Best Dog Pools for Summer

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The warm summer months can be tough on our furry friends, especially if they can’t access a dog-friendly cooling spot.

If you’re concerned about the potential risks of public beaches, a backyard dog pool offers a safe and convenient way to refresh your dog right at your home.

Choosing the right summer dog pool can be challenging because the market is filled with many types of products, but you don’t have to worry.

After carefully reviewing tons of products, we’ve handpicked the 12 best dog pools for summer to keep your furry friend refreshed and ready for backyard adventures.

12 Best Dog Pools for Summer

1. Foldable non-inflatable Backyard Dog Pools

  • Dimension: 73L x 54W x 17.7H Inches
  • Material: PVC, MDF board
  • Capacity: 290 Gallons

This extra-large backyard swimming pool can be a perfect solution to cool your large dogs off this summer.

In addition to accommodating your furry friends, this pool is big enough to let kids and adults enjoy a refreshing session together.

This foldable dog pool features a durable, puncture-resistant design thanks to its hard plastic shell and premium PVC surface used in construction.

The pool features a collapsible design which makes the set-up process easy. It’s also easy to fold up after use and requires minimal space for storage.

The interior is designed with a smooth MDF lining which reinforces the stability to keep your furry friend safe and adds comfort.

2. Eooqi Large Sprinkler Dog Pool

  • Dimension: 71L x 71W x 12H Inches
  • Material: PVC
  • Capacity: 205 Gallons

This 2-in-1 splash pad and pool lets your furry friend enjoy the best ways of beating the summer heat with one accessory.

It’s a perfect choice for dogs of all sizes, but we found it best suited for medium and large-breed canines. The huge size also means your kids can join in the fun too!

Crafted from high-quality, durable PVC and fiberboard, this summer dog pool features a non-slip bottom for your dog’s safety and resists punctures from playful claws.

The setup and the fold-down processes are easy and we loved that the entire structure folds into a compact pack for easier storage.

While this pool is perfectly poised for backyard use, the portable design makes it a good choice for your camping days and beach parties.

Remember to trim your pup’s nails before letting them enjoy the splash, for their safety and to prevent puncturing the pool.

3. BELLOCHIDDO Foldable Hard Plastic Pool for Dogs

  • Dimensions: 32L x 32W x 8H Inches
  • Material: PVC
  • Capacity: Not Indicated

If you want a quick solution to cool down your pup during the warmer months, this foldable plastic pool might be what you need.

The size is big enough to accommodate an adult large dog but the foldable design makes it compact for easier use on multiple occasions.

On purchasing this pool, your doggo can have instant fun with no lengthy assembling required. All you need is to unfold it, fill it with water, and let the splashing game begin.

It features a convenient bottom drain with two drainage options for quick cleanup. A quick nail trim will keep your canine comfortable and protect the pool from unexpected punctures.

The major downside of this pool is that it may not serve multiple giant-sized dogs (or many kids) in one sitting.

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The manufacturer also warns against placing the pool in the sun for prolonged periods, which can disadvantage pet parents looking for a permanent solution.

4. STUDESK Foldable Dog Pool

  • Dimensions: 63L x 63W x 12H Inches
  • Material: PVC
  • Capacity: 159 Gallons

This STUDESK dog pool might look like an average foldable pool but it is made with upgraded material that can serve your dog longer.

Forget about the lengthy inflation process with this dog pool and set your pup for some immediate fun. Simply unfold it and you’re ready to let the dog in.

Keeping those doggy nails short and well-trimmed will certainly extend the lifespan of this pool by preventing puncturing.

We also loved the fast-draining design which makes it much easier to clean up this pool after your dog has had enough.

The best part about this pool is that you can use it beyond the summer as a ball pit for your dog’s entertainment.

5. TOBEHIGHER Pool for Large Dogs

  • Dimensions: 63L x 63W x 12H Inches
  • Material: PVC
  • Capacity: Not Indicated

If you are looking for a dog pool that can handle the scorching sun for a prolonged time, you need such a product made using ultra-high PVC.

Cleaning up after your dog enjoys this pool is easy thanks to the built-in sprinkler head for connecting a drainage hose.

Despite being massive, this pool can fold into a compact package to be kept conveniently after the summer months.

6. Balibara Foldable Dog Pool

  • Size: 47 Inches
  • Material: Hard Plastic
  • Capacity: 90 Gallons

A dog pool with a splash pad provides the right entertainment for dogs who prefer to lounge in still water and play around spraying jets.

Set this pool up for your furry friend and watch them run through the sprinklers while trying to bite those water jets.

Then, once they’ve worn themselves out, they’ll happily splash into the pool for a well-deserved, refreshing break.

7. K&H Dog Pool and Canopy

  • Dimension: 32L x 32W x 50H Inches
  • Materials: Vinyl, Metal
  • Capacity: Not Indicated

To help your dog beat the summer heat to the maximum, always place the pool in a shaded area away from direct sunlight.

But if you don’t have a shaded area in your yard, this dog pool and canopy combo offers a convenient solution.

This rectangular pool features a sturdy metal frame that prevents the sides from collapsing and keeps the water where it belongs, making it perfect even for the most playful canines.

The bottom part of the pool is made with a non-slip coating to make it comfortable for your furry friend to lounge in the water without sliding.

Moving up top, you’ll notice the dome-shaped canopy which creates cool shade for your canine friend and keeps out leaves, grasses, and other debris materials to maintain a clean pool area.

The manufacturer made it in a stunning dome shape thereby preventing rainwater from pooling on the roof and maintaining its pristine looks.

8. Frisco Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool

  • Dimension: 63L x 63W x 11.8H inches
  • Materials: PVC, Plastic
  • Capacity: Not Indicated

This portable dog pool from Frisco by Chewy comes in an elegant design with fun rubber ducky prints that add some style and complement a flower-filled backyard landscape.

Aside from the aesthetics, the functionality is also high and we are happy that the pool can comfortably hold dogs of all sizes.

This pool provides instant fun with no requirements for inflating. All you need is to unfold it, fill it with clean water, and let your dog step in with confidence.

9. K&H Pet Products Dog Pool & Pet Bath

  • Dimension: 30L x 42W x 7H inches
  • Materials: Vinyl, Plastic
  • Capacity: Not Indicated

This beautiful dog pool from K&H is highly functional in providing space for your furry friend to cool off during that hot afternoon.

One of the best-selling points of this dog pool is that it is built to last with an extra-durable metal frame that prevents water from pouring out and keeps the sides from collapsing.

The pool is made of a tough vinyl material that’s easy to clean and set up in seconds. Plus, emptying the pool after playtime is easy thanks to the convenient drain plug.

This versatile summer dog pool can also be used to give your dog an outdoor bath and it’s also a chemical-free alternative to a traditional permanent swimming pool.

10. Non-Inflatable Kiddie Pool

  • Dimensions: 116L x 65W x 21.6H Inches
  • Materials: PVC, Plastic
  • Capacity: 645 Gallons

This massive non-inflatable pool is made for long-lasting summer fun, thanks to the hard plastic shell and high-quality PVC used in construction.

With such a gigantic size, you can comfortably install this pool for your furry friends and family members alike. Just make sure the water is not too much for your dogs.

Setting up and folding down this kiddie pool is easy, and you will appreciate that it doesn’t need inflating.

Such an enormous pool needs a convenient setup for cleaning. The maker included two drains for seamless emptying and clean up after your dog is done with the day’s fun.

11. Peteast Anti-Slip Ocean-Themed Splash Pad for Kids and Dogs

  • Dimension: 67 inches
  • Materials: PVC
  • Capacity: Not Indicated

Why take your dog to the ocean when you can bring the ocean right into your backyard? This splash pad is made of a durable rim that inflates and jets water into the center.

This product is a sprinkler but we are impressed at how it holds water to the central reservoir to create a shallow pool.

Made with heavy-duty PVC, this splash pad is tough enough to withstand enthusiastic puppy play, but still soft and easy to get in and out of.

The setup process is not as complicated as it may appear. Connect the pad to a garden hose, adjust the water pressure, and let your pup enjoy the water splashes.

12. V-HANVER Foldable Dog Pool

  • Dimensions: 71L x 71W x 12H Inches
  • Materials: PVC, Plastic
  • Capacity: Not Indicated

This extra-large summer dog pool is perfect for large breed dogs or a pack of small playful puppies splashing around.

This dog pool prioritizes safety and long-lasting fun with its tough PVC design and slip-resistant bottom.

Who said your dog’s fun starts and ends in the backyard? This portable and foldable pool sets up in minutes, making it perfect for camping trips, indoor playdates, or anywhere you take your furry friend.

The built-in drainage makes clean-up easier after your dog is cooled off enough for the day. You can convert this pool into a ball pit for additional entertainment during winter.

An Important Reminder on Dog Pool Safety

Nothing beats the excitement of your dog getting refreshed in a cool water pool during a hot summer afternoon.

But with all this blast, remember your dog’s safety should always come first, before the anticipated cool down.

Even the best swimmers and most well-trained dogs can have unexpected accidents in the water, so never leave your dog alone in the pool.

One of the most common accidents is slipping and falling, caused by the wet pool edges and it can lead to serious injuries.

Dog Pools for Summer
Image Credit: doggy.bean from Instagram

Dogs with conditions like seizures, heart problems, or balance disorders are at greater risk in the water. A medical episode in the pool could lead to accidental drowning.

Lounging in cold water and all that splashing with water sprinklers can tempt your furry friend to drink a lot of pool water. This can lead to water intoxication, which is a rare but serious condition.

As a golden rule, always supervise your dog during pool time (both outdoors and at home) to keep the fun moments as safe as possible.

Plan for short play sessions and offer your dog plenty of clean drinking water before letting them jump in the pool.


With so many awesome options to keep your dog cool during the warmer months, the refreshing effect of a water-filled dog pool is arguably the best.

Our above guide highlights the 12 best dog pools for summer to help you create that perfect oasis for your furry friend.

We carefully evaluated many dog pools for durability, convenience, versatility for different play styles, portability, and ease of setup and use.

If you have the space and time, consider building a permanent pool for your dog in the backyard. We have a handy guide on DIY dog pool areas to get you started.

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