Best Outdoor Dog Kennel Ideas

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Investing in a commercial dog kennel is a quick and convenient way to provide shelter for your furry friend.

Readymade outdoor kennels come in various sizes and styles to suit your dog’s needs and for different backyard landscapes.

However, if you’re the hands-on type, a few tools, enough materials, and some space in your yard are all you need to build a homemade outdoor kennel.

Even with little DIY experience, building a dog house from scratch is straightforward, so long as you have a good plan with step-by-step instructions.

In this guide, we’ve researched and compiled 21 of the best outdoor dog kennel ideas, both commercial and DIY, that you and your furry friend will love.

21 Best Outdoor Dog Kennel Ideas

1. Traditional Dog Kennel

A white dog house with a dark grey roof and a wreath on the roof. The door of the dog house is decorated with a welcome sign.
Image Credit: Chloe Lassonde Sackett from Instagram

2. Garden Kennel

A small wooden dog house sits in a garden with green grass and plants.
Image Credit: Jo Thompson from Instagram

3. Chewproof Doghouse

A large wire dog kennel with a metal roof. The kennel has a secure gate and a green grass carpet visible inside.
Image Credit: Coyote Proof Dog Runs from Instagram

4. Wire Kennel

A metal wire kennel with a brown dog sitting inside. The kennel has a swinging door that latches closed.
Image Credit: Pet Sentinel from Instagram

5. Wooden Doghouse

A wooden dog house with a slanted asphalt roof and a clear plastic flap door.
Image Credit: birdslandjo from Instagram

6. Stylish Dog Home

A dog sitting outside a stylish outdoor kennel
Image Credit: Malley Dirks Gaulding from Instagram

7. Spacious Canine Den

Two short-haired dachshunds, one black and tan and one brown and tan, sit side-by-side in a wooden dog house.
Image Credit: the_doxiesquad from Instagram

8. Large Kennel

A small wooden dog house painted brown with a black roof. The text 'DONNA' is written in red above the door and the dog stands outside.
Image Credit: loja.doghouse from Instagram

9. DIY Cardboard Kennel

A creative dog kennel made of cardboard decorated to look like a castle. A white dog sitting beside the kennel.
Image Credit: makedo from Instagram

10. Cute Wooden Kennel

A small wooden doghouse on a green backyard
Image Credit: The Wooof Spot from Instagram

11. Wooden Kennel

A small wooden dog house painted white with a black roof sits on a gravel backyard. There is a potted flower next to the door.
Image Credit: Erin Lynch from Instagram

12. Cute Outdoor Kennel

A small white dog with pink ear fur sits on the doorway of a cute outdoor kennel.
Image Credit: anna.the.bichon from Instagram

13. Pink Door Kennel

A small wooden dog house painted brown and pink with a black roof sits on a wooden deck.
Image Credit: loja.doghouse from Instagram

14. Cute Blue Kennel

A small wooden dog house painted blue and white. The dog is sitting on the doorway
Image Credit: Marty the Cavapoo from Instagram

15. Inverted V Kennel

A small, modern dog house with an inverted 'V' shaped roof. A bulldog sits along the doorway
Image Credit: BMA Architects from Instagram

16. Modern Kennel

A modern dog house furnished with a comfy bed and a feeding station right outside the door. There is a dog standing by the entrance
Image Credit: Patios and Jardines from Instagram

17. Outdoor Canine House

A wooden dog house painted brown with a black asphalt roof. The dog is peeping through the door
Image Credit: Aivituvinpets from Instagram

18. Puppy Kennel

A green dog house with a red roof rests on a beautiful backyard.
Image Credit: der_cachel from Instagram

19. Homemade Wooden Outdoor Kennel

best outdoor dog kennels
Image Credit: Dear Lillie Studio

Imagine having such a beautiful doghouse in your yard. The best part about this kennel is the overall design which allows for natural sunlight and proper ventilation.

The cedar shingles used on the top upscale this house by giving it a modern look and cozy vibes.

The project author used plywood and pine boards for construction, so you can be sure it will serve your pup for a prolonged time.

Consider printing the dog’s name on a chalkboard and placing it right above the door for a personalized look.

20. DIY Outdoor Kennel with Deck

A beautiful outdoor kennel sitting on a spacious backyard
Image Credit: Jen Woodhouse

Check out this free doghouse plan from Jen Woodhouse for inspiration on how to build a similar structure for your pup.

This beautiful outdoor kennel has a sturdy deck, a toy box, and a convenient place for the occupant’s food and water.

Sign up for their free newsletter to access a complete PDF guide for building the doghouse. The guide includes all the information about what you need and detailed instructions.

You can also check out this guide from Wood Shop Diaries for even more tips, photos, and a helpful walkthrough video to guide you through this all-important project.

21. DIY Outdoor Pallet Doghouse

Image Credit: Diy Craftsy

Building a pallet kennel doesn’t require complex woodworking skills, and it’s also surprisingly easier on your wallet.

The project authors have outlined a well-written instruction guide including a material list, tools list, cut photos, diagrams, and color photos to make everything easier for you.


With the above 21 best outdoor dog kennel ideas, we hope you have found one or two ideas that fit your checklist.

Above everything else, remember to consider your dog’s comfort and safety when installing a doghouse in your yard.

Feel free to add a touch of personality to your preferred kennels to upscale the aesthetics and complement your backyard landscaping.

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