Dog Grooming Styles for Goldendoodles

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A Goldendoodle is a hybrid dog that combines the best qualities of Golden Retriever and Poodle purebred parents into one package.

Notably, they take on the gentle demeanor of Goldies and mix it up with the intelligence and hypoallergenic coats of Poodles.

These adorable hybrid pups are instantly recognizable by their trademark curly, wavy, or straight coats which offer incredible grooming versatility.

From close shaves to long curls, you can completely customize their look with endless possibilities at home or by a professional groomer.

Check out these 20 practical and stylish dog grooming styles for Goldendoodles that can help inspire you for your next grooming session.

15 Dog Grooming Styles for Goldendoodles

1. The Puppy Cut

A brown Goldendoodle puppy sporting a uniform coat sitting of a fluffy carpet
Image Credit: Goldie the Doodle from Instagram

The Puppy Cut is a classic easy-to-care hairstyle that keeps your Goldendoodle looking neat and young. For this style, your groomer trims the dog uniformly to maintain a short coat.

It is therefore a preferable choice for dogs living in warmer climates or outdoorsy dogs who can get in muddy adventures with longer locks.

If your Goldendoodle isn’t a fan of constant grooming, the puppy cut is a low-maintenance solution that lets them go longer between sessions.

2. The Teddy Bear Cut

Goldendoodle dog sitting on stairs
Image Credit: Ollie from Instagram

The Teddy Bear Cut is deemed to be one of the most popular Goldendoodle hairstyles by professional groomer Danna Alexander of the Prestige Grooming School.

For this hairstyle, your groomer aims to give your pup’s face an irresistibly cuddly look with rounded features and a soft, fluffy finish.

The rest of the body can be kept short or long depending on your preferences. Most groomers will also give the dog’s paws a rounded finish.

This grooming style is best for those who want some cuddle time with their furry friends.

3. Mohawk Style

White Goldendoodle dog sporting a mohawk haircut with short fur on the sides and a longer crest down the middle.
Image Credit: Apollo from Instagram

Are you ready to rock with your pup in the next outdoor adventure? Get your lovely Goldendoodle a Mohawk cut and see how many heads you’ll turn in the dog park.

This classic look is achieved by trimming your dog to leave a longer strip of hair running from the head, down to the tail.

There are many variations of this hairstyle, but an experienced groomer should be able to choose the best one for your dog’s coat.

Despite the playful outlook, this haircut is surprisingly easier to maintain especially when the rest of the body is trimmed short.

4. Lion Cut

A Goldendoodle with a lion haircut, featuring a long mane and tail pom-pom
Image Credit: from Instagram

The Lion Cut is another classic style that stands for hairy dogs like Goldendoodles. It features a shave on the dog’s backside and a teddy bear style on the front that resembles a lion’s mane.

Your groomer may leave the tip of the tail with a puff of hair to make this hairstyle more visible with sharper contrasts.

This style is suitable for owners who love a daring look that can grab people’s attention and leave a commanding presence.

5. The Shaggy Look

Adult Goldendoodle dog with unkempt hair
Image Credit: Gemma from Instagram

To achieve this shaggy look, you need to let your dog’s fur grow naturally without trimming or clipping any part of their cost.

It’s a carefree style that can be very helpful for people living in colder regions because the longer coat helps retain body heat.

Just remember to keep your dog’s brush closer for this style, because you’ll need it to prevent knotting, matting, and tangling.

6. The Top Knot (Ponytail)

A brown Goldendoodle dog with a top knot bow tie, and a bandana
Image Credit: missjazzy.doodle from Instagram

Our next Goldendoodle grooming style is a simple hairdo and not necessarily a haircut. Let the hair on your puppy’s head grow out, then gather it into a playful topknot and secure it with a colorful band.

The best part about this top knot is that it adds instant style to any Goldendoodle haircut. You can also get creative with colorful bands to match your dog’s character or special events.

7. Poodle Cut

Goldendoodle with an even trim
Image Credit: Charlie from Instagram

The Poodle Cut is one of the best trims you can give your Goldendoodle hybrid pup to show off their Poodle heritage in style.

For this style, you will need an experienced groomer who can trim the dog’s body shorter while leaving fluffy pom poms on the legs, head, or tail.

This hairstyle is really cute and it truly brings out the best side of your dog. But remember it requires regular brushing to keep everything neat and prevent tangled hair.

8. Designer Trim

An adult Goldendoodle sporting a red mohawk and a curly trim on the body
Image Credit: breckindoodle.17 from Instagram

If you thought the ordinary mohawk trim was the most sophisticated, then you’re in for a treat. Some professional groomers are very creative and they can incorporate unique touches for a designer trim.

This might include grooming your dog using dog-friendly temporary dye to create fun patterns for special occasions.

The designer trim is a perfect choice for pet owners who are not afraid of trying something new or those who change their dog’s look regularly.

9. Summer Cut

Goldendoodle with a kennel cut, a popular low-maintenance haircut.
Image Credit: Fido Foto from Instagram

The summer cut, sometimes called the Kennel Cut, is an even shorter version of the typical Puppy Cut. It’s done by trimming the coat down to about a few millimeters or a ¼ an inch.

It’s a great option to consider during the warmer months because it helps the dog stay cool. You should however take caution not to trim the coat too short to expose your dog to sunburns.

This style is perfect for active families who love outdoor adventures such as swimming or those who prefer an easy-care grooming option.

10. Lamb Trim

Dog Grooming Styles for Goldendoodles featuring a lamb trimmed brown dog
Image Credit: roco.thegoldendoodle from Instagram

Ever thought of transforming your cute doodle into a fluffy little lamb? The Lamb cut is an adorable trim that works well for all coat colors.

Your groomer will trim the entire dog’s body short while leaving longer rounded fur on the legs. You can customize the contrasting effect to your liking, but remember this trim requires frequent brushing.

11. Fluffy Style

Goldendoodle with a soft, curly coat in a full, fluffy style
Image Credit: Fido Foto from Instagram

This hairstyle is a perfect choice for people who want to appreciate their Doodle’s natural curly coat. Let your dog’s fur grow to full length and beautify it by trimming on the edges and brushing regularly.

12. Close shave

Brown Goldendoodle with a kennel trim sitting on grass
Image Credit: Teddy from Instagram

The Close Shave trim is a super-short, practical solution for Goldendoodles prone to severe matting and tangling.

While it might not be the most stylish look, it can offer much-needed relief. As simple as it looks, it’s best to leave this cut to a professional groomer.

Clipping too close to the skin can make your pup vulnerable to sunburn and other skin-related issues.

13. Sport Clip

Goldendoodle with an evenly trimmed body, fluffy ears and tail
Image Credit: Sequoia the Goldendoodle from Instagram

The Sport Trim is an effective solution for active owners who love outdoor adventures because it reduces the chances of collecting debris and matting.

It’s also an easy-to-care option that features a short trim all over the body with some longer hair on the head and the tail.

14. Schnauzer Cut

Cute Goldendoodle dog with a bandana and top knot
Image Credit: Lexie from Instagram

This cut transforms your dog into a Schnauzer-like look by trimming the body down with longer hair on the snout, underbelly, and legs.

It’s an ideal cut for pet parents who want to try different breed trims on their Doodles and it’s also a practical way to reduce maintenance on a longer coat.

15. Skirt Cut

An adult Goldendoodle dog wearing a red heart-shaped sunglasses on a red background
Image Credit: goldendoodle_named_nalu from Instagram

This unique cut lets your Goldendoodle swish around with a flowing ‘skirt’ of longer fur on their underbelly, contrasting with a shorter, neatly trimmed body.

It’s also a perfect choice for upgrading the exterior appearance of your dog and for owners who don’t mind a bit of extra brushing and maintenance.


With so many fantastic dog grooming styles for Goldendoodles to choose from, you’re almost certain to find the perfect look for your Goldendoodle.

Beyond the exterior aesthetics, it’s important to factor in your dog’s comfort and preference when choosing their haircut.

For easy scissor trims, a little DIY grooming can be fun, but for those fancy cuts, it’s best to trust the experts at your favorite pet salon.

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