Dog Grooming Styles for Pomeranians

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For many years running, the pint-sized Pomeranian breed has won the hearts of dog lovers worldwide with their fox-like face, fluffy coat, and big personality packed into a tiny frame.

From everyday lucky pet owners to the most distinguished royal families, this toy breed dog has been a beloved companion in more ways than one.

Pomeranian owners know their dogs’ luxurious double coats need regular attention to stay healthy and beautiful.

This guide explores 20 awesome dog grooming styles for Pomeranians to inspire your lovely dog’s next stylish hairdo.

20 Dog Grooming Styles for Pomeranians

1. The Traditional Cut

A brown pomeranian dog breed with a traditional hair style
Image Credit: Filip Kvacak from Instagram

The Traditional Pomeranian haircut is one of the most preferred hairstyles by Pom owners. For this cut, your groomer will clip through your dog’s coat to outline the dog’s body naturally.

Some groomers will take things further by trimming the dog’s paws to make the rest of the body stand out. This clip is easy to maintain and easy to do. You can learn it from tutorials and do it yourself.

If you’re looking for a timeless trim that always stays in fashion, then it’s worthwhile to consider this traditional cut.

2. The Puppy Cut

A white Pomeranian dog with a trimmed coat
Image Credit: dearmypuppies from Instagram

The Puppy trim is a classic favorite among dog owners of all breeds, not just Pom parents, and for good reasons. It’s easy to maintain and gives your pup a longer break between grooming sessions.

This haircut looks great on outdoorsy Pomeranians who want to enjoy the sunshine without feeling heated up with too much fur.

It’s done by trimming the dog’s coat to a uniform length all over the body. This cut can transform an adult Pom into a young innocent puppy. That’s where it gets its name.

3. The Teddy Bear Cut

Pomeranian Dog with a teddy bear trim
Image Credit: Furrever Fluffy from Instagram

Just like the name says, the Teddy Bear cut aims to transform your dog into a cuddly toy for endless snuggles.

To achieve this style, your groomer will clip your dog’s facial hair into a circular design while trimming the rest of the body shorter by about two or three inches.

This hairdo is highly versatile because you can leave the coat longer or shorter, so long as the rounded face stands out. Unlike the puppy cut, this trim calls for regular brushing to keep the dog looking fresh.

4. The Lion Cut

A close-up shot of a Pomeranian on a grooming table, showing off his new lion haircut.
Image Credit: sunnie.groom from Instagram

If your Pom has a big personality tucked in their small body, you can give them this haircut that instantly transforms them into the king of your home.

To achieve this look, your groomer will shave the rest of the body closer to the skin while leaving large puffs of fur on the head, face, neck, and chest that resemble a lion’s mane.

Some groomers leave a tuft of shag fur on the tail tip to reinforce the lion’s presence. Be cautious about leaving the skin too short on the dog’s body because it can expose them to sunburns.

If you choose this style, remember to spruce up your dog’s ‘mane’ to prevent the long fur from tangling and matting.

5. The Show Design

Close-up of a Pomeranian with a perfectly clipped show trim.
Image Credit: Janita J. Plungė from Instagram

The Show haircut is not only a reserve of Pomeranians who rock in dog competitions, but it’s also a choice for everyday pet owners.

If you choose this hairstyle, you need to research professional groomers with experience in styling dogs per AKC-approved show design.

Your Pomeranian needs to be patient throughout the grooming session because this cut involves lots of precision cuts.

Despite the high maintenance requirements, the end result of this deluxe trim is a true show-stopper and it can make every head turn in the dog park.

6. Pomeranian Foxy Cut

A close-up photo of a cute Pomeranian with a foxy hairstyle, wearing a bow tie
Image Credit: dogstarlight from Instagram

Purebred Pomeranian dog breeds have that foxy appearance, so why not showcase their natural look with a clean cut?

For this style, you aim to keep the dog’s coat short and neat with the added advantage of shedding control.

Your groomer will keep the coat at similar length throughout the body and this should prevent your groomed dog from collecting debris in outdoor environments.

7. The Reverse Lamb Cut

Cute white Pomeranian
Image Credit: korokke_konnyaku from Instagram

The Reserse Lamb cut is a good choice for Pom parents looking for a simple, low-maintenance styling for their furry friends.

For this haircut, the legs are trimmed with shorter fur while the rest of the body is kept longer to give your dog the resemblance of a cute cuddly pup.

8. The Kennel Cut

Close-up of a happy Pomeranian with a short, practical kennel cut on a grooming table
Image Credit: dogland grooming from Instagram

The Kennel trim is another fantastic low-maintenance option. It keeps your Pom’s coat at a manageable length, slightly shorter than a typical Puppy Cut.

This hairstyle is ideal for summer months, as the shorter trim helps your dog stay cool and comfortable in the heat.

9. The Polar Bear Cut

Fluffy Pomeranian with a bear cut
Image Credit: coventgardengus from Instagram

If you have a white Pomeranian, the Polar Bear cut can be a great option to consider for styling during winter.

To achieve this look, your professional groomer will trim down your Pom’s fur to about 2 inches across the entire coat before fluffing it up.

This coat length is enough to keep your Pom warm during those freezing months of winter and it makes your Pom look like a tiny polar bear from the Arctic.

10. The Shag Looks

Pomeranian with fluffy coat
Image Credit: Karinna Sulca from Instagram

Leaving your dog with an unkempt style doesn’t mean you don’t love them. This carefree hairstyle is a perfect choice for busy owners who want to escape the daily hassle of brushing and combing.

But it’s not all that carefree because there’s still some bits of work to do here. It’s best to trim the excess fur along the edges while maintaining the tousled look.

Some bits of routine brushing are still needed to prevent matting and tangling.

11. Fringes

A senior Pomeranian dog with fringe fur posing for a photo
Image Credit: Jane Thomson from Instagram

If your Pomeranian has a naturally frisky personality that just won’t quit, this fringe hairstyle is the perfect way to match their energy.

This hairdo adds a touch of style with playful little fringes around the dog’s ears and legs, enhancing their gorgeous features.

While the little fringes can look carefree with a natural look, you will need a skilled groomer to subtly shape those fringes around your Pom’s face and upper body.

12. Fluffy Haircut

Cute Pomeranian wearing a huge smile
Image Credit: Korra from Instagram

A Pomeranian with fluffy hair all around their body is definitely one of the cutest pint-sized pups you can dream of.

For this style, a professional groomer will style fluffy hair around your dog’s body, legs, tail, head, and chest to make them appear larger than they are.

Besides the aesthetics, the fluffy style can also transform your dog to be a lively cuddle bug for those who love snuggling.

13. The Puff Ball Cut

Brown Pomeranian with a fluffy tail
Image Credit: Tails Of Totteridge from Instagram

Pomeranians are natural fluffballs. The Puff Ball Cut embraces their roundness with an even trim that maximizes the poof factor.

Your groomer will pay extra attention to the dog’s tail which is brushed and blown out for that playful pom-pom effect.

Besides being a practical hairstyle that prevents knots and tangles, the Puff Ball Cut is loaded with cuteness making your pup an instant head-tuner.

14. The Half and Half Pom Cut

Dog Grooming Styles for Pomeranians
Image Credit: Petsmart from Instagram

Just as the name suggests, the Half and Half hairdo is done by clipping the pup in contrasting styles for both halves of the dog.

One half of the Pomeranian’s coat is cut long and fluffy while the remaining half gets a closer trim. In most cases, it’s the back part of the dog that is trimmed short while the top half retains longer hair.

15. The Chest-style trim

Fluffy Pomeranian with a playful expression
Image Credit: Goodwolf from Instagram

Just like the typical lion-inspired cut, the Chest-Style clip gives your little Pom the presence of a tiny king in your home.

For this style, your groomer will place more emphasis on the fur around your dog’s chest and neck to create an inspiring mane.

The rest of the body can be kept long or short depending on your dog’s conditions. We discourage trimming too close to the body during summer because it exposes your dog to sunburns.

16. Long Coat Trim

Happy brown Pomeranian with a big smile and flowing hair.
Image Credit: Just Like Home from Instagram

If you love the gorgeous fluffiness of your little Pom, we can recommend the long trim as a favorable styling option for their coat.

For this style, you’ll need to let your dog’s fur grow to full length for several weeks and months. Then add subtle shaping around the edges to keep it manageable and prevent matting.

17. Pomeranian Simple Haircut

Close-up of a pampered Pomeranian wearing a necklace after a grooming session.
Image Credit: Tayler from Instagram

As a DIYer, you sometimes want a simple cut that doesn’t require complicated procedures. This simple hairstyle puts all the focus on your dog’s comfort to prevent painful tangles and mats.

All you need is a pair of scissors or clippers to trim your dog’s fur all around to keep the coat from hanging too low on the ground.

18. Pomeranian Pixie Trim

Pomeranian with a Pixie Cut
Image Credit: Doggie Smile Salon from Instagram

Do you want a unique and bubbly look that showcases your Pomeranian’s playful side? If yes is your answer, it’s time to consider the Pixie cut.

For this style, the groomer will focus on giving the fur around your dog’s face a cute pixie shape, leaving your dog with an adorable exterior that can turn heads.

If you need some extra flair, ask your groomer for a shorter trim to create a striking contrast. Or better yet, you can keep some fluff on the dog’s body for a softer and fluffy look.

19. The Mini Pom Poof

Cute Mini Pomeranian
Image Credit: from Instagram

This is one of the most fashionable yet practical dog grooming styles for miniature Pomeranians. To achieve this look, let your dog’s hair grow out to full length then use a brush to puff out the coat.

This poof hairstyle creates a fuller coat that makes your miniature Pomeranian appear larger than they really are.

20. Short Body Cut

Pomeranian with a short trimmed coat
Image Credit: saltypup_doggyspa from Instagram

The short body trim is a perfect choice for Pom owners who want a low-maintenance style that still looks good.

For this style, your groomer will trim the dog’s fur closer to the body for easy care. It also has the added advantage of controlling shedding.


There are tons of dog grooming styles for Pomeranians and your choice will depend on several factors including the specific look to match the occasion.

It helps to ask for an expert opinion from a professional groomer about the most practical style that can suit your dog’s personality.

Most importantly, remember to consider the weather and go for a style that has your Pom’s comfort over aesthetics.

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