Dog Grooming Styles for Maltese.

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The Maltese dog is a favorable breed for many canine lovers because of their perky personality and outward appearance featuring the stunning white coat.

Another highlight of these small cute dogs is the endless possibilities when it comes to grooming and styling their fur.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up 18 neat dog grooming styles for Maltese to spark your imagination.

Have fun trimming your dog at home or seek the services of a professional groomer for high-skilled styles.

18 Dog Grooming Styles for Maltese

1. The Puppy Cut

Maltese dog with a clean trim
Image Credit: storyofsoya from Instagram

The Puppy cut is one of the most popular dog grooming styles, not just for Maltese, but for other breeds as well.

This hairstyle has risen in popularity over time because it looks cute on little fluffy dogs and is easier to manage.

It might look different depending on your groomer, but a general puppy cut involves trimming down the dog’s coat for easier maintenance.

2. Maltese Bob Cut

Dog grooming styles for Maltese
Image Credit: storyofsoya from Instagram

A Bob cut on Maltese is similar to the human version. This hairstyle is done by trimming the entire body to keep the coat short while leaving some long fur on the dog’s ears and tail.

Besides highlighting the adorable facial features, the Bob cut will upscale your Maltese appearance to a sweet little cuddle bug.

3. Teddy Bear Cut

A Maltese dog with a teddy bear look
Image Credit: poochimage from Instagram

We’re yet to find anyone who doesn’t love a teddy bear. You can transform your Maltese to look like a cuddly toy by trimming their facial fur to keep it round and full.

The fur on the back and sides can be trimmed shorter, while the legs, stomach, neck, and tail can be left longer. It depends on how the groomer may want to fashion it.

The Teddy Bear cut is a trendy style that suits Maltese and other small-sized dogs because it makes them too cute and endearing.

4. Summer Cut

Maltese dog with a fresh haircut
Image Credit: Fido Foto from Instagram

The summer cut looks like a puppy cut, only that the fur is kept even shorter for comfort during the warmer months.

Be careful not to trim the coat too short to the level of exposing the skin because you can put your dog at risk of sunburn.

5. Show Cut

An adult Maltese dog with a show trim look
Image Credit: Stefanie Swasho from Instagram

Your Maltese can still rock a show cut even if they don’t take part in dog competitions. To achieve this glamorous look, allow your dog’s fur to grow to its full, flowing length over several weeks or months.

While you can attempt elements of the show cut at home, a professional groomer experienced in show dog styles will give your Maltese that truly stunning look.

This Maltese hairstyle requires top-level maintenance to retain the fabulous, smooth, and silky appearance. Always have your brushing tools nearby to maintain this look.

6. Short Clip

Maltese with a short haircut sitting on a grooming table
Image Credit: ta_divna_stvorenja from Instagram

While this cut may sound simple, it takes some skill to execute correctly, so consider visiting a professional groomer.

They’ll trim your dog’s body fur quite short at around ¼ inch on the back and sides, and even shorter on the neck, upper body, and stomach.

The legs will stay a bit longer and the head will have a rounded shape with slightly longer, ‘bob-style’ ears.

Don’t forget a 2-inch fringe on the tail. This cut is perfect for warm weather, keeping your dog comfortable and stylish.

7. The Korean Cut

Maltese with a Korean Haircut
Image Credit: Valtenesi Dogs from Instagram

The Korean cut gives your Maltese a bouncy, playful look. The body hair stays short at about an inch for easy care, while the legs, tail, and head are left longer.

This extra fluff is perfect for styling those adorable pigtails and gives your pup a sweet, doll-like appearance. The rounded cut around the face gives the dog an additional wow factor.

8. Top Knot (Ponytail)

Cute Maltese dog with a colorful ponytail
Image Credit: Olga Cherpak from Instagram

The Top Knot hairdo can go with many hairstyles, but we love it on medium-length and fluffy coats. This style was initially intended to keep the long facial fur out of the dog’s eyes.

Nowadays, the Ponytail style is more of a trendy hairdo with many owners doing it as a touch to an already existing trim.

Besides tucking your dog’s hair with a knot, you can also spruce their looks with colorful bow ties, ribbons, and many other fun touches.

9. Pigtail style

Maltese dog with long flowing fur and a pigtail hairdo
Image Credit: Maltesi Le Nuvole from Instagram

If your Maltese has lots of fur on the head, you can bundle up two ponytails to create a cute pigtail for a fresher look.

10. The Scissors Cut

Cute Maltese dog sitting down and smiling to the camera
Image Credit: nimbus_cloud_dog from Instagram

The scissor cut is more of a grooming technique than a specific hairstyle. Instead of shearing trimmers or hair clippers, you simply use a pair of scissors to trim your dog’s coat to different lengths.

This makes it a great maintenance cut to tidy up uneven growth or remove stray tufts. The beauty of the scissor cut is in its simplicity and that you don’t need any specialized equipment.

11. The Lion Cut

Maltese dog sitting on a table
Image Credit: Mr. Darcy from Instagram

The Maltese earned the nickname ‘Maltese Lion Dog’ upon arriving in America in the late 1800s, inferring their bold and regal appearance.

To give your dog a lion trim, you need to trim the back and sides to a short length and leave longer fur on the upper body, head, and tail.

This unique hairstyle resembles a lion’s mane and gives the visual allure that makes your little Maltese the king of your home.

12. Modern Cut

A small white Maltese dog wearing a pink sweater and a purple bow in its hair standing on a flat surface
Image Credit: gina_monaco from Instagram

Try this contemporary dog haircut to give your Maltese a modern, edgy look. The best part is that you can style your dog in contrasting fur lengths both short and long.

13. The Cupcake Cut

An adult Maltese dog with a red scarf sits on the floor
Image Credit: Katie Checketts from Instagram

As the name suggests, this hairstyle is achieved by shaping the dog’s head into a lovely cupcake. The rest of the body is trimmed similar to a puppy cut, save for the ears which take on a rounded shape.

Trimming this style can be a little trickier than a regular short coat cut, so it’s best to seek the services of an experienced dog groomer.

14. Curled Look

A cute Maltese dog sitting on a couch with a smile
Image Credit: from Instagram

Being one of the best Maltese haircuts for females, the curled look is an eye-catching style that pumps feminine energy to upscale your pup’s looks.

To achieve this curly look, apply gel or mousse to your dog’s damp hair. Use a low-heat curling iron designed for pet fur, and work in small sections to avoid any discomfort.

The downside is that the curls won’t last long. You will have to re-do the curling process to maintain a fresh appearance.

15. The German Cut

Maltese dog with an even coat
Image Credit: Fido Foto from Instagram

Looking from afar you might confuse the German cut with an ordinary summer cut, but the former is styled with sharper angles for an elegant appearance.

A handheld pair of scissors can be used to create thin angles that highlight your dog’s physique despite being small.

Close trimming around the ears and leaving a poof-free tail are the other features that distinguish the German cut from the summer cut.

16. Medium Length cut for Maltese

Cute Maltese showing his tongue
Image Credit: Jules Cloud MGBS from Instagram

If you have a long-furred Maltese, trimming their coat to a medium-sized length can be an incredible way to preserve their looks while saving on maintenance.

You can achieve this cut by clipping all over the coat by half-length while maintaining the fur around the legs and tail at full length.

17. Maltese Standard Cut

Maltese with a standard haircut
Image Credit: Jules Cloud MGBS from Instagram

The Maltese standard cut is a low-maintenance, no-fuss hairstyle where the fur on your dog’s body and head is kept short, while the tail, legs, and ears retain a bit of length at around 1 inch.

This grooming style is a great option for busy dog owners who want a clean, easy-to-manage look for their Maltese without too much fluffiness.

18. The Lamb Trim

An adult Maltese dog sitting on a grooming table after getting a fresh haircut
Image Credit: from Instagram

This is another popular grooming style for Maltese that aims to keep the coat shorter all over the body with puffed-out legs.

It gives the little Maltese a resemblance of a little lamb. Many people love this hairstyle because of the low-maintenance care.


With so many amazing dog grooming styles for the Maltese breed, you can only be spoilt for choices on which ones to go for.

Remember your dog’s comfort should always come first. So, choose a hairstyle that suits them be it a simple puppy cut or a sophisticated show cut.

We can’t wait to see your favorite picks from our list. Leave a comment below and share those amazing before-and-after photos with us.

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