DIY Cardboard Furniture Ideas for Dogs

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While we invest ample time in face-lifting and renovating our living spaces, it’s easy to overlook the simplicity of customizing a few pieces of furniture for our lovely canine friends.

Ever wondered what you can do with an empty box? In this blog, we have outlined 10 DIY cardboard furniture ideas for dogs that can easily blend into your existing home interior décor.

The compilation below outlines some of the most brilliant and elaborate dog furniture ideas made from repurposed boxes or new cardboard materials.

10 DIY Cardboard Furniture Ideas for Dogs

1. DIY Puppy Dog Food Dispenser from Cardboard

DIY Puppy Dog Food Dispenser from Cardboard
Image Credit: Eremat

Are you tired of feeding your dog manually from a bowl? You can now create an engaging and stimulating mealtime for your furry friend, thanks to this inspiration from Eremat.

With just a bit of training, your beloved pup can independently use this innovative dispenser, turning every mealtime into an interactive and enjoyable experience.

2. DIY Dog Playhouse

DIY Cardboard Furniture Ideas for Dogs
Image Credit: Jen Hadfield from Tatertots & Jello

Jen Hadfield has outlined a clear procedure on how you can make a fully functional dog playhouse using repurposed cardboard.

We loved the open-bottom design because it adds versatility to the dog playhouse and makes it easier to clean and maintain.

3. Make a dog bed from a cardboard box

DIY Cardboard Furniture Ideas for Dogs
Image Credit: cyncyn from Mothering

Here’s how you can convert your idle cardboard into a useful bed for your furry friend. Make sure to create ample space for your dog to feel comfortable while lounging on the DIY bed.

You can add a soft cushioning material or blanket to convert this handmade dog bed into a magic space for your dog.

Feel free to add a few customizations like your dog’s name for an extra touch and style.

4. Making a cardboard doghouse

Making a cardboard doghouse
Image Credit: Luv2Draw from Instructables

Follow this five-step process from Instructables and learn how to make a cardboard dog house at home using simple tools.

The tutorial includes several pictures and illustrations that will help you complete the process within a short time.

5. Pet Bed with Cardboard Bolsters

No-Sew Pet Bed With Cardboard Bolsters
Image Credit: wilgubeast from Instructables

Sometimes a large store-bought dog bed can feel overwhelming to small dogs. You can deal with this challenge by putting something together for your adventurous puppy at home.

This comfortable dog bed is primarily made with craft foam and, an MDF base, and bolstered with two cardboard shipping tubes for neck support.

We loved the idea of placing this bed in an overlooked corner of the house since it can transform it into a cozy retreat for your furry friend.

6. DIY cardboard pet stairs

DIY cardboard pet stairs
Image Credit: JENNIFER BRADY from Homify

Elevate your dog’s mobility with this set of easy-to-make pet stairs. This DIY accessory will make it easier for your puppy or senior dog to access high paces without struggle.

Using sturdy cardboard and a few common tools, you can follow these 14 steps to create a series of steps that are easy to climb and secure enough to support your dog’s weight.

Feel free to decorate each step with colorful designs or cover them with adhesive materials for added style and extra durability.

7. Beautiful Pet Bed Made With Cardboard

Beautiful Pet bed made with Cardboard
Image Credit: Azalia Designs

The video below by Azalia Designs outlines a clear stepwise procedure on how you can make cardboard pet beds with readily available tools and materials.

8. Homemade Cardboard Dog Crate

Homemade Cardboard Dog Crate
Image Credit: danlynne07 from Instructables

Instead of purchasing a new dog crate, consider giving a new life to your old box wrapping by crafting something simple yet practical for your pup.

Make sure to get a box that is big enough to accommodate your dog. Ideally, your canine friend should lie down, stand up, and turn around comfortably while in the repurposed box.

Find out more plans in our article about DIY Dog Crates.

9. Inexpensive Doghouse Out of Cardboard Boxes

DIY Cardboard Furniture Ideas for Dogs
Image Credit: Donna

Cardboards are one of the best materials you can choose when making a snoopy playhouse for your furry friend.

Get more insights from Donna’s tutorial on how you can create a similar dog house using different-sized boxes.

10. Homemade cardboard doghouse

Homemade cardboard doghouse
Image Credit: Michel VIARD from iStock

A cardboard doghouse, like this one from Cuteness, can create that perfect, relaxing hideaway for your furry friend without breaking the bank.

In addition to providing shelter for dogs, a cardboard kennel can also be valuable for children who love playing with pets in small abodes.

We loved how the cardboard dog house was decorated with non-toxic paints, and furnished with a soft cushion bed for the dog’s ultimate comfort.


With a little creativity and motivation, we hope our 10 DIY cardboard furniture ideas for dogs have sparked your motivation to create something both useful and fun for your dog.

Consider the size, age, and whether you have multiple dogs when starting your DIY project. Getting accurate measurements from the beginning ensures the right fit for their needs.

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