32 Indoor Dog Kennel Ideas

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In this guide, we have outlined 32 DIY indoor dog kennel ideas that inspire you to create a personalized space for your pup, with a touch of creativity.

Both DIY enthusiasts and beginners in handy work will find these projects inspirational, practicable, and sustainable in creating a custom-made abode for your indoor-dwelling pup.

Without further ado, let’s get started and explore these innovative ideas ranging from simple cut-and-fix projects to those with highly crafted plans.

32 Indoor Dog Kennel Ideas

1. Simple Dog House Plan

Simple Dog House Plan
Image Credit: My Outdoor Plans

Pet parents longing to build a traditional dog house can hop into this detailed plan with tons of pictures and instructions.

The straightforward design means you can construct this house in one weekend without needing hired labor from experts.

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2. DIY Cardboard inspired Dog Kennel

DIY Cardboard inspired Dog Kennel
Image Credit: craftsbycourtney

You’ll only need a few materials including cardstock, scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, and a silhouette cameo to execute this budget-friendly project.

Shaping the end product with a beach-inspired theme can only make things lovely for the furry occupants, and it will certainly blend with your interior color scheme.

Feel free to spruce it up to match your home’s aesthetic while keeping the cardboard reusable. It’s a fun and creative assignment for both beginners and experts.

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3. Dual Door Indoor Dog House

Dual Door Indoor Dog House
Image Credit: intelligentdomestications

We loved how spacious this project turned out to be. A double-door indoor kennel has an additional entry point to make it convenient for multiple dogs.

Surprisingly, the process of building this DIY project is very simple even for novices in woodwork. You’ll only need a few basic tools and readily available materials to get it done.

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4. Movable Dog Kennel

Movable Dog Kennel
Image Credit: instructables

This innovative canine residence constructed by Instructables is a portable indoor kennel that can be shifted from one location to the other without much trouble.

This project is a perfect choice for pet parents who love changing the lounging spot of their canine friends from time to time.

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5. Feather-Light Dog House

Feather-Light Dog House
Image Credit: Instructables

Minimizing the weight of your indoor kennel is a good idea for pet parents who want something easy to move around.

You can achieve an ultra-light dog house by using featherweight materials with enough sturdiness to keep your pooch safe.

This project by Instructables is suitable for dog owners who need versatility and an easy time when moving their indoor kennel from one spot to the next.

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6. DIY Plywood Kennel

DIY Plywood Kennel
Image Credit: thecarpentersdaughter

With 18mm thick plywood, you can follow the instructions from the carpenters to construct this indoor beauty.

The top highlight of this dog house is its removable roof, which can be detached to allow your dog to get some fresh air or dry up.

Pet parents with high-energy canines will appreciate the stability and functionality provided by the high-quality plywood construction.

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7. Dog Playhouse Made From A Box

Dog Playhouse Made From A Box
Image Credit: tatertotsandjello

Isn’t it amazing how you can transform a boring box into something so useful? This project is simple even for beginners in DIY, and it is suitable for housing small dogs and puppies.

The best part is that you can customize the design cue and decoration to match your interior décor and create an entertaining space for your furry friends.

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8. Mid-Century Inspired Dog House

Mid-Century Inspired Dog House
Image Credit: diyinspired

With good woodworking skills, you can execute this project to bring a touch of mid-century vibes to your living room.

Pine plywood and 2×4 boards are the main materials needed to undertake this handy work. The end product can be used both outdoors and indoors for your canine abode.

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9. DIY Geometric Dog House

DIY Geometric Dog House
Image Credit: homemade-modern

Isn’t this geometric plywood kennel beautiful to behold? A dog house doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you intend to place it in the living room.

You can adopt this geometric dog house plan and follow the instructions on how to create a visually appealing canine residence.

Despite the angular orderly shapes and clean lines, this house is surprisingly easy to construct provided you stick to the plan.

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10. Knock-Down Dog House

Knock-Down Dog House
Image Credit: Instructables

Dog owners with modern houses will find this project amusing. Follow the detailed plan outlined by Instructables to come up with your own minimalist-designed dog house.

The best part about this kennel is the knockdown feature, which makes it a practical solution for people living in small spaces.

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11. Dog House with a Ranch-Style

Dog House with a Ranch-Style
Image Credit: Sunset

The ranch-style dog kennel will certainly give your canine friends the luxury they deserve. Follow the detailed plan from Sunset to erect your own stylish cozy canine residence.

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12. Kennel made from Pallets

Kennel made from Pallets
Image Credit: thestarryeye

You don’t have to break the bank when constructing an indoor haven for your furry friend. You can safely use pallet wood for sustainability and affordability.

This project from thestarryeye requires the use of basic tools, but you need to pay attention to the measurements and design cues.

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13. Indoor Kennel End Table

Indoor Kennel End Table
Image Credit: Anna White

Have you thought of building an indoor kennel that can double up as a top table?

You can combine functionality and beauty by crafting this end table indoor kennel as illustrated by Anna White.

This dual-purpose piece of furniture serves as both a stylish end table and a comfortable indoor residence for your furry friend.

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14. Custom Insulated Dog House Plan

Custom Insulated Dog House Plan
Image Credit: wilkerdos

The best part about this dog house is that you can modify the measurements to fit any dog size and indoor space.

It’s also insulated to ensure your canine friend is heated up during those chilly nights in the winter seasons.

This dog house plan is best done with a team of two or more. The original authors have a detailed video in addition to their stepwise instructions.

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15. Kennel With Steel Frame and Wooden Pallet

This sturdy dog house definitely deserves a feature on our list. A combination of steel frame and old wood pallet is what most energetic dogs need to stay contented.

The video outlines a stepwise procedure that should be followed to ensure a functional end product with minimal errors.

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16. Luxe Custom Dog House

Your dog’s indoor living area doesn’t have to be dull. You can elevate their residence with this custom-made project that includes changing lights and running water to keep your pup cooled down.

We also loved the hidden storage compartment which you can use to store some of your dog’s supplies including dry foods and toys.

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17. Indoor Dog Home with Lighting and Running Supply

This indoor kennel highlights the ultimate comfort and canine luxury. It features a traditional construction with enough comfy bedding to keep your dog warm.

The running water facility flows down the gutter into your dog’s water bowl to provide a constant supply of fresh water.

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18. PVC Framed Canine House

This amazing project utilizes PVC pipes to create a lightweight frame and resilient structure for your dog’s indoor residence. It’s a practical and budget-friendly option for pet owners.

You can use a cloth or canvas material cover to lay over the frame to protect the inner space of your canine friend.

This project is suitable for people on a budget, and the good news is that it doesn’t require too much technical knack to get underway.

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19. Under the Stairs Dog House

Under the Stairs Dog House
Image Credit: imgur

You can get the most out of your home by converting the area under the stairs into a comfy indoor doggy residence.

Feel free to modify the design cues depending on the staircase design in your home and the available space for use.

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20. Cute Canine House DIY

Cute Canine House DIY
Image Credit: instructables

What better way to express your love to your furry friend than to make them such a cute house? This project from Instructables utilizes readily available materials and it is a great option for DIYers.

The decorations can be adjusted and modified based on your personal liking and interior décor.

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21. Cottage Style Dog House

Cottage Style Dog House
Image Credit: instructables

This is another great project from Instructables that found a sweet spot in our list. We loved the traditional cottage style because it gives a sense of nostalgia in the indoor space.

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22. Scandinavian Framed Dog House DIY

Scandinavian Framed Dog House DIY
Image Credit: vtwonen

The simplicity and elegance of Scandinavian design with the DIY Scandinavian Framed Dog House from Instructables cannot go unnoticed.

This easy project focuses on clean frames and neutral tones for a modern and stylish indoor kennel. It provides a sleek and minimal addition to your home.

This doggy house is a great option to consider during the summer when your dog needs a personalized space with a consistent flow of air.

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23. Wine Barrel Dog House

Do you have a wine barrel lying idle in your house? You can reclaim it by converting it into a comfy indoor kennel for your pup.

This project is easy to execute, and it adds a countrified character to your home while providing a charming residence to your lovely pup.

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24. Vintage TV Turned a Kennel

Your old television can be transformed into a functional dog house with a few steps inspired by Ernest Design.

This vintage doggy house is preferable for small-breed dogs or puppies because of space limitations.

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25. An Indoor Canine Mansion

An Indoor Canine Mansion
Image Credit: jetlink1983

Constructing this indoor mansion is not easy for beginners in DIY but woodworking experts will enjoy working on this one.

Jetlink1983 has outlined a detailed plan with accompanying photos that makes this project simpler if you follow the original plan.

What we loved most about this indoor kennel is how majestic it stands, providing a magnificent residence for your pup and a beautiful addition to your home décor.

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26. Super affordable Dog House DIY

With just a little under 30 USD, you can provide a functional and comfortable indoor abode to your lovely furry friend.

Setting up this indoor kennel is super easy, but the end product is suitable for less active dogs. You can get larger or smaller buckets depending on the size of your pup.

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27. Modern Open Airy Indoor Dog House

Modern Open Airy Indoor Dog House
Image Credit: Carlos Downing

Pet parents living in hot climates can prioritize ventilation and openness with this Modern Open Airy Indoor Dog House.

This beautiful indoor kennel offers a well-ventilated and spacious living area for your canine friend. It’s a contemporary solution for dogs who need to cool down during hot summer afternoons.

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28. Simple ‘A-frame’ Dog House

Simple ‘A-frame’ Dog House
Image Credit: John Riha from HGTV

This simple dog house is easy to build and it can be used both indoors and outdoors to provide a comfy abode for your canine friend.

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28. Amazing Puppy House made from Cardboard

Create a magical resting place for your puppy with this simple plan from YA. It’s an imaginative project that prioritizes creativity while providing a comfortable and safe space for your young canine.

Keep in mind that teething puppies can be attracted to chew on the cardboard edges, so you’ll want to have everything softened out.

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29. Tropical-inspired Dog House

Tropical-inspired Dog House
Image Credit: Iwanebe on Imgur

You can bring a touch of the tropics into your living space and personalize it for your canine friend. This project uses bamboo material making it both sustainable and lightweight.

This indoor kennel can be good for those who live in areas with sunshine and lots of rain. The comfy abode helps keep your dog cool during the summer and heated during winter.

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30. Puppy House with a Metal Roof

Puppy House with a Metal Roof
Image Credit: notadeckofcards

This indoor doghouse is a great choice for younger canines, although you can adjust the measurements to fit your needs for space.

In addition to adding resilience, the metal roof makes the end product look like a tiny canine mansion instead of the traditional puppy kennel.

The corrugated iron is also ideal for ensuring longevity when this dog house is used in outdoor conditions.

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31. Pagoda Style Dog House

Pagoda Style Dog House
Image Credit: DIY Network

The Asian-inspired pagoda kennel will keep your guests stunned thanks to the sophisticated design. This eye-catching kennel is super cute and highly functional for dogs.

Beginners in DIY may find a hard time navigating through the construction phase, so we recommend seeking a woodworking expert to make it simpler for you.

This could come at an additional cost, over and above the materials and tools, but the end product is totally worth every penny!

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So, there you have it – 32 indoor dog kennel ideas to get you inspired. We hope you picked a project or two that aligns with your creative skills, budget, and dog’s needs.

It’s always a good idea to stick to the original plan from the project authors for the best possible results, but you can alter the decoration to match your interior appeal. Happy DIYing!

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