Cat Tattoo Ideas featuring a young woman with an arm tattoo

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Cats have been admired throughout history, from the revered corridors of ancient Egypt to their role as beloved companions in our modern homes.

Their mystique and beauty continue to inspire many people, making their likeness a favorite choice for tattoo lovers.

If you’re considering getting a cat tattoo, stick around as we showcase a collection of the best cat tattoo designs that you can think of.

In this blog, we’ll highlight 30+ cat tattoo ideas, guiding you toward designs that truly capture your love for cats.

31 Cat Tattoo Ideas

1. Floral Cat Face Tattoo

Cat tattoo ideas
Image Credit: tattooist_nanci from Instagram

This tattoo design features a sweet cat face complete with long whiskers amid inked flowers and a pink paw print.

2. Three Face Cat Tattoo Design

Three cat face tattoos on one arm
Image Credit: tattooist_nanci from Instagram

A three-faced cat tattoo is a unique design that features three cute feline faces stacked vertically on one arm, each with a different ear size.

3. Trendy Cat Tattoo

A clear tattoo of two cats of a person's arm
Image Credit: Robert Pavez from Instagram

New cat tattoo designs are visibly gaining a trending spotlight by the day, especially among millennials and Gen Zs.

4. Beautiful Four Cats Family Tattoo

A person holding a leg with a beautiful tattoo of four cat faces
Image Credit: Shim YoungHwa from Instagram

If you have multiple cats, we suggest rocking this ‘cat family’ tattoo on your body to symbolize the unbreakable connection with your feline companions.

This cat tattoo design features four different cats’ faces inked right in the middle of one arm.

5. Cute Cat Tattoo

Kitten tattoo surrounded by eucalyptus and lavender
Image Credit: Maria Smith from Instagram

This cute kitty and flower tattoo helps capture the playful side of your beautiful feline in the form of body art.

Experienced tattooists can ink cute cat tattoos featuring oversized eyes, playful poses, soft round shapes, and a vibrant color palette, with a combination of other art such as flowers.

6. Realist Cat Tattoo

Realistic Cat Tattoo
Image Credit: Mustafa Alakoc from Instagram

If you’re lucky to find a skilled tattoo artist with an experienced hand, feel free to ask them for a realistic tattoo of your cat.

A realistic tattoo such as the one shown above demands meticulous attention from your artist and it can depict your feline friend to the tiniest detail.

7. Cat Tattoo for Lily

Video Credit: LiveForLines from Instagram

8. Tattoos For People Who Love Cats

Video Credit: LiveForLines from Instagram

9. Simple Cat Tattoo

A cat showing off her paws on a tattoo
Image Credit: Mustafa Alakoc from Instagram

This realistic tattoo design features the outline of a cat’s face stretching one paw for a close-up shot.

10. Beautiful face cat tattoo

Beautiful face cat tattoo
Image Credit: Mustafa Alakoc from Instagram

This tattoo design features a beautiful face portrait of a cat circled in a purple flower design with a bird perched playfully on the edge

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11. Cat Paws Tattoo

Tattoo of a cat paw with soft pad detail on an arm
Image Credit: Mustafa Alakoc from Instagram

If you want a unique and personal alternative to cat face or portrait tattoos, consider getting an imprint of your cat’s actual paws.

This design, with two paws seemingly ‘greeting’ each other within a circle, adds a playful touch while showing your love for felines.

12. Cute Cat Tattoo

Tattoo of a one-eyed cat, the missing eye delicately covered by pink flower petals.
Image Credit: Mustafa Alakoc from Instagram

Would you imagine this tattoo features a blind cat? The tattooist covered the injured eye with a floral petal that symbolizes resilience and beauty.

13. Minimalistic Cat Tattoo

A minimalist cat tattoo on a person's arm
Image Credit: from Instagram

As the name suggests, minimalistic cat tattoos can be done using simple clean lines and shapes to carve out an artistic impression of a cat.

These tattoo designs are usually more affordable that the sophisticated ones which require great detailing in shaping and shading.

14. Memorial Cat Tattoo (ft Richie)

Black Cat Tattoo
Image Credit: Yoon from Instagram

A cat memorial tattoo can be a befitting tribute to show how much you loved your feline friend and the happy moments you had together.

These tattoos can be done according to your liking to capture the true bond shared with the departed feline.

Besides engraving a realistic tattoo of the departed cat, most artists recommend adding extra features like the cat’s name, birthday, pawprints, and symbols like hearts, flowers, or angels.

15. Curly Cats Heart-shaped Tattoo

Two calico cats curled together in a heart shape on a person's arm tattoo
Image Credit: Yoon from Instagram

Heart-shaped cat tattoos offer a timeless expression of the unbounded love, passion, and connections we share with our furry friends.

16. Kitty Portrait Tattoo

Kitty Portrait Tattoo
Image Credit: Leah Samuels from Instagram

A realistic full portrait cat tattoo can be a playful way of showing the world who exactly is your furry friend.

Besides having a full body of your cat, these tattoos can also feature realistic depictions of a cat’s face, showcasing their attractive eyes, playful whiskers, and perhaps even a hint of their mischievous nature.

17. Astronaut Cat Tattoo

A person's arm with two cats tattoos
Image Credit: Ranice from Instagram

This is a realistic cat tattoo that shows two cats wearing an astronaut suit in space. The background features cosmic elements including the planet saturn.

18. Simple Cat Tattoo

Simple Cat Tattoo
Image Credit: erotic_cow_principal from Instagram

A tattoo of a cat sitting attentively, ears perked up, and one paw stretched out as if reaching to explore another inked tattoo on the elbow.

19. Four Faces Cat Tattoo

A person showing his arm with four cat face tattoos.
Image Credit: Yuna from Instagram

This cute cat tattoo design features a tribute to the diversity of our feline friends in terms of breed and coat color.

Here we have four distinct facial portraits of cats with different coat colors and markings, which could represent the beloved companions in your life.

20. Floral Cat Tattoo

Clear tattoo of a playful cat nestled in blooming flowers on a person's left arm.
Image Credit: Robert Pavez from Instagram

Here’s another modern body art featuring a bold cat face nestled in neatly designed flowers finished in precise parallel lines.

21. Colorful Arm Tattoo

Bold and colorful arm tattoo featuring a cat and stylized flowers in a modern style
Image Credit: maja kawiak from Instagram

This colorful arm tattoo features a cat, and flowers, among other elements to create an animated sparkling display.

22. Mirrored Cat Tattoos on Each Leg

Mirrored cat tattoos on both legs, depicting the cats in a playful, head-bent pose
Image Credit: naryn.wave from Instagram

This cute cat tattoo engraved on each leg creates a striking symmetrical design that shows an artistic impression of a mirrored cat.

23. Cartoon Face Cat & Dog Tattoo

Two detailed pet face tattoos on a leg, each with their birth date in a stylized script.
Image Credit: kk.tatz from Instagram

This cartoon face cat & dog tattoo is a fun and lighthearted way to celebrate your love for both furry companions.

The design features playful, cartoon-styled faces of a cat and dog with side D.O.B writings beside each pet’s face.

24. Realistic Cat Tattoo

Leg tattoo showcasing the affectionate bond between two cats in a realistic style.
Image Credit: Shim YoungHwa from Instagram

This realistic cat tattoo features two cats hugging each other showcasing a heartwarming portrayal of the deep bond that can exist between feline companions.

25. Cat Faces Palette Tattoo

Colorful right arm tattoo featuring a collage of seven diverse and cute cat faces.
Image Credit: hangwu7273 from Instagram

This cool tattoo design turns your arm into a fun collection of seven different cat faces. Each cat seems to have the same expression but you can ask your tattooist to alter this for a personalized design.

We love this tattoo design because the colors are bright and the creative arrangement of the faces in a palette design makes everything look cool.

26. Realistic Floral Kitty Tattoo

A detailed cat tattoo with vibrant pink flowers blooming around it.
Image Credit: from Instagram

This stunning tattoo design portrays a realistic adult cat, posing for a photo while holding a delicate bouquet of pink flowers.

The cat’s whiskers are meticulously detailed to capture its length and texture, while the soft pink blossoms create a gentle contrast with a nice finish.

27. Black Cat Floral Tattoo

Realistic black cat tattoo on right leg with a single purple flower in full bloom above its head.
Image Credit: radtattoos from Instagram

This realistic cat tattoo design features the black cat’s head with an imprinted purple floral design running from the neck to the top of the head.

28. Kitty Sketch Tattoo

Tattoo of three playful cats drawn in a sketch style, surrounded by a touch of flowers.
Image Credit: from Instagram

This cool kitty sketch design features a loose artistic impression of three cats covered in a cute floral design.

Besides the clean lines used in sketching, the tattoo artist used minimal shedding to create a true impression of real cats.

29. Realistic 3D Cat Tattoo

Detailed 3D full-arm cat tattoo adorned with delicate flower petals, extending from elbow to palm.
Image Credit: Daniele Zianna from Instagram

A skilled skin artist with experience in three-dimensional sketching can engrave this masterpiece of illusion and capture lifelike details of your cat in body art.

These designs use expert shading and perspective techniques to create the impression of a real cat attached to a full part of your body.

30. Cat Face and Paw Tattoos

Arm tattoo featuring two cat faces with paw prints above each
Image Credit: xiso_ink from Instagram

This elegant tattoo design features two delicate cat faces of different breeds inked together, with each one crowned with a sweet paw print just above the head.

31. 3D Kitty Tattoo

Detailed 3D cat tattoo among delicate flowers, located near a person's elbow.
Image Credit: Alejoboart from Instagram

This tattoo is so realistic, you might mistake it for a real cat. The fur looks incredibly soft, the whiskers are long, and those blue eyes seem to follow your movements.

To complete this adorable body art, the tattooist added beautiful flowers around the cat’s face, making the design even brighter and more accurate.


Whether you prefer the elegance of a traditional kitty portrait, a full 3D tattoo, or a simple cartoon-inspired design with a touch of flowers, the possibilities of getting a feline engraving are endless.

We hope this collection of 31 stunning cat tattoo ideas has inspired you to find the perfect way to express your love for cats through body art.

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