30 Garage Dog Kennel Ideas

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If you’re looking forward to transforming part of your garage into a stylish haven for your furry friend, you are in the right place.

In this guide, we have unpacked 30 garage dog kennel ideas that you can adopt to turn your car’s workshop into a habitable place for your furry friend.

Our reviewed collection includes ideas and products that can appeal to different spaces, tastes, and styles to guarantee something cute for everyone.

30 Garage Dog Kennel Ideas

1. PawGiant Outdoor Dog Kennel

This uniquely designed dog house comes with tough construction and an included UV protection roof cover to keep your dog comfortable.

We loved the roomy interior which makes it a good choice for large dogs or multiple pups.

The double larch lock design keeps your dog contained, preventing them from escaping into your garage chamber.

2. VEIKOU Dog Kennel with Upgraded Canopy

This dog kennel is made with dust-resistant powder-coated steel panels which is an ideal construction for outdoor placement.

The high-weight polyester fabric used in the canopy makes for UV resistance, meaning you can use this kennel in an open-design garage.

We also loved the included food and water bowls which makes it ideal to feed your dog from the comfort of your garage space as you work on your car.

3. Jewett Cameron Lumber Dog Kennel

This sturdy kennel is similar to the previous one, only that it lacks the included water and food bowls for maximizing space.

The locking mechanism is strong enough to prevent your smart dog from escaping into the open garage space or yard.

4. MidWest Homes For Pets Chain Link Portable Kennel

If you’re looking for a convenient dog house that can be moved around as needed, then we recommend giving this product a second look.

It has an included woven polyethylene sunscreen for outdoor safety and protection from harsh UV radiation.

With such a strong galvanized steel frame and chain-link mesh construction, you can have peace of mind about the overall safety of your house.

5. BestPet Outdoor Dog House

This heavy-duty dog house is ideal for use in a variety of settings including in your garage. The enclosed area provides ample space to keep your pup active without feeling constrained.

Despite looking enormous, this dog kennel is easy to set up, thanks to the simple assembly instructions provided by the manufacturer.

6. PawHut Dog Kennel with Rotating Bowl Holders

This walk-in dog kennel features a shady roof which helps prevent your furry friend from getting heated up during sunny weather.

We loved the rotating bowls which ensures your pet has somewhere to hold their goodies when you leave them for extended periods.

This means your lovely canine friend can have their meals, drink clean water, and relax in a well-ventilated space at the same time.

7. TRIXIE Deluxe Outdoor Dog Kennel

This dog house combines practicality with style, thanks to the beautiful design featuring a double-door gate and spring-loaded latches.

The durable and thick polyester roof cover ensures your lovely pup is protected from harsh weather conditions in open-design garages.

We were impressed by the folding mechanism which makes this unit easy to fold and store when not in use.

8. Neocraft My Pet Companion Outdoor Dog Kennel

This dog kennel from Neocraft is highly comparable to our previous unit except for the alloy steel tube thickness and overall construction.

If you’re looking for kennels with high visibility for your dog, then you may want to consider giving this unit a closer look.

The overall design aspect of this dog house makes it convenient for both outdoor and indoor use, which adds to its overall versatility.

9. PETIME Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen

If you’re on a budget, this dog playpen can serve as a convenient kennel to keep your little pups contained in your garage area.

This exercise pen can serve both as a kennel for your petite pups and it can also be used for potty training, thanks to the bottom pad.

We’re sure you will love the versatility in connecting the 8-piece panel, from cuboid to cubic, or octagonal shape.

10. Jhsomdr Dog Playpen Outdoor Dog Kennel

Still on dog garage playpens, this particular unit from Jhsomdr is heavy-duty and convenient for medium to large dog breeds.

There are many panel options you can choose to match the size of your garage. We also loved how easily the panels can be assembled and the versatility of drawing various shapes to match your available space.

With the portable design, there’s more you can do with this dog playpen including general outdoor, indoor, camping, travel, and play.

11. Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Outdoor Dog Kennel

Another option for large dogs, this unit from Lucky Dog offers enormous vertical space for your furry friend.

The walk-in door is also large enough to allow the furry occupants to enter and leave the kennel without straining.

We were impressed by the heavy-duty waterproof cover, which helps to keep the dog cool and dry even in harsh garage environments.

12. LEMBERI Indestructible Dog Crate

If you have a strong muscular dog, then it’s worth considering investing in an indestructible kennel such as this one from LEMBERI.

With this escape-proof design, you can have peace of mind knowing your muscular dog cannot break the steel tubes and wander away from your garage area.

This kennel is furnished with an underneath slide-out tray which makes for easier cleaning and better maintenance.

13. MidWest Homes for Pets Single Door Kennel

Another option from MidWest is this single-door dog kennel that is ideal for keeping medium-sized or smaller pups contained in safe spaces.

The manufacturer provides various smaller and bigger size options, so be sure to pick the right product according to your pet’s size.

For extra convenience, the garage-style door lifts with ease and stows at the top to save some valuable space in your main garage or home.

14. MoNiBloom Dog Kennels

The top highlight of this kennel has to be the heavy-duty welded steel structure, which makes it convenient for strong muscular dogs.

With the water-resistant and sun protection cover, you can comfortably use this kennel in open spaces and still keep your pup in perfect comfort.

The entire setup is easy to assemble, and we loved that it can be expanded with connecting kennels which makes it grow with your pet.

15. WOKEEN Heavy Duty Dog Kennel with Wheels

This heavy-duty dog kennel from WOKEEN is a perfect solution for pet parents who want to keep their large muscular canines contained in comfort.

The added wheels make it easier to shift the entire kennel structure from one corner of your garage to the other without disturbing your relaxing pet.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can have the reassurance and peace of mind that you’re making a quality purchase.

16. Large Metal Dog Kennel for Yard with Cover

This large metal dog kennel combines stability, comfort, and security to give your large dogs ample space right within your garage area.

With stainless steel pipes construction for the body frame and a UV protection waterproof cover, your dog is guaranteed to enjoy their abode in this unit.

The lockable steel door design is large and provides enough space for large dogs to pass through without feeling constrained.

17. DAKOTA Framed Door Kennel

If you’re looking for a highly portable dog kennel that can also keep your lovely pup contained in your garage when needed, then this unit from DAKOTA might be all you need.

The kennel has keyed paddle latching doors which provides enough reassurance to keep your pup securely contained.

The product comes in 8 different colors to match your interior garage design and for the aesthetic appeal of different people.

18. BestPet Dog Playpen

Another option from BestPet is this dog playpen that is ideal for people with enclosed garages. The playpen is ideal for fencing out certain portions to keep your pup contained in safety.

Just like other playpens featured in our list, you can configure this into multiple shapes to meet your space availability and needs.

The setup should be simple because you don’t need any specialized tools to erect this cute structure for your furry friend.

19. Homey Pet Heavy Duty Dog Crate

If you have multiple dogs in your house, you can invest in this heavy-duty dog kennel that can be stacked on top of each other in a garage or similar space.

Each unit comes with bottom wheels for portability and a removable tray for convenience in cleaning and maintenance.

The auto lock latches help keep the door shut and prevent smart dogs from escaping into the unmonitored spaces.

20. DAWNSPACES Extra Large Dog Crate Furniture

Pet parents with modern garages may need a unique kennel that complements the overall interior design and keeps their pups contained.

This extra-large heavy-duty kennel from DAWNSPACES can be used in a variety of settings including indoors and in garages.

The premium side railings offer great visibility and ventilation to keep your dog comfortable while relaxing. We loved the top wooden roof which adds versatility and practicality to your home.

21. FLARUZIY Dog Crate for Small Dogs

Pet parents with petite pups will love the design aspect and overall practicality offered by this ventilated kennel.

The Snap-On connection design makes for an easy assembling process without requiring any specialized tools. The drawer-type garbage tray makes for easier cleaning and maintenance

Small dogs need extra care in handling, that’s why we loved the innovative 2 door entry design with a sliding front door and an opening roof panel.

22. Homey Pet Extra Strong Heavy-Duty Cage

This other option from Homey Pet provides a convenient space to keep two muscular pups contained without causing strife between them.

The midpoint of this dog kennel has a divider panel that cuts out two rooms, each with a separate door, to keep multiple pets at once.

We also loved the open top which allows for better access from the outside. The metal flooring helps keep your dog away from dirt which is collected in the removable trays.

23. GDLF Double Dog Crate

This double-door dog kennel with a divider is a great low-cost alternative for pet parents with multiple canines. The entire front area opens in two doors to give your canine buddy convenient entry and exit.

The chic design allows for both in-house and garage use. We loved the anti-chew construction which will guarantee a long service life even when housing heavy chewers.

24. Clawsable Heated Outdoor Dog House

The wintertime can get extremely cold for our furry friends, that’s why it’s recommended to invest in an insulated dog house to keep them heated up.

This heated kennel has newly designed convenient features designed for your pup’s comfort, warmth, privacy, and security.

In addition to the insulation cover, this unit is furnished with an adjustable pet heating pad for some extra warmth while out in the garage.

25. Welded Wire Dog Kennel Dog Crates

For maximum ventilation and full enclosure, this welded wire dog kennel is ideal to offer enough comfort in outdoor conditions. The large surface area provides plenty of room for medium and large dogs.

The high tensile-strength wire gauge construction helps keep strong muscular dogs in one place with safety and comfort.

The major downside of this dog kennel is that it doesn’t have an included bottom tray, so it’s only convenient for trained and well-mannered pets.

26. TASDISE Portable Pet Playpen

This soft-sided dog kennel is ideal for well-behaved small dogs. The construction features sturdy rods to keep the playpen rigid at all times.

For extra convenience, the zipped top cover allows you to access the inner chamber for placing your pet inside or cleaning the bottom part.

Aside from placing this dog house in your garage area, you can also use it to carry your pet when traveling both short and long distances.

The only major downside is that the soft-sided panels on this foldable kennel can get ripped apart by heavy chewers.

27. Heavy Duty Dog Kennel

Here’s another option for strong and muscular canines. The sturdy and durable frame construction of this kennel can keep your dog contained in the garage space with comfort and security.

The bolt lock design featured on the double access door will prevent the toughest escape artists from accessing the outside area without your permission.

Cleaning and maintaining this kennel have been made easier, thanks to the two bottom trays which help catch the fallen food and excrement.

DIY Garage Dog Kennel Ideas

With ample space in your garage area, tools, and enough materials, you can create your own customized dog houses with inspiration from the ideas below.

28. Garage Kennel DIY by Texas Best Construction

With the help of your family members, you can create a similar DIY garage kennel for your furry friend by following the clear steps outlined in this video from Texas Best Constructions.

Watch the below video for instruction details

29. How To Build the Perfect Dog Kennel

30 Garage Dog Kennel Ideas
Image Credit: Jerry Thoms from Gundogmag

Jerry Thoms from Gundogmag provides a clear guideline with pictures on how you can build the perfect outdoor kennel for your furry friend.

The process starts with how you can locate the best place for the dog kennel and the best materials you can use to guarantee your dog a comfortable and secure stay.

30. DIY Garage Dog Kennel

DIY garage dog kennel

This DIY project from Kam Paulson showcases how you can declutter your congested garage and make use of the available space to create a kennel for two large dogs.

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We hope our reviewed list of the 30 garage dog kennel ideas has got you brimming with inspiration to transform part of your garage into a comfy zone for your dog.

From heavy-duty steel gauge kennel to open plan playpen for dogs, the opportunities to transform your garage into a stylish retrieve for your dog are endless.

Please be cautious when keeping your dog in an isolated garage for extended periods. Stay alert at all times and be there for your dog when they need your help.

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