30 DIY Outdoor Cat House Ideas

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The great outdoor experience doesn’t have to be reserved for dogs only. Despite being primarily indoor dwellers, our feline friends deserve the good taste of open air too.

In this guide, we have outlined 30 DIY outdoor cat house ideas to put your creativity into action for your lovely cat’s sake.

From a cozy teepee in your yard to double-decker kitty houses, this collection of ideas is easy to implement since they don’t require skillful experience or the use of complex tools.

1. DIY Two-leveled Cat House

Type: House

DIY Two-leveled Cat House
Image Credit: Hometalk

This double-decker cat house will give your outdoor kitties enough room to sleep and an additional bottom space to store food items, water, and bowls.

You can customize the design according to your available space and paint it to match your outdoor décor.

People with some experience in DIY can handle this project without much distraction, but beginners will have to take it slow.

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2. Beautiful Outdoor Catio

Type: Condo

Beautiful Outdoor Catio
Image Credit: thisoldhouse

This beautiful cat condo will not only offer convenient outdoor housing for your feline but also transform the boring outdoor space into a lively environment.

The author has outlined a detailed 19-step process that can be followed in two days to complete this project satisfactorily.

Good things come with a cost, and the estimated budget for this project is 490 USD but you can repurpose some materials to reduce the overall costs.

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3. Tailor-made Cat House

Type: House

Tailor-made Cat House
Image Credit: christinedemerchant

You can customize your cat’s outdoor experience with this simple kitty shelter.

This project allows you to tailor the dimensions and features to meet your cat’s specific needs and the available space in your compound.

By creating a bespoke shelter, you ensure that your outdoor-loving feline friend feels safe and perfectly at home in their open-air shelter.

The project authors use basic tools in this project, so it should be simple for people with knowledge of how to handle the tools.

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4. Wood Pallet Cat House

Wood Pallet Cat House
Image Credit: woodpalletsfurniture

Type: Condo

For the environmentally mindful cat owner, the DIY Wood Pallet Cat House is a charming, sustainable, and budget-friendly choice.

This rustic shelter repurposes old wood pallets into a cozy kitty abode, blending seamlessly with the natural setting of your outdoor space.

The house has two levels, including a walled shelter on the bottom and an exposed upper area that can be used as a feeding station or lounge area for your felines.

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5. Outdoor Cat House with a Base

Type: Elevated

Outdoor Cat House with a Base
Image Credit: instructables

This beautiful cat house can elevate your kitty’s outdoor stay while offering an additional scratching post for their natural instincts.

The raised design is complemented by a non-slip ramp, to give your cat easy access into the inner chamber.

The overall structure will not only add a touch of elegance to your backyard, but it will also give your cat a high vantage point to monitor their territory.

The project authors have outlined very detailed instructions that make it possible for a beginner in woodworking to enjoy this work.

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6. Outdoor Cat House with Two Doors

Type: House

Outdoor Cat House with Two Doors
Image Credit: instructables

Building an outdoor cat house with a second door can help your cat escape with ease when a feral cat tracks them from one door.

The original creator executed this moderate DIY project with the help of a few neighborhood children, but you can tag your whole family to simplify it.

One of the top highlights of this beautiful house is that it doesn’t need specialized tools and you can do it with salvaged materials.

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 7. Smart Entry Outdoor Cat House

Type: House

Smart Entry Outdoor Cat House
Image Credit: Simplydesigning

If you’re highly skilled in woodworking, you can make this modern and stylish outdoor cat house for your feline friend by following detailed instructions.

In addition to being lengthy, this innovative shelter requires more than a few materials and specialized tools.

This smart cat house incorporates sensors and technology that only opens the door for a programmed microchipped feline.

If you’re on a budget, the author suggests a few modifications you can do to reduce the overall cost of getting this project done.

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8. Outdoor Cat House for the Winter

Type: Condo

This project is accomplished by simple materials such as PVC pipe framing, and cardboard with insulation to create a comfy shelter to keep your cat warm.

In addition to the well-explained YouTube video, the channel includes a transcription in the description section for people who prefer reading, so make sure to check that out too!

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9. Heated Cat House

Type: House

Heated Cat House
Image Credit: cuckoo4design

This innovative project is simple to execute and the budget is pretty much manageable for most cat parents.

For maximum efficiency, make sure to use it in a covered area with electricity access for the heated pad.

Keep in mind that the house is not waterproof, but you can place a tarp on top of the shelter to keep all moisture away.

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10. Palm Springs Kitty Scratch House

Type: House

Palm Springs Kitty Scratch House
Image Credit: abeautifulmess

You can bring a touch of retro glamour to your cat’s life with a Palm Springs Kitty Scratch House. Feel free to customize the materials according to your décor appeal.

This stylish outdoor abode not only satisfies your cat’s need for scratching but also adds a playful and chic element to your backyard.

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11. DIY Cardboard Cat Shelter

Type: House

DIY Cardboard Cat Shelter
Image Credit: happinessishomemade

With simple cardboard and a few basic tools, you can embrace simplicity and efficiency with this DIY project.

This project is one of the simplest you can undertake for your lovely furry friend. The original poster gives you room to fulfill your imagination and modify this house to your liking.

Despite its simplicity in construction, this beautiful kitty house offers a charming and custom-made space for your feline friend to get comfy while outdoors.

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12. Cooler-made Cat House

Type: House

Cooler-made Cat House
Image Credit: Instructables

Is your old cooler sitting idle at home? You can transform it into a comfy outdoor house for your lovely kitty.

This project is perfect during the harsh winter to keep your cat warmed up even in the unforgiving weather.

The materials needed for this enjoyable DIY are easy-to-find and the basic tools make the work more interesting for beginners.

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13. Pallet-made Cat House

Type: Tree

Pallet-made Cat House
Image Credit: instructables

You can transform your discarded pallets into an innovative kitty abode to keep your feline friend cozy after a long day indoors.

In addition to being eco-friendly, the handmade shelter can complement the natural setting in your outdoor space

This pallet design can keep your cat’s house sturdy, meaning it will serve them for a long time without wearing down.

The good guys at Instructables have outlined detailed instructions to follow, which makes it an easy undertaking for beginners.

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14. Chewy Box Cat House

Type: House

Chewy Box Cat House
Image Credit: BeChewy

Wondering what to do with your chewy box after getting your online orders? Worry no more, because you can transform it into an outdoor castle for your cat.

The supplies and tools needed for this project are basic, making it a favorable and affordable choice for beginners in DIY.

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15. VW Bus Cat House

Type: House

VW Bus Cat House
Image Credit: dcfixbrand

You can delight your cat’s heart by making them this adorable house in the style of a Volkswagen bus. It is a cute, whimsical design with a playful touch to your outdoor spaces.

Surprisingly, this project is relatively easy to undertake, provided you follow the instructions outlined by the original poster.

Feel free to modify the design with your own tastes for color and interior filling materials. Give your feline friend a retro camping experience with this unique house.

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16. Sturdy winter house for Feral Cats

Type: House

Sturdy winter house for Feral Cats
Image Credit: instructables

Is there a feral cat in your neighborhood? You can address their need for warmth during winter by building this adorable house.

This sturdy kitty house ensures that our less domesticated felines get a warm place to retreat during the harsh winter conditions.

Experienced DIYers will certainly not have any difficulty with this project but beginners should follow the instructions keenly and take everything slow.

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17. Outdoor Waterproof Cat House made from Car Tires

Type: House

Outdoor Waterproof Cat House made from Car Tires
Image Credit: brainerddispatch

To prevent your outdoorsy cats from feeling cold or getting sick during rainy nights, you can make them this waterproof house using two or more vehicle tires.

The end product is a weatherproof, sturdy cat house made from repurposed tires for both sustainability and affordability.

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18. Outdoor Plywood Cat Condo

Type: Condo

Outdoor Plywood Cat Condo
Image Credit: instructables

You can follow a simple seven-step process to construct an amazing plywood house for your outdoor feline friend.

The original designers used a well-illustrated plan to make it simple and enjoyable for novice cat parents with little woodworking experience.

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19. Rubber Tub Outdoor Cat House

Type: House

For an unconventional twist, you can use a smaller rubber tub with a larger rubber tub and a PVC pipe to make a comfy lounging spot for your cat.

This is a more budget-friendly project for cat parents who don’t have much experience with handling wood and cardboard.

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20. Styrofoam Box Cat House

Type: House

Styrofoam Box Cat House
Image Credit: Instructables

With a spacious Styrofoam box, fabric, tape, and enough glue, you can explore your DIY instincts to create this amazing house for your kitty.

This is an affordable option and can work well if you have lots of feral cats visiting your backyard since you can construct several of them.

The end product is a lightweight yet efficient cat house with enough sleeping area to keep your cats comfy from the outside.

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21. Feral Cat Shelter Made from Rubbermaid Container

Type: House

Feral Cat Shelter Made from Rubbermaid Container
Image Credit: catster

With a spacious Rubbermaid container, you can create a cozy lounging spot for the untamed cats who sneak into your yard.

The result is a convenient weatherproof outdoor shelter that provides a secure place for cats to lounge within your premises.

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22. Outdoor Cat House for Stray Cats

Type: House

You can make a huge difference in your community by constructing a sturdy outdoor house for stray cats.

This house will provide the warmth and relief desired by all homeless felines. The project is easy to undertake, and it won’t cost much to offer a humane solution for these unlucky felines.

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23. Affordable Cat House Made from Cardboard and T-Shirt

Type: House

Affordable Cat House Made from Cardboard and T-Shirt
Image Credit: thespiffycookie

You don’t have to break the bank to undertake a successful DIY project. With a simple cardboard and a T-shirt, you can build a convenient open-air house for your cat.

The building instructions are simple to follow and you’ll only require a few basic tools to get this project done in a few hours or minutes.

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24. DIY vintage Suitcase Bunk Beds

Type: Condo

DIY vintage Suitcase Bunk Beds
Image Credit: hallmarkchannel

These beautiful suitcase bunk beds can be placed in convenient outdoor spots to give your cat a favorable place to rest after coming from a walk.

You can customize the design of the house based on your suitcase design, and your cat’s needs for comfort.

The end product outlines a chic and innovative solution for providing your cat with a unique outdoor experience from vintage household products.

Give your cat a taste of luxury with Suitcase Bunk Beds. This upcycled creation transforms old suitcases into a stylish and cozy retreat that reflects both comfort and your creative flair.

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25. Kitty Camper from Cardboard boxes

Type: House

Kitty Camper from Cardboard boxes
Image Credit: cuteness

Spur your creativity and DIY knacks by making this beautiful kitty camper from cardboard boxes. We loved how imaginative the designer was to create a full house experience for his cat.

Feel free to modify the roof design based on your exterior décor and be sure to add a few items that can give your kitty an ensuite experience.

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26. Insulated Plastic Cat House

Type: House

Insulated Plastic Cat House
Image Credit: imgur

This project requires two easy-to-find tools – making it an easy undertaking for most cat parents, but it’s slightly expensive although it looks modest.

The top benefit is that you can keep your cat warmed up in outdoor environments despite the harsh cold during winter months.

Additionally, the insulation provides year-round comfort, making it an ideal retreat for cats who love to spend their time in the open.

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27. Outdoor Cat Home with Play Space

Type: Condo

Experienced DIYers will have a field day crafting this innovative cat condo with many rooms and ample playing spaces.

This cat house provides a complete outdoor recreation center for your lovely kitty to play, rest, sleep, and scratch.

We’d recommend this amazing project for cat parents with multiple felines, including outdoor-dwelling kittens.

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28. Old T-shirt Cat Tent

Type: House

Old T-shirt Cat Tent
Image Credit: stuff

Don’t throw away your old T-shirt! You can give it a new life by transforming it into an outdoor tent for your lovely kitty.

Besides being simple to execute, this project offers a budget-friendly option for both beginners and experts in DIY.

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29. Cat Teepee

Type: House

Cat Teepee
Image Credit: localadventurer

This amazing task allows you to create a teepee-style shelter, offering a playful and stylish outdoor space for your cat to call their own.

The teepee design adds a charming element to your backyard while ensuring your cat has a comfortable and personalized outdoor hideaway.

In addition to providing a shelter, we loved how the end product was appealing to the eye, refreshing the outdoor environment with a cute design.

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30. Sturdy Outdoor Cat Shelter

Type: House

Territorial cats will appreciate the high vantage point offered by this sturdy outdoor shelter with four wooden supports.

We loved how this project is durable and robust, meaning it can serve your feline friend from their kittenhood years into adulthood.

The entrance features a flat-leveled lounging area where your cat can rest while observing their surroundings.

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There you have it guys! 30 DIY outdoor cat house ideas to get you started on your next project. We hope you picked some insights and creativity from the creators features in our guide.

Whether you’re skilled in woodworking and DIY or not, there’s an elaborate plan that can fit all your needs.

Some projects can be done with reclaimed materials while others are a bit complex and may require your attention to details besides a considerable investment in resources and tools.

Whatever you choose, your cat is guaranteed to have a comfy and custom-made outdoor space to keep them warm during the cold weather.

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