Valentine's Day Gifts and Treats for Cats

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Valentine’s Day is finally here with us. As you prepare to surprise your loved ones with heartwarming gifts, don’t forget to find a few for your furry friends.

Below are some gratifying Valentine’s Day gifts and treats for cats that will soak your feline in love while reinforcing your affection for them.

From Valentine-themed cat attire to a fully equipped amusement park, we’ve rounded up some of the best gifts that will get you and your furry friend spiced up during this month of love.

11 Valentine’s Day gifts and treats for cats

Valentine's Day Gifts and Treats for Cats
Image Credit: Galina Kondratenko from Unsplash

1.    Frisco Retro Lip Gloss Plush Cat Toy with Catnip

90s kids will recall how lip gloss was a huge deal back in the day. This toy will give your cat a taste of the past with some bits of catnip infusion.

Each purchase comes with two different lip gloss toys with varying shades and a set of 6-inch-wide red lips to give the Valentine’s Day vibe.

All toys included in this pack are covered in polyester materials, making them clawable and biteable to guarantee your cat a round of endless fun.

2.    Imagine This Company “I Love My Cat”

Your cat probably knows they rule over your heart. But you can show the world just how much you love your cat while on the road.

The best part? Unlike the bumper stickers, this sticker won’t leave any sticky residue on your vehicle, thanks to the magnetic design.

We also love that the text is printed with weather-friendly, high-gloss UV ink, which means the message can be passed across come rain come sunshine.

In addition to sticking this piece on your car, you can also place it on the mailbox, refrigerator, or anywhere to show how much you care about your munchkin.

3.    Pettsie Heart Cotton Breakaway Cat Collar with Friendship Bracelet

This beautiful cotton-made gift pack will give your cat something special to sport during the entire month of love.

You’ll also love the matching friendship bracelet that shows everyone that you truly love your furry bestie.

Both you and your kitty will come out in style and stand out from the crowd during the upcoming Valentine’s Day party. The collar is highly adjustable, so you’re sure to get the perfect fit for Kitty.

4.    Fringe Studio Stitched “Cat Lover” Canvas Pouch

For all the cat moms out there, carry around your coins and other valuables in style during the whole of February with this ‘cat lover’ canvas pouch.

This compact-sized coin carrier provides an ideal way of putting your dimes and ornaments in one place while showing immense love to your furry friend.

5.    Tribe Socks Personalized Cat Face Socks

Ever thought of printing your cat’s precious face on a piece of your attire? Worry no more, because you can do that during this month of love.

All you have to do is upload a high-resolution image capturing your cat’s face and leave the rest to the wonderful team and Tribe Socks.

These socks are dear to us because they are entirely made out of recycled plastic bottles. This means every purchase will go towards reducing our carbon footprint for sustainability.

6.    S’ip by S’well Stainless Steel Takeaway Mug

Let this S’ip by S’well stainless steel takeaway mug add some furry vibe to your February breakfast routine.

You’ll absolutely love the double-walled stainless steel insulated design which works well to maintain the temperature of your hot or cold drinks.

The other notable features include the pop-on lid and easy-to-grip handle which makes it easy to use on the go without spilling your drink.

7.    Frisco Love Machine Dog & Cat T-shirt

Let your cat stand out as the most stylish guest of honor during this year’s Valentine’s party by dressing them in this lightweight red t-shirt from Frisco by Chewy

We loved the cotton-polyester construction since it makes the t-shirt lightweight and breathable for comfortable wear.

The “Love Machine” bolstered print will let everyone know the love language between you and your feline friend.

8.    Disney Valentine Mickey & Minnie Mouse Donut Teaser Cat Toy

Tease your furry friend this Valentine’s Day with this Disney donut toy. This gift pack features the iconic Disney pair as donut-shaped treats giving your cat more reasons to continue playing.

Bounce and swing around the string and watch your lovely cat dance while playing around with the lovely gifts.

The infused catnip will make the game even better for your cat by adding extra enticement during play.

9.    Frisco Valentine Unicorn Cat Tracks Cat Toy with Catnip

Watch your cat get amused with the rolling balls on this multi-leveled interactive tower for endless games during this month of love.

The gorgeous pink tracks and brightly colored red rolling balls add to the overall theme of Valentine’s Day while creating an amusement park for your kitty.

Depending on what your cat loves, there is a choice of unicorn or heart plush toy that you can hang on the top of this tower for added fun.

10. Frisco Valentine Love Carriage Cardboard Cat House

Besides your lap, this Valentine-themed 2-story carriage cardboard house will certainly become your cat’s favorite hanging spot during the entire month of love.

Frisco made this product so easy to assemble so that your lovely kitty doesn’t have to wait for long before being treated like a royal member.

11. Frisco “Bestie Life” White Personalized Coffee Mug

Up your sipping game with bragging rights this February! With this personalized mug, you can now enjoy your preferred beverage by showing off your cat’s endearing personality.

This ceramic mug can be uniquely customized with a photo of your lovely four-legged friend and an accompanying inscription ‘Bestie Life’.


Our thoughtful collection of Valentine’s Day gifts and treats for cats will certainly throw a fresh jolt of excitement to you and your feline friend during this season of love.

In addition to these gifts, the best way to crown this special occasion is by taking your cat out for a Valentine-themed special outing.

And hey, don’t forget your dog! We’ve got a list of 13 awesome Valentine’s Day gifts and treats just for them. Check it out!

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