choose from, we found this to be a little limiting for dog mommies who would love to go crazy with funny colors and patterns.

12. Best Doodle Mom Ever Labradoodle T-shirt

If you’re looking for a cute tee for the cold weather, then this long-sleeved dog mom t-shirt can be a great purchase to make.

In addition to the comfy wear, dog moms with Labradoodles will love how the front graphics communicate who they are without talking to anyone.

The fabric type is a mixture of polyester, cotton, and heather, making it a soft, comfy, and warm wear for cold mornings.

13. Dog Lover Shirts for Women

If you’re looking for an adorable yet simple design for a dog mom t-shirt, consider giving this product a closer look.

The cute dog paw heart design features no written words but it communicates a lot about your love for furry friends.

This soft women’s dog shirt is good for casual wear, sports, beach, social events, parties, chores, school, yoga, and other occasions.

14. Colorful Pit-bull Terrier Dog Mom T-shirt

If you’re a Pitbull owner or lover, name something better than rocking this solid-colored tee with a multi-colored print of your favorite canine.

We also loved the numerous size options that come with this t-shirt, so you can be sure to get one that fits you perfectly.

The manufacturer also has options for both men and women, making it a great matching outfit to consider for social events.

15. Doberman Mom Shirt

If you own a Doberman Pinscher, this solid-colored tee with a clear picture of your favorite dog will express your personality in great detail.

This soft, comfortable, high-quality tee is a perfect gift for any Doberman mom or dad to rock during dog walks and other casual engagements.

Be sure to get your body measurements right, because there are plenty of sizes to choose from.

16. Bulldog Gifts for Women and Men

Do you know anyone with a Bulldog, or do you have one yourself? This solid-colored bulldog shirt is the perfect casual attire for dog walks and first impressions during social gatherings.

The cotton fabric is soft, comfortable, and lightweight, making it a perfect attire to rock during sunny afternoons.

17. Dachshund Shirt for Dog Mom and Dad

Get this printed t-shirt with your sausage dog featured at the center top to showcase your love for them during walks and social events.

These cotton t-shirts are finished in solid colors with a printed graphic of a cute dog with the text ‘I love my Dachshund’ written over the long body.

The cotton-blend fabric is lightweight and soft, making the tee a great option to consider during the warmer months.

18. Colorful Schnauzer Mama Dog T-shirt

With plenty of colors to choose from, this solid-colored dog t-shirt is a perfect gift to pet parents with Schnauzers.

The printed dog graphic and the text ‘Schnauzer Mama’ are enough communication about the dog you own, so expect nobody to ask you that question during parties and social events.

19. Sunflower Beagle Mom Dog Lover T-Shirt

This sunflower beagle dog shirt is a perfect addition to the wardrobe of any pet parent with a Beagle dog breed.

The half sunflower and half pawprint design makes a clear statement about the stable temperament and happy personality of these cute little dogs.

20. Dog Shirt for Women

Rocking this t-shirt with the words ‘all I need is coffee and my dog’ while going out for a date is enough statement for other people to keep off for the time being.

The fabric used to make this tee is soft and comfy, so you don’t have to worry when wearing it during a hot afternoon.

21. Doberman Mom Sunflower Doberman Pinscher shirt

Here’s yet another sunflower and paw-printed t-shirt, but for Doberman Pinschers. The vertical green words ‘Doberman Mom’ are clear and give out the intended communication in a cute way.

22. Long-Haired Dachshund Line Art Mom & Dad T-Shirt

Dachshund dog moms will love how this pull-on t-shirt with a line art for their favorite canine is comfy and unique.

The solid colors and subtle dog line art make this tee a great attire to rock in both casual and official settings.

23. Pug Shirt for Dog Mom & Dad

Show your love for pugs by rocking this solid-colored tee with your favorite dog printed at the front in 3D. The fabric is soft and comfortable for all-day wear.

We also loved the unisex style which makes a great matching outfit for couples going for a date, vacation, party, or other social events.

24. Funny Pet Puppy Lover T-shirt

Are you planning to attend an event with no dogs? You can rock this tee and express your surprise at not meeting our furry friends.

The tee is short-sleeved and soft to wear, making it a great attire to rock for an entire day without feeling confined.

25. Shepherd Mama Colorful T-shirt

This solid-colored tee will show off your German Shepherd dog in the cutest way possible. The tee comes in 24 different size versions and a variety of color options to pick from.

We also loved the multiple-gender design which makes it a perfect outfit for a matching date with your better half and German Shepherd.

26. German Shepherd Vintage Retro Mom and Dad T-shirt

This classy dog lovers’ tee shows your love for German Shepherds without being too flashy while keeping everything in retro mode.

Coming in with many colors to choose from, this printed tee also has over 20 sizes to consider, so make sure you get your measurements right.

The fabric is soft and lightweight, making it a great option for long dog walks and social events.

27. Yorkie Mom T-shirt

This printed tee provides a unique way of showing your Yorkie mom status while taking your furry friend for evening walks.

The color options are many, and so are the sizes. All you need it to get your measurements right and pick a color to match your outfit for the day.

28. Funny Shih Tzu mom T-shirt

This printed tee showcases a perfect way to tell the world about your ‘dog mom’ status. The printed dog graphics are cute and make a good match for many outdoor occasions.

The soft, machine-washable fabric makes this tee easy to care for and maintain without worrying about destroying the pattern.

29. Boxer Mom Dogs Tee

This cute printed t-shirt will tell the world exactly how much your Boxer dog means to you. The adorable solid color and cute print make for the perfect attire for both casual and official engagements.

With so many sizes to choose from, you can be sure to find the perfectly fitting tee for you and those you love.

30. ALLTB Dog Mom Sweatshirt

This cotton blend dog pullover can keep you warm during the chilly months of wither, as you showcase your love for pups.

We loved the cute paw design and the phrase ‘Dog Mama’ which announces your status to anyone before they ask.

The other top highlight for this product is the many colors and designs which makes the choice range big enough for every pet lover.


The love between a woman and her canine companion can be expressed through any of the above 30 dog mom shirt ideas.

To get the best possible fit, we recommend taking a right-sized t-shirt you own and measuring it to compare against the size options of each product.

Rocking a dog lover’s shirt will not only communicate your unconditional love for your furry friend but also announce the cool side of being a dog mom.

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