DIY Cardboard Furniture Ideas for Cats

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If you love shopping from online platforms, then you must have piles of cardboard boxes lying in your trash area.

Instead of throwing them away, you can use the boxes to create some DIY cardboard furniture ideas for cats with commonly available tools and a little creativity.

Below are some of the most amazing cardboard kitty furniture you can make today. Cat trees, playhouses, beds, and more! Gather your tools and start building something for your lovely kitty.

21 DIY Cardboard Furniture Ideas for Cats

1. Cardboard Cat Hammock

DIY Cardboard Furniture Ideas for Cats
Image Credit: Jill Nystul

This beautiful homemade hammock idea by Jill Nystul will provide a perfect place for your cat to relax, lounge, snooze, and sleep without breaking the bank.

2. DIY Cardboard Cat Puzzle Feeder

DIY Cardboard Cat Puzzle Feeder
Image Credit: Blue Cross

Encourage your cat to work for their food and eat slowly while exercising their brain using this DIY puzzle feeder.

Putting together this food puzzle is relatively easier and your cat will love spending their time here seeking for food.

DIY Cat Tree Plans using Cardboard Boxes

3. Wall-mounted cardboard cat tree

Image Credit: Practical Engineering, YouTube

Free-standing cat trees are great, but they can occupy too much space. Consider setting up a wall-mounted cat tree if you need to save some space.

We strongly suggest that you use sturdy cardboard when crafting the platforms on your wall. This is to ensure your feline friend’s weight is supported while jumping, perching, and resting.

You can cover the cardboard platforms with a fabric of your choice that blends well with your interior décor and paint job.

4. DIY Cat Scratch Post

DIY Cat Scratch Post
Image Credit: Nifty, BuzzFeed

Cats love to scratch, and we’re sure your feline friend will enjoy playing with this fluffy scratching post.

The major work of this project is setting up the base and cutting the cardboard into square pieces.

Once everything is set up, your cat will certainly love the versatility and customization of this scratching post surface because it presents a new challenge every day.

5. DIY Cardboard Box Fort

DIY Cardboard Box Fort
Image Credit: Kitty Cat Chronicles

This is by far one of the simplest cat furniture ideas you can implement at home. Gather all boxes from your trash bin and make a cardboard cat castle according to the available space.

The best part about this project is the customization. You don’t need all the spare boxes to set up a large fort right now. Start with what you have and pile them up as you get more boxes.

6. DIY Cardboard scratcher for cats

Image Credit: DIY CAT VILLAGE, YouTube

This stump-shaped cardboard scratcher provides a perfect platform for your feline friend to play and vex out their pent-up energy.

In addition to creating a soft scratching surface, this cardboard can also serve as an entertainment spot for your lovely kitty.

7. How To Make a Cat-Shaped Cat Tree from Cardboard

How To Make a Cat-Shaped Cat Tree from Cardboard
Image Credit: Box Yourself, YouTube

If you’re looking for something magical with plenty of artwork, then this project from Box Yourself is worth your time.

The unique design of this cardboard cat tree will add a whimsical touch to your home décor and showcase your love for pets.

Your feline friend will love the cozy perches on this tree because it provides an ample and comfortable place to rest or play.

8. Cat Flower Tower

DIY Cat Tree Plans using Cardboard Boxes
Image Credit: m_a_i_a, Instructables

One of the standout features of this homemade cat tower is how customizable it is. The other good thing is that you can use different types of boxes to create this tower for your cat.

Feel free to decorate the cat tower to your liking once you have set everything in place. You can also pick some décor ideas from the original project author.

DIY Cat House Plans using Cardboard Box

9. Cardboard Cat Playhouse

Cardboard Cat Playhouse
Image Credit: Johnny Miller

Isn’t this two-story playhouse beautiful? You can also create one for your furry friend, thanks to the detailed tutorial by Martha Stewart.

10. DIY Modular Cat House from Cardboard

DIY Modular Cat House from Cardboard
Image Credit: Simple Method, YouTube

The design theme of this DIY cat furniture is centered around building individual cardboard modules in different shapes and sizes such as cubes, stairs, and platforms.

The individual modules are connected with adhesives to form a versatile cat house to allow your indoor cat to play and have fun without going outside.

We loved the fact that you can play around with the configuration of this cat house to suit the mood of your feline friend.

11. Homemade Cat Castle In 10 Steps

Homemade Cat Castle In 10 Steps
Image Credit: the honest kitchen

Give your cat a place to call home by following these 10 simple steps highlighted by Ben Kerns. For your cat’s safety, it’s advisable to find heavy-duty cardboard for this project.

You can already picture your cat perching at the highest point to observe their kingdom from above, so a sturdier box will do the trick.

12. How To Make a Cat Palace

How To Make a Cat Palace
Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

Turn your cat’s wildest dream into a reality by turning an old box into a palace and pampering it with their favorite hanging toys, scratching posts, and other lovely goodies.

13. Homemade Kitty Camper

Homemade Kitty Camper
Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

You can turn your empty cardboard box into this cute vintage kitty camper to create happy memories for your furry friend.

The project authors have outlined a detailed step-by-step tutorial, and an attached video to make the work easier for you.

14. Amazing Kitten Cat Pet House from Cardboard

Amazing Kitten Cat Pet House from Cardboard
Image Credit: EverXFun, YouTube

Here’s another option for people who want to create unique pieces of art from recycled cardboard. This cardboard cat tree has many components that your cat will love.

Your cat will thank you for modifying the ladder to include sisal ropes. This will encourage positive scratching behavior on safe surfaces.

15. DIY Cardboard Cat Igloo House

Cardboard Cat Igloo House
Image Credit: miniil from Instructables

Keep your cat heated during the chilly weather in winter using this DIY igloo house. This project will require lots of cardboard and precise measurement and cutting.

Despite being aesthetically appealing on its own, feel free to add your decorative accessories such as rugs and hanging toys.

16. DIY Cardboard Cat House

DIY Cardboard Cat House
Image Credit: Cintia, DC Home

You can turn that plain used box into a beautiful abode for your feline friend without spending too much money and to reduce our ecological footprint.

Go for heavy-duty cardboard if your cat is extremely playful with boxes. It’s also advisable to tune the painting to match the color palette of your living room.

17. Homemade Cat Tent

Homemade Cat Tent
Image Credit: Jessy Ratfink, Instructables

You can create this neat cat tent just using an old t-shirt, a few hangers, and cardboard. This fun tent serves as great furniture for curious cats who love popping into holes.

18. DIY Cat Tent From Cardboard and T-Shirt

DIY Cat Tent From Cardboard and T-Shirt
Image Credit: Tracy Wynn

Here’s another straightforward cat tent project that doesn’t need the use of hangers. Your cat will love to snuggle and hide in this cat tent, thanks to the narrow opening which keeps unwanted visitors away.

The covering t-shirt makes this homemade cat house compact and stable. This will allow you to change its location based on the preferences of your feline friend.

DIY Cat Bed Plans using Cardboard Boxes

19. DIY Kitted Bed from Cardboard

DIY Kitted Bed from Cardboard
Image Credit: Liz Palika from The Honest Kitchen

Here’s another simple yet effective project for pet parents with kittens at home. This simple kitty bed can be made with an intact kitchen shipping box and a few beddings.

Your choice of box should be guided by your litter size and the amount of space available. We recommend using already-familiar bedding to make it easier for the cats to accept their new bed.

20. Simple Cardboard Box Cat Bed

DIY Cardboard Furniture Ideas for Cats
Image Credit: Kirsten Peek, Petful

This cardboard cat shelter with raised sides can be appealing to cats who are obsessed with empty shopping boxes.

The most appealing part about this project is the simplicity is execution and how efficiently it provides an entertainment spot for curious cats.

21. Cute Cardboard Box Cat Bed

Cute Cardboard Box Cat Bed
Image Credit: yourpurrfectkitty

Doesn’t this cute cat look relaxed in this amazing bed? You can also make one for your furry friend using a few raw materials alongside a recycled box.

We loved the convenience of using glue to secure the outer fabric into the corners of this box, turning it into a beautiful kitty abode.


Undertaking some of our DIY cardboard furniture ideas for cats can be a great way to spend your weekend.

Re-using and recycling shopping boxes is an ingenuine way of embracing environmental sustainability while also saving some money.

The most important of all is that your cat will thank you for being creative in building some of their favorite accessories. Happy DIYing!  

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