How Fast Can a Doberman Pinscher Run

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Known for their strength and resilience, Doberman Pinschers can undertake intensive physical activities without easily getting fatigued.

These long-legged, lean, and muscular canines can clock high speeds in different terrains, and thanks to the AKC’s Fast CAT competition, we can now know their approximate speed.

So, how fast can a Doberman Pinscher run? A healthy Doberman can attain a top speed of about 30-35 miles per hour, firmly placing them among the fastest breeds in the canine world.

Keep reading this informative post to discover additional insights about Doberman Pinschers’ running speed including a comparison with other breeds

How Fast Can a Doberman Pinscher Run?

An adult Doberman at peak health can comfortably achieve top speeds of between 30 – 35 miles per hour (mph) or 51 – 56 kilometers per hour (kph).

When properly conditioned, an average Doberman can sustain a top speed while covering 3 – 5 miles before experiencing burnout.

How Fast Can a Doberman Pinscher Run
Image Credit; Светлана Бердник from Pixabay

The maximum distance covered by a dog during a run will largely depend on the type of terrain and the condition of their paws.

For example, dogs running on paved terrain are more likely to cover longer distances at top speeds than those navigating through snowy or muddy landscapes.

How Doberman Pinscher’s Speed Compare with Other Dog Breeds

While Doberman Pinschers may not match the swift pace of a Greyhound, their average speed surpasses that of many common breeds.

Most dogs maintain an average speed of approximately 15 – 20 mph, which makes Dobermans tower above this average threshold.

BreedAverage Speed Range
Greyhound40 – 45 mph
Saluki42 mph
Afghan Hound40 mph
Vizsla40 mph
Doberman Pinscher32 mph
Border Collie30 mph
German Shepherd30 mph

What Makes Doberman Pinschers Run Fast?

There are many factors contributing to the impressive running capabilities of Doberman Pinschers, most of which are inherent.

1. They have long legs

One of the main physical features responsible for making Dobermans excel in running is their long legs.

This impressive feature allows Dobies to make longer strides, covering more ground with each step.

The Doberman’s long legs also make them agile, capable of making quick starts, stops, and tight turns while sprinting.

2. Well-toned muscular body

Perhaps one of the most notable physical features of Dobermans is their well-toned muscles which provide immense strength needed to make quick sprints.

Dobermans fall under the working breed, meaning they can endure physically demanding activities without getting tired.

3. Dobermans have deep chests

Due to their deep chests, Dobermans experience an enhanced intake of oxygen, resulting in elevated energy levels.

The expansion of their lungs and the heightened oxygen supply contribute to their agility and endurance, enabling them to sustain intensive activity for a long time.

4. They have minimal body fat

Dobermans have a lean physique, characterized by minimal body fat, so they can easily run at top speeds because they are not bogged down by excess fats.

These natural-born athletes also experience reduced resistance during movements, thanks to the lack of excessive weight.

How Fast Can a Doberman Pinscher Run
Image Credit: Barbara Snyder from Unsplash

In addition to their lean body, the short coat on Dobermans is also an asset for attaining high speeds with high maneuverability.

This is because they don’t get dragged down by heavy coats like other breeds.

5. Their slender waists

The slender waist of Dobermans helps to further compliment their streamlined physique.

A narrow midsection reduces air resistance, enabling them to make quick twists and turns while avoiding obstacles.

How To Condition Your Doberman to Run Better

There are lots of things you can do to help your Doberman achieve their maximum running potential. These things are not only good for conditioning running but also for their overall well-being.

Physical excretion will make your dog’s muscles, heart, and lungs stronger. This will account for a happier Doberman because they love releasing pent-up energy.

Here are a few things you can do to help your Dobie run faster:

1. Proper nutrition

Providing a high-quality balanced diet for your Doberman will help keep them lean, muscular, and healthy making them run at full potential.

Depending on your dog’s activity levels and other needs, we recommend discussing their nutrition requirements with a qualified vet nutritionist.

2. Take them for regular runs

Taking your Doberman for regular runs across the streets or in a dog-friendly park will make them healthier and improve their speed.

Make sure to wait until your Doberman is at least 18 months old before taking them for runs. Younger Dobies still have developing bodies and intensive physical exertion can cause painful injuries.

3. Play fetch

Engaging in a game of fetch proves to be a fantastic method for enhancing your dog’s speed. The act of retrieving the ball involves a series of sprints as your dog energetically dashes back and forth.

Playing fetch not only provides a playful and enjoyable experience for your furry friend but also serves as an entertaining means for them to practice and refine their sprinting abilities.

4. Introduce challenges

Although running beside your dog is a good way of improving their speed, you should consider taking them to the dog park for a series of challenges with other pets.

How Fast Can a Doberman Pinscher Run
Image Credit: Jozef Fehér from Pexels

Exercising and playing alongside fellow dogs at the park can inspire your Doberman to push their speed to new limits.

The company and energy shared in such settings create a motivating environment, encouraging your Doberman to unleash their full running potential and improve on it.

A Word of Caution

While the above methods can improve the speed of your Dobie, it’s prudent to start slow and progress gradually in speed and intensity.

Dogs who are not used to physical activity may easily get overexerted during intensive runs and this will cause fatigue and potential injuries.

Always be on the lookout for the potential signs of exhaustion, and remember to reward your dog after each episode of physical activity.

It can be a good idea to seek the services of a professional dog trainer if you feel that your dog is not getting enough exertion from your routine activities.


How fast can a Doberman Pinscher run? A well-conditioned adult Doberman is capable of reaching speeds of between 30 – 35 mph, depending on various factors.

In addition to sharing genetical connections with the Greyhounds, Dobermans are also packed with favorable physical traits making them excellent runners compared to most other breeds.

If you’re looking for an agile and fast canine companion to tag along your morning runs, then a Doberman might be a perfect fit.

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