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If you want to brighten your day with cute little kitten photos of playful furballs posing for a close-up shot, then Instagram is the best place to go.

There are lots of cat accounts on Instagram to follow but we rounded up the top 14 that should never miss on your feed page.

Our Top 14 Cute Little Kittens on Instagram

1. KORA (kora_the_kitten_official)

Kora the Cute Little Kittens posing for a photo
Image Credit: kora_the_kitten_official from Instagram

Kora the kitten is here to brighten your day and spread awareness for cat adoption among prospective pet parents.

Check out the stunning photos of this adorable advocate and drop her a follow as she grows, plays, and reminds us why all kittens deserve loving forever homes.

2. Albert Baby Cat (@albertbabycat)

Cat with short legs
Image Credit: Albert from Instagram

Albert the baby cat is a darling of many social media users. His short legs and big, round eyes give Albert an innocent kitten-like appearance.

3. Suki Cat (@sukiicat)

A sleek Bengal cat with rosette markings sits alertly amidst a patch of colorful wildflowers
Image Credit: Suki Cat from Instagram

Suki, the adventurous Canadian Bengal cat, is redefining what it means to be a travel feline on social media platforms.  

This fearless kitty explores stunning landscapes with her human companions and a rescue pup named Killua, capturing magnificent photos along the way.

4. Adventure kitten DINO (@__dinoo_)

A cute brown cat seated besides a flower pot
Image Credit: Adventure kitten DINO from Instagram

Meet Dino, the fluffiest feline adventurer on Instagram. This playful Norwegian Forest Cat mix is always ready to explore, whether she’s scaling her favorite bookshelf or chasing butterflies in the garden.

5. Sina Polloh (@sinascolorcats)

3 cats in the snow
Image Credit: sinascolorcats from Instagram

The sinascolorcats is an Instagram account run by a Cat Mom featuring her furry friends Simba, Amy, Milo, Zoey, Toffee & Hugo

The adorable British Shorthair feline family comes with six times the love and six times the mischief, and of course, they love posing for the camera.

6. Stella & Harriet (@stella_and_harriett)

A shorthair cat with silver tabby markings sits on a wooden stool next to another cat
Image Credit: Stella & Harriet from Instagram

Stella & Harrier are Bengal Mix siblings and proven ‘meowdels’ and this can only mean one thing – the photos posted on this Instagram account are epic!

7. Tripel & Silver (@tripel_silver)

A long-haired cat stands on its hind legs, batting at a feather toy on a string
Image Credit: Tripel & Silver from Instagram

The fluffy pair of Tripel, a majestic Siberian Forest Cat, and Silver, a beautiful Maine Coon, share their adventures on this Instagram account with an overload of cute photos.

8. Iriss & Abyss (@sis.twins)

white cute kittens

Iriss and Abyss are vibrant crossbreed twin cats with an eye condition known as Heterochromia, each with one icy blue eye and one of warm amber color.

The owner travels with both cats a lot and they take some captivating photos along the way to showcase their adventurous spirit.

9. Venus the Two-Face Cat (@venustwofacecat)

A cat with two distinct facial features sits on a couch. One half of the face is black and the other half is orange tabby
Image Credit: Venus the Two Face Cat from Instagram

Venus is one of the most unique cats you’ll ever see on Instagram. Her face is strikingly divided – one side is solid black, the other a vibrant orange tabby.

As if that’s not enough, she also has heterochromia with one beautiful icy blue eye and one bright green. Click that follow button if you never want to miss any pictures from Venus.

10. Hosico Cat (@hosico_cat)

A fluffy blue-eyed cat with white fur on its chest, paws, and belly, sits regally on top of a cardboard box.
Image Credit: Hosico Cat from Instagram

Hosico is a Scottish Straight cat with the most adorable chubby cheeks, large icy blue eyes, and a sweet, gentle personality.

This fluffy teddy bear of a cat loves nothing more than rolling around on luxurious carpets, so plan not to miss her captured moments.

11. Three Maine Coon Girls from Norway ( @mainecoonqueens)

maine coon cat

12. @norman_brown_ragdoll

cute little kitten ragdoll cat

13. @richie_the_mainecoon_

maine coon cat rare cat

14. @atlas.phoebe.ragdolls

ragdoll kittens


If you’re anything like us, you must have liked these cute little kitten Instagram photos with a huge smile on your face.

You can overflow your Instagram feed section with fluffy cuteness by following your favorite Instagram accounts from our list.

Besides cute photos, the featured accounts also post hilarious reels and short videos of the little cats showing off their best kitty antics.

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