Valentine’s Day Gifts and Treats for Dogs

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it’s that time of the year to show your love to the closest people in your life – including your furry friends.

As you plan on buying a bouquet of red flowers for your better half and matching attire to rock the occasion, it’s prudent to get a few goodies for your dog too.

Whether it’s a heart-themed collar, a new red sweater, or a plush toy, here are some Valentine’s Day gifts and treats for dogs that will show your dog how much you care for them.

13 Valentine’s Day Gifts and Treats for Dogs

Valentine’s Day Gifts and Treats for Dogs
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 1. Frisco Valentine Love Letters

As you exchange texts and emails with your better half this coming Valentine’s Day, you can equally share an old-fashioned love letter with your furry friend.

Surprise your dog by stuffing the gifts into the mailbox and watch as they retrieve each letter one after the other.

The dog-themed letters produce a squeaking sound, which is guaranteed to keep your canine friend entertained for long hours during the month of love.

2. Goody Box Valentine’s Dog Toys & Treats

Let this Valentine’s Day Goody Box by Chewy express your unbounded love to your pup during this season of love.

This doggie gift box is stuffed with lots of pup-approved products, including plush toys and delicious dog treats to create lasting memories.

We loved the included snacks because they offer healthy nutritional benefits in addition to preparing your dog’s appetite for the main Valentine’s Day dinner.

3. Frisco Love Letters Dog & Cat Bandana

This cute-looking roll-and-tie bandana from Frisco by Chewy is sure to make your dog stand out during this year’s Valentine’s outing.

The neck scarf aligns with the main theme of February 14, thanks to the pattern of hearts which express your abundant love for your canine buddy.

All you need to do is tie this bandana comfortably along your dog’s neck and have them join the red-themed party. The best part? It can be used with a leash and collar.

4. Frisco Valentine Box of Chocolates

The temptation to share a bite of chocolate with your furry friend gets stronger during such festivities, but remember dogs should never eat chocolates.

Instead of risking your dog’s health, why not get this heart-shaped box toy with individual plush toys that resemble real chocolate?

Watch as your dog struggles to dig out the chocolate bars from the box while being motivated by the fun squeakers.

5. Frisco Valentine Anatomical Heart Dog Toy

Name a better way of showing heartwarming love to your pooch than gifting them your heart out. This big Valentine’s Day heart doubles up as a playing partner to keep your lovely canine busy during the day.

This plush toy is fitted with a funny squeaker that can motivate your dog to pour their heart out while tossing and playing fetch all day.

6. Frisco Valentine Ice Cream Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Your lovely dog deserves to cool off this Valentine’s Day, and it certainly cannot get better than giving them this delicious ice-cream-themed plush toy.

The plush material used in making this toy will certainly keep your pup engaged all day and double up as a cozy spot for nighttime cuddles.

We loved the double squeakers featured in this toy, one in the heart and another in the cone. The fun noise will certainly excite your dog and give them endless opportunities to toss and fetch this toy.

7. Frisco Mister Irresistible Dog & Cat T-Shirt

Show the lovely side and irresistibility of your pooch to the world during this year’s Valentine’s party with this bright-colored tee by Frisco.

The pullover design makes it easy to put it on your dog and take it off whenever the temperature fluctuates.

Keeping this T-shirt clean for the doggie dinner is made easier, thanks to the machine-washable design that allows easier maintenance.

8. Frisco Valentine Ring 2-In-1 Plush Dog Toy

‘Together Furever’! That’s the message to share with your lovely dog during the month of love. This 2-in-1 ring toy is made of a plush box that opens up to reveal the equally plush diamond ring.

The three squeakers will motivate your dog to continue pulling the ring from the box until they unearth the hidden message, straight from your heart.

9. Tribe Socks Personalized Dog Face Socks

Have your dog’s beautiful, pretty, and handsome face printed on this pair of Tribe Socks to showcase your affection during this year’s celebration of love.

All you have to do is upload a fully visible front-facing photo of your Valentine’s Day Paw-tner in high resolution and let the team at Tribe do their magic.

These super soft socks are extra-special because they are made from recycled plastic, making every purchase a contribution toward reducing the carbon footprint.

10. Native Pup Valentine’s Day Heart Dog Collar

The red and white heart-printed Valentine’s Day dog collar will leave everyone jealous about your dog during this season.

Outside the lavish display, these collars are made with strong polyester material that’s nearly impossible to tear. They also have a strong plastic clip to secure the collar around your canine’s neck.

11. Ucho Rose Dog Chew Toy for Small and Medium Dogs

Your dog may not readily accept a real Valentine’s bouquet as a gift, but how about rewarding their loyalty with this rose chew toy?

The toy can withstand aggressive chewers and it features a textured exterior design which helps to clean the teeth as they chew.

The best part about this rose-designed dog chew toy is that it can last longer than a bunch of real flowers.

12. Valentine’s Day Dog Sweater (2 pack)

Be ready to create lasting memories this coming Valentine’s Day by rocking matching outfits with your canine buddy.

The multicolored design is eye-catching and it ensures you get something that complements parts of your attire.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, this dog-knitted sweater will keep your canine friend warm and comfortable during your upcoming night out dinner.

13. Valentine’s Day Dog Bandana

Dress your dog with this Valentine’s Day bandana to have them steal the spotlight and stand out during your doggie date.

The phrase “Mommy’s Valentine” printed on this outfit can showcase your dog mom status and love for our cherished canine buddies.

The company made no printings on the back side just to make this bandana suitable for daily use. Ingenious, right?


This coming Valentine’s Day, let your love overflow from your heart into those you love including our beloved furry companions.

We hope you found something for your canine friend in our collection of Valentine’s Day gifts and treats for dogs.

Be sure to plan a special outing with your canine friend on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s an evening walk across the dog park or a doggy date night out for dinner.

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