A brown and white pit bull terrier dog swimming in a pool in a backyard showcasing DIY Dog Pool ideas

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As the sun scorches over everything, our beloved canine companions can become uncomfortable or even suffer heatstroke.

To keep your furry friend cool and happy when the temperature rises, consider creating a refreshing dog pool where they can splash around and beat the heat.

Commercial dog pools offer a quick solution to this problem, but they often lack durability and can easily be ripped apart by your pup’s playful claws.

If you have the space, your best choice would be to set up a more permanent and paw-proof DIY dog pool to serve your best friends for a longer time.

Building a dog pool from scratch might sound overwhelming, but it is pretty straightforward, especially with our curated list of 12 easy DIY dog pool ideas.

12 DIY Dog Pool Ideas

1. DIY Dog Pond

Dogs swimming in a Pond Pool
Image Credit: Canine Cabins from Instagram

Are you looking for something more than an ordinary canine pool? This video from ‘Everything Ponds’ provides more than a step-by-step instruction on how to go about it.

This informative resource offers valuable advice, tips, and tricks to tailor your pool to your unique environment and furry friend.

From safe entry and exit points to predator protection, the video covers everything you need to know before breaking your ground.

2. Rock Dog Wading Pool

DIY Dog Pool Ideas
Image Credit: April Wilkerson from YouTube

This dog pool will certainly look better in your backyard than most options out there. April Wilkerson put in a lot of work using rocks and mortar to ensure everything came out perfectly.

Despite the meticulous workload required to set up this pool, you won’t need a lot of tools. It’s even better if you have a bunch of unused rocks in your backyard.

We loved this design because the instructions are clear and easy to follow on YouTube, so you can make every hit confidently.

3. Above Ground Pallet Dog Pool

Two dogs in an above-ground swimming pool
Image Credit: bully.baloo from Instagram

You can create this pool using wooden pallets, ratcheting straps, and a large plastic tarp without necessarily having meticulous woodworking skills.

Feel free to adjust the pool size to match your dog’s size and per the availability of space. The design of this dog pool is multifunctional, so both humans and our furry friends can use it.

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4. DIY Hay Bale Swimming Pool

Hay Bale Pool
Image Credit: Simplemost

This natural-looking hay bale pool works like magic to keep large canines (and you!) cooled down during the hot summer months.

The best part about this project is that it can be done without using specialized tools, and it does not require any prior knowledge of DIY skills.

Stack the hay bales to form the desired size and shape, then line the inside with a heavy-duty tarp as you secure it with bungee cords or straps for a watertight fit.

5. DIY Dog Pool by Stocktankpool

Stock tank pool in the backyard
Image Credit: Stock Tank Pools

These galvanized metal tubs, readily available in various sizes, can make highly functional canine swimming pools.

If you don’t have enough DIY skills, you can choose a simple fill-and-go approach and still get an amazing end product.

For a durable and custom-built option, follow the instructions by Stock Tank Pools to make a drain, pump, or even a surrounding deck.

6. DIY Dog Pool by Instructables

A brown and a black dog playing in a pool
Image Credit: Der Streichelzoo from Instagram

While this simple pool might not catch your attention in the aesthetics department, it’s definitely a winner in terms of ease and functionality.

This semi-permanent dog cooling structure saves on space and calls for minimal DIY efforts to connect the bits and pieces.

The material list is short: wood (amount depends on the desired size), nails for assembly, and a tarp for waterproofing.

This DIY pool is perfect for the practical pet parent who wants to keep their furry friend comfortable in hot weather without breaking the bank.

7. Homemade Kiddie Pool for Small Dogs

Image Credit: easy pallet ideas

This simple doggy pool idea offers a quick solution for small pups and toy breeds. We found the available instructions more like a starting point, but the basic idea is clear.

The author simply built a wooden platform to elevate a small kiddie pool off the ground. This makes for a simple entry and exit from the pool area.

However, this DIY dog pool idea isn’t ideal for larger dog breeds. Their huge size might overwhelm the small kiddie pool and shake the supporting platform.

8. Durable DIY Dog Pool

A close up shot of a brown dog swimming in a pool
Image Credit: Shirin Dhabhar from Instagram

This DIY swimming pool plan makes use of mortared stones to make a durable and functional dog cooling area.

While the construction involves the use of cement flooring and a waterproofing compound, the minimal tools required keep the overall cost manageable.

For added convenience, consider building a wooden deck around the pool. We loved the finished product because it is visually appealing and easy to maintain.

9. April Wilkerson’s Rock Dog Pool

A white dog swimming in a pool
Image Credit: Raising Cane III from Instagram

This handy project by April Wilkerson will without a doubt take your furry friend’s cooling zone to a whole new level.

Primarily made from rocks, this shallow pool is a durable piece of groundwork that can also upscale your backyard landscaping.

People living in rocky terrain can benefit from this DIY plan because of the readily available materials, without the need for tiresome excavations.

10. DIY PVC Dog Pool Idea

A brown dog playing in a shallow pool
Image Credit: Mitzi Moo from Instagram

This fun DIY project by ‘Chin Chun Hardware’ can be a perfect choice for many people without the requirement of sophisticated crafting skills.

With a short list of materials and a clear visual instruction guide, you can create a cool hideaway for your pup within a short time.

Plus, the design allows for customization to fit any size dog size or multi-dog households. The best part about this pool is that you can assemble the parts for easier storage in winter.

11. DIY Beach Pool

A dog coming out from a pool
Image Credit: bully.baloo from Instagram

How about transforming your backyard into a small beach for your dog? If this is an idea you had in mind, then this video by ‘Mario Lences’ is a great starting point for your expedition.

The YouTube video provides a detailed guide from the initial excavation plans to the final touches of beautifying the area surrounding the pool.

While this project requires more effort than other options on our list, the payoff is a beautiful and functional swimming pool for your furry friend.

The best part is that you can do this project solo, although a few helping hands will go a long way to lessen the burden.

12. Truck Bed Dog Pool Idea

Black dog in a pool
Image Credit: ernie_theenglish from Instagram

Creating an instant pool on the bed of your truck can be an effective way to cool your pup on the go during a super-hot afternoon.

This creative idea from Arnie Negrete makes use of an old tarp and some tape to create a makeshift pool in your truck bed. The best part is that it takes only a few minutes to set up and disassemble.

Creating a temporary pool in your truck bed is a good idea for people living in apartments, or when you’re out on an adventure with your furry friend.

Keep the water shallow for your canine friend, but you can always add more for yourself after they’re done cooling off.


Swimming pools are not only for humans, but our furry friends deserve a cool escape during the warm summer months.

The above 12 DIY Dog Pool Ideas include simple setups and more sophisticated designs to cater to the needs of every pet parent and dog size.

We hope you found an idea or two that can work perfectly for your canine friend and falls within your budget.

Are you short on time or space? Discover the best commercial dog pools for instant cooling and easy setup in our comprehensive guide.

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