Havanese Puppies Guide

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Are you ready to start a new chapter with a Havanese puppy? Havanese puppies are difficult to ignore with their silky lightweight fur, expressive eyes, and friendly temperament.

The pet parenting journey is filled with fun, challenges, responsibilities, rewards, and everything in between.

We want to be there with you during this worthy adventure by providing everything you need to know about Havanese Puppies.

This comprehensive Havanese Puppies Guide 101 will help you with what to expect before adding this cute little dog to your family.

Is a Havanese Puppy Right for You?

Havanese puppies are highly social dogs that can blend into the typical modern family. But before bringing one of these besties home, it’s important to gauge your preparedness and expectations.

Here are some of the important factors you need to consider before adopting a Havanese puppy:

Despite their compact size, Havanese dogs are highly energetic and playful. This means they will require more than a simple walk or run to stay fit and prevent boredom.

Havanese puppies are the true definition of Velcro dogs. These lap dogs crave companionship from their human caregivers and they should never be left alone for extended periods.

A small white Havanese dog, wearing a bow tie and leash
Image Credit: havanese_ted from Instagram

Thanks to their compact size and high adaptability, Havanese puppies can adapt to apartment living and thrive so long as they are kept busy.

However, you may want to check with your neighborhood noise regulations because these dogs’ playful tendencies can translate to loud barking.

Being teddy bear dogs, Havanese require substantial work in the grooming department to keep their coat healthy, soft, and shiny. Be prepared for some daily brushing and occasional trips to the pet salon.

Preparing for Your New Havanese Puppy

To ensure a smooth transition for your new furry friend, here are a few things to prepare before bringing them home from the shelter or breeder:

1. Invest in the right puppy supplies

The first thing you have to do is get the right supplies for your new Havanese puppy. You will need a cozy crate and a bed for your dog’s comfort.

Remember to set up a puppy feeding station with new food and water bowls. Your dog’s health should be a priority and your vet should help you decide on the best puppy-specific diet for Havanese dogs.

Get a comfy harness and a long leash to prepare for the upcoming walks and training sessions. You will also need a collar or an ID tag with your dog’s name and contact details.

If you’re planning to travel with your puppy often, we recommend investing in a sturdy car restraint for their safety.

Stock up enough puppy pads because you’ll need them for housetraining and remember to add a few poo bags to clean up the environment during outdoor walks.

Havanese puppies love to play. Get a variety of toys like flying discs for catching, soft plushies for cuddling, squeaky toys for interactive fun, and durable options for chewing to keep them occupied.

2. Puppy-proof your home

Puppy-proofing your house is all about keeping your Havanese puppy safe, and all your precious household stuff too.

Choose a favorable spot where your new puppy will sleep and furnish it with a comfy crate. This could be within your bedroom, in the guest room, or any other dog-safe place in your home.

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Get a crate that’s comfortable for your puppy’s current size, but also allows them space to stretch and move as they mature.

Choose a hygienic place for your puppy’s feeding station and a different place to keep their sealed foods safe, and out of their reach. This will help reinforce good eating habits.

For the high-risk areas where you don’t want your puppy’s presence, a dog gate or a baby gate can be a convenient tool for setting boundaries.

Protect your new pup by storing all human and pet medications, and toiletries, in places they can’t access. Even childproof lids aren’t foolproof for curious puppies like Havanese.

Check your indoor plants to ensure there are no dog-toxic houseplants and cover electrical cords and outlets to prevent your new puppy from licking them.

3. Prepare for early training

The first few months with your new puppy are crucial for setting the stage for a healthy and happy life. Early training helps establish good behaviors and prevent unwanted habits.

Havanese Puppies Guide featuring a jumping puppy
Image Credit: Jack Jackson from Instagram

Put your Havanese puppy on a predictable, structured routine and enroll them into a nearby puppy class as soon as they are eligible.

4. Find a Vet

If you’ve not had a vet before, we strongly ask that you research online reviews or ask friends and family for recommendations on qualified vets near you.

It’s important to choose a vet with an experienced hand in handling delicate puppies and providing regular checkups and vaccination schedules.

Physical Characteristics of Havanese Puppies

1. Size and Weight

Havanese are small breed dogs with an average size of about 8.5 to 11.5 inches tall at the shoulder and a weight of between 7 to 13 pounds with slight deviations between males and females.

The small size makes Havanese puppies the ultimate lap dogs and cuddle bugs for people who love snuggling with their pets.

The compact physical characteristic also makes these fluffy dogs highly versatile for apartment living and bigger environments.

2. Coat characteristics

The Havane’s long, silky coat is one of the breed’s most distinguishing features which sets them apart from similar-sized canines.

Their coat has a soft, wavy texture and is surprisingly dense, therefore creating a luxuriously fluffy exterior appearance.

A cute Havanese dog on a leash sitting on green grass
Image Credit: Henri from Instagram

With ten recognized beautiful coat colors, Havanese puppies come in a wide variety that only adds to their already rich cuteness package.

3. Eye color and size

Large, expressive brown eyes are a defining physical feature of the Havanese puppies. These warm eyes often appear watchful and intelligent, giving a hint of the breed’s keen awareness of their surroundings.

Personality Traits of Havanese Puppies

1. Friendly

Havanese puppies are people-oriented and happy canines. They are likely to form close emotional connections with their owners, making them good companion dogs.

Because of these connections, Havanese puppies are always ready to learn new tricks and spend more time with their caring owners.

Havanese are good with children and other pets, making them a favorable choice for a typical modern family.

These small-sized dogs have a pretty low prey drive, which is good for people who keep small pets such as birds.

2. Intelligence

Just like many other small breed dogs, Havanese pups can form a stubborn streak. But the good news is they are smart enough to take behavioral training.

Unlike other brainy dogs, the Havanese puppies are not carried away by their intelligence, so they will not show dominance during training.

3. Playful

You may have heard people say Havanese dogs have a sense of humor. Well, that’s true! Havanese puppies are outgoing and they love soliciting attention by doing funny things.

Besides being loyal to their human caregivers, Havanese puppies will not mind meeting new human friends and pets for a quick interactive playing session.

4. Eager to please

You can expect your Havanese puppy to respond to your commands because they love you and want to please you all the time.

This makes them a suitable option to consider for dog sports such as flyball and agility because they stick to their owners.

Havanese Puppies Grooming Guide

1. Brushing and Bathing

While your new Havanese puppy might not need extensive grooming right away, introducing them to the routine early on will make life easier in the long run.

This helps them become familiar and comfortable with being brushed, combed, bathed, trimmed and handled.

Daily brushing sessions are an essential part of your Havanese grooming routine. Not only will it keep their coat looking its best, but it also helps prevent painful matting.

Your new Havanese puppy may not enjoy their first baths, but we recommend sticking to a regular washing interval of one or two weeks.

For a smoother bath and a cleaner coat, start by using a slicker brush to detangle your Havanese’s fur. This removes mats and allows the shampoo to work effectively.

Feel free to use your most preferred dog-shampoo brand but make sure to complement it with a similar brand dog conditioner to lock in moisture.

Experiment with different shampoo and conditioner brands to evaluate the ones that give your Havanese the desired look and feel.

Always rinse your puppy with clean warm water after scrubbing the lathered coat. Soap residue can dry the dog’s skin and irritate them.

2. Dental care

It’s always a good idea to brush your puppy’s teeth daily using dog-specific toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.

You can make the task much easier by using poultry-flavored toothpaste because it’s a favorite option for many puppies.

3. Ear Cleaning

Ear infections are a health challenge for Havanese dogs. You can make the ear-cleaning process easier by putting a few drops of vet-approved ear cleanser in each ear before wiping it off.

Use a soft cotton ball to gently wipe off the ears while being cautious not to get too deep inside the ear canal.

4. Nail Trim

Choose a favorable nail clipping tool that you can use to cut your puppy’s nails without hitting the quick (blood vessels).

You can also use a rotary sanding tool such as ‘Dremel’ to grind your dog’s nails into an appropriate size. Short nails are much more comfortable for your dog’s movements.

5. Hair Trim

There are plenty of stunning dog haircuts and trims that can give your Havanese puppy a fresher look.

Depending on the level of skills required, some trims can be done at home while others require the experienced hand of a professional groomer.

A black and white Havanese puppy sits on a grooming table with a fresh haircut
Image Credit: Mikee Murray from Instagram

Just be careful to cut your dog’s hair according to the weather and keep the facial and tail fur a bit longer because they have a slower growth rate than the rest of the body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A brown and white Havanese dog is laying in the grass next to a bush of red flowers.
Image Credit: Henri from Instagram

1. Are Havanese puppies good with children?

Yes! Havanese puppies can make great friends with toddlers and older children. These dogs are fun-loving and they can derive this craving for games through interactions with kids.

2. What’s the daily exercise requirement for a Havanese puppy?

Despite their tendency to play, Havanese puppies have low exercise requirements of about 30 – 60 minutes of light activities per day.

3. Are Havanese puppies hypoallergenic?

Although no dog is truly hypoallergenic, Havanese can be considered so because they rarely shed fur. This quality makes them a superb choice for people with allergies.


We hope this Havanese puppies guide has provided everything you need to know before, during, and after adding this beautiful dog to your family.

The best part about Havanese is that they have a people-friendly temperament making them an ideal choice even for first-time dog owners.

Havanese puppies can stay alone in the house but not for extended periods. They are therefore suitable for people who create time for companionship and bonding.

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