siberian husky dog giving paw to man showcasing cute dog tattoo ideas

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Getting inked with a portrayal of a cute dog might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a beautiful way to show how much they mean to you.

Dog tattoos have risen in popularity over the past few years and we cannot help but appreciate the wonderful art it adds to our lives.

Before getting a new ink, find a design that carries a special meaning to your life, whether a simple paw print or a full-blown work of art.

In this post, we’ve highlighted 60 dog tattoo ideas to help you make the right choice before picking an appointment with a tattooist.

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10 Dog Paw Print Tattoo Ideas

Have you ever noticed how adorable paw prints are on the sand? You can pick the prints and ink them on your body to represent the countless walks and playtime shared with you.

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The beauty of a paw print tattoo is in its versatility. A skilled tattooist can be flexible when inking a dog’s paw by incorporating elements like heart designs and flowers.

1. Huge Paw Print Tattoo

A man's right hand with a paw print tattoo
Image Credit: blackholetattoos from Instagram

2. Realistic Paw Print Tattoo

A person's arm showcasing a realistic paw print tattoo
Image Credit: iggy_tattoo__ from Instagram

3. Paw Print & Dog’s Name

Paw print tattoo with the dog's name inked below
Image Credit: eldersigntattoo from Instagram

4. Unique Paw Print Tattoo

Unique Paw Print Tattoo
Image Credit: Natali Lev from Instagram

5. Heart & Paws Tattoo

An arm with two paw prints and a heart tattoo
Image Credit: Shobhit from Instagram

6. Simple Paw Print Tattoo

Left arm with a simple paw print tattoo
Image Credit: giuliinklab from Instagram

7. Floral Paw Print Tattoo

Paw print and flower tattoo
Image Credit: rumplingz from Instagram

8. Cute Paw Print Tattoo

A paw printed tattooed arm with name 'Alvin' below the art.
Image Credit: in_white_tattoo from Instagram

9. Heart-Themed Paw Print

Tattoo of a heart shape formed from individual paw prints.
Image Credit: Empress Ink from Instagram

10. Small Paw Prints on the Neck

Two black paw print tattoos on the left side of a person's neck.
Image Credit: _saran_57 from Instagram

10 Memorial Dog Tattoo Ideas

When the inevitable happens and we lose our beloved canine companions, the pain can be immensely difficult to bear.

A fitting dog memorial tattoo serves as a constant reminder of your furry friend’s love and the happiness they shared, honoring their memory wherever you go.

You might ink a realistic image of your dog, incorporate their name, special dates, or even a heartfelt quote to create a deeply personal tribute.

1. Loki’s Memorial Tattoo

Tattoo honoring a deceased dog, with a message 'tell your dog I said hi'
Image Credit: Tesia Rhind Tattoos from Instagram

2. Paw Print Tattoo in Memory of ‘Coco’

Black paw print dog memorial tattoo with angel wings, remembering 'Coco'
Image Credit: Tatt Man Juan from Instagram

3. Simple Dog Memorial Tattoo

Geometric tattoo on an arm, depicting a dog's full body in tribute.
Image Credit: lillithvaintattoos from Instagram

4. Floral Dog Tattoo for Beazles’ Memory

Floral dog memorial tattoo on a leg, featuring a dog's portrait tucked within flowers.
Image Credit: Jamie from Instagram

5. Fly Like a Bee

Dog memorial Tattoo
Image Credit: tattoos by vincci wu from Instagram

6. Arm Memorial Tattoo

Arm Tattoo
Image Credit: wild_flower_tattoo from Instagram

7. Pitbull Memorial Tattoo with Wings

Arm tattoo of a pitbull with angel wings, designed as a memorial.
Image Credit: tattooist_aimii from Instagram

8. Tara’s Memorial Tattoo with Coordinates

Arm tattoo memorializing a dog, with its portrait framed by flowers and a significant location's coordinates.
Image Credit: Nicol Darlink from Instagram

9. Mosaic Watercolor Dog Memorial Tattoo

Artistic dog memorial tattoo in a mosaic watercolor style, featuring a portrait, paw print, and the name 'Ronnie'
Image Credit: Tattoo studio TX5 from Instagram

10. Realistic Dog Memorial Tattoo

Realistic dog memorial tattoo of 'Zoe', featuring detailed fur and expressive eyes.
Image Credit: Steve Gentile Tattoos from Instagram

10 Minimal Dog Tattoo Ideas

A minimalistic dog tattoo is perfect for those who need simple body art, without too much sophistication or overwhelmed details.

These simplistic body arts could come in many forms including your dog’s silhouette, a simple tail curve, or a sketched tilted head.

1. Realistic Minimal Dog Tattoo

Black and white tattoo of a dog sitting on a leg
Image Credit: pokeeeeeeeoh from Instagram

2. Sketched Frenchie

Simple, minimalist dog tattoo on a woman's left forearm
Image Credit: handpoke tattoo from Instagram

3. Large Minimalistic Dog Tattoo

Minimalist line sketch tattoo of an adult dog on a person's left arm
Image Credit: pokeeeeeeeoh from Instagram

4. I’m Keeping The Umbrella

Minimalist line sketch tattoo of a dog holding an umbrella in its mouth
Image Credit: pokeeeeeeeoh from Instagram

5. Simple Sketch Dog Tattoo

Simple line sketch arm tattoo of a large breed dog
Image Credit: lips_ink from Instagram

6. Cheeky Smile

Tattoo of an adult dog on the upper left arm
Image Credit: qbmix_stc from Instagram

7. Simple Line Dog Face Tattoo

Simple line art tattoo of a dog's face.
Image Credit: Efthimis from Instagram

8. Elbow Tattoo

Minimalist dog face tattoo on an elbow, created with simple lines.
Image Credit: qbmix_stc from Instagram

9. Two-Face Dog Tattoo

Tattoos of two dog faces on a person's leg
Image Credit: Jake Harry Ditchfield from Instagram

10. Large Dog Face Tattoo

A large detailed, line art tattoo of a dog's face on a person's leg.
Image Credit: qbmix_stc from Instagram

10 Small Dog Tattoo Ideas

The beauty about small dogs is that they can fit anywhere, including on your arm as a tattoo. Small dogs are like cuddle bugs. Their compact design means we can carry them anywhere.

So why not get an ink drawing of your beloved small canine? It could be anything, from realistic, to paw minimalistic designs.

1. Royal Maltese Arm Tattoo

Maltese face tattoo on a person's arm
Image Credit: Tattooist Siia from Instagram

2. Ponytailed Yorkie Tattoo

Yorkshire Terrier tattoo on a person's forearm
Image Credit: Kerem gavriel from Instagram

3. Maltipoo Tattoo

Realistic Maltipoo dog portrait tattoo.
Image Credit: Saverio Damiani from Instagram

4. Corgi Tattoo

Corgi Tattoo
Image Credit: Chaehee Lee from Instagram

5. Beagle Tattoo

Photo of a Beagle standing next to a person's leg with a tattoo of the dog
Image Credit: brunaatatiana1 from Instagram

6. Beautiful Dog Face Tattoo

Beautiful dog face tattoo
Image Credit: Zaira Salazar from Instagram

7. Beagle Face Tattoo

Beagle Face tattoo on a person's leg
Image Credit: Zaira Salazar from Instagram

8. Want Some Hotdog?

Wiener Hotdog Tattoo
Image Credit: Nicole from Instagram

9. Realistic Pom Tattoo

Realistic Pom Tattoo
Image Credit: from Instagram

10. Playful Chihuahua & Cat Tattoo

Chihuahua and Cat Tattoo
Image Credit: Love & Lani Tattoo from Instagram

10 Dog Nose Tattoos

A dog nose tattoo is a perfect choice for canine lovers seeking a unique and playful work of art. A dog nose tattoo can be a realistic print of the nose or a patterned drawing.

Experienced tattoo artists can enhance this design by altering the nose pattern to form a small heart shape for an extra touch of love.

1. Large Dog Nose

Large dog nose tattoo
Image Credit: tesiacoil_tattoos from Instagram

2. Black Dog Nose Tattoo

Dog nose tattoo on a left arm
Image Credit: Gaelle Gwendoline from Instagram

3. Dual Dog Nose Tattoos

Dual Dog Nose Imprint Tattoo
Image Credit: holly_ponic from Instagram

4. Dog Nose Tattoo Below the Ear

Woman with a dog nose tattoo on the left side of her head, below the ear.
Image Credit: camptatt14 from Instagram

5. Dog Nose and Butterfly Tattoo

Arm tattoo of a dog's nose and a cute butterfly
Image Credit: Karolina from Instagram

6. Dog Nose Memorial Tattoo

Tattoo of a dog's nose on a person's upper leg, with the name 'Godrich' below.
Image Credit: xandria.tattoos from Instagram

7. Cute Canine Nose Tattoo

Dog nose tattoo on an arm
Image Credit: living art tattoo from Instagram

8. Dog Nose & Paws Tattoo

Arm tattoo of a dog's nose, paws, and the word 'love' in a realistic style
Image Credit: _winkart_ from Instagram

9. Simple Dog Nose Tattoo

Simple dog nose tattoo
Image Credit: Annie Troller from Instagram

10. Arm Tattoo

Arm tattoo of a dog nose
Image Credit: megankellyart from Instagram

10 Dog Portraits Tattoo

Detailed dog portrait tattoo captures your dog’s unique personality and expression as seen in a real photograph. This includes the bright eyes to their adorable head tilt. 

1. Realistic Dog Portrait Tattoo

Detailed, realistic dog portrait tattoo with textured fur.
Image Credit: Seven Tattoo Studio from Instagram

2. What a Smile

Dog Portrait Tattoo
Image Credit: baronart__nana from Instagram

3. We’re All Here

Triple dog portrait Tattoo
Image Credit: greens_tattoo from Instagram

4. Cute Dog Portrait Tattoo

Cute Dog Portrait Tattoo
Image Credit: greens_tattoo from Instagram

5. Double Dog Portrait Tattoo

Vibrant watercolor tattoos of dogs on each arm
Image Credit: olga_tolli_tattoo from Instagram

6. Back Arm Dog Portrait Tattoo

Dog portrait tattoo on the back arm
Image Credit: katasava from Instagram

7. Large Dog Portrait Tattoo

Cute Dog portrait tattoo
Image Credit: Nana from Instagram

8. Simply Perfection

Unique Dog Portrait Tattoo
Image Credit: baronart__nana from Instagram

9. Sketch-Style Dog Portrait Tattoo

Sketch-style dog portrait tattoo on a person's arm
Image Credit: manoo_stich from Instagram

10. Half & Half Dog Portrait Tattoo

Geometric split face dog portrait tattoo on an arm.
Image Credit: Letizia Ruggeri from Instagram


With these 60 dog tattoo ideas, you can agree that the possibilities of expressing your canine love are endless.

Always go for the tattoo style and portrait that resonate with your heart and consider working with a talented ink artist for the best results.

Featured Photo Credit: LightFieldStudios

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