Dog Grooming Styles for Shih Tzus

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Shih Tzus, originally bred as royal companion dogs, are famous for their affectionate nature and their gorgeous, flowing coats.

Their luscious, silky hair resembles human hair, it grows significantly longer than the average dog and sheds minimally compared to other long-furred breeds.

Regular brushing, cleaning, and bathing are essential for Shih Tzus. This routine removes dirt from their coat and prevents the formation of stubborn knots and tangles.

Choosing from the best dog grooming styles for Shih Tzus will depend on various factors including your dog’s individual needs and the time of the year.

In this guide, we will explore a wide range of grooming styles and trims that will suit your furry companion. We’re confident you’ll find a style that will perfectly suit your Shih Tzu.

Dog Grooming Styles for Shih Tzus

1. The Puppy Cut

Shih Tzu dog with a puppy cut
Image Credit: mitarashi.nm from Instagram

This haircut is a practical and convenient choice for Shih Tzus especially during warmer weather. It’s done by trimming the fur to a uniform length of about 1 – 2 inches all over the dog’s body.

You can also keep the coat longer than 2 inches if you plan on additional brushing to keep your Shih Tzu’s coat flowing.

Some groomers prefer keeping the facial hair a little bit longer to maintain the sharp look. Puppy cut is a popular choice among pet parents due to lower maintenance requirements.

2. The Shag Ear Summer Cut

Shih Tzu with a Summer Cut
Image Credit: Luna & Willow from Instagram

This style is very similar to an ordinary puppy cut, but the hair on the ears is left longer on purpose. The long-ear puppy cut can be done on both genders but we prefer it on female Shih Tzus.

3. Teddy Bear Cut

Shih Tzu Teddy Bear Cut
Image Credit: Happy paws from Instagram

This haircut is a popular classical choice for many pups with curly, thick coats including the Shih Tzus. The Teddy Bear cut is centered on the hair around the face to make it fluffy with a rounded shape.

It’s a good choice for people who want to transform their lovely pups into a captivating ball of fur to help the dog in cooler months.

The Teddy Bear cut might be easier to maintain than other sophisticated trims, but you should look out for mats and tangles around the head and legs.

4. The Practical Top Knot

Shih Tzu dog with pony
Image Credit: mojo_shihtzuofli from Instagram

This hairdo is convenient for hairy Shih Tzus because it helps to keep the pesky long hair out of their eyes.

To get this hairdo, simply gather your dog’s hair at the top of the head and secure it with a snazzy clip or a colorful ribbon to match the occasion.

You can trim the rest of the hair in your preferred style, but we recommend matching a uniform length to make your dog comfortable.

5. Lion Cut

Groomed Shih Tzu with a Lion Hair Cut
Image Credit: thegroomsalon from Instagram

The Lion cut is an eye-catching style that is centered around trimming fur all over the body to about 1.5 – 2 inches while leaving the head intact.

To make things better, you can trim the edges around the face and head to give your Shih Tzu a mane-like appearance for a complete ‘king of the jungle’ look.

6. Cone paws

Dog Haircut Styles for Shih Tzu
Image Credit: Hemali from Instagram

To achieve the Cone Paws style, the hair on your dog’s body is trimmed short, while the hair on the head, tail, and legs remains longer.

The fur on the legs is then carefully sculpted into rounded ‘cone’ shapes. This playful detail adds a touch of whimsy and can make your Shih Tzu’s legs appear adorably stumpy.

7. The long and sleek show cut

Cute Shih Tzu with long and flowing coat
Image Credit: jordana.shihtzu from Instagram

The long and sleek show cut is a guaranteed show-stopping grooming style that will make your Shih Tzu turn heads wherever they go.

Show trims are high-maintenance styles, but they excel in showcasing the breed’s distinctive beauty in the best way possible.

Styling a show cut by yourself can be an uphill task. We recommend you reach out to a nearby groomer if you want your Shih Tzu’s hair done in perfection.

8. Kennel Cut

Shih Tzu with a Kennel Cut
Image Credit: Hemali from Instagram

Similar to puppy cuts, the kennel cut is achieved by trimming the dog’s hair all over the body to a uniform length for easy maintenance.

This style is perfect for outdoorsy Shih Tzus because it minimizes matting issues and eliminates the possibility of attracting burrs of debris from the outdoor environment.

9. The Pony Style

Dog Grooming Styles for Shih Tzu
Image Credit: dogshihtzu.theo from Instagram

This playful and fun style is a perfect choice for female Shih Tzus because it gives them adorable girly looks, especially when complemented with a matching outfit.

10. Shag Cut (Bad hair day)

Two Shih Tzu dogs with uncombed hair
Image Credit: rio_theshih_tzu from Instagram

The shaggy look embraces a playfully tousled appearance for your Shih Tzu. With this style, the hair is intentionally left at varying lengths, creating a textured and carefree look.

It’s a low-maintenance option that’s forgiving of missed brushing sessions and perfect for pups with a mischievous streak.

11. The Lamb Trim

Cute Shih Tzu with a lamb trim
Image Credit: mitarashi.nm from Instagram

This hairstyle is achieved by trimming the upper body shorter while leaving the legs puffy with rounded shapes giving semblance to a playful little lamb.

12. Medium-Length Puppy Cut

A Shih Tzu wearing a red shirt stands in front of a wall of pink flowers.
Image Credit: Shih Tzu Puppy from Instagram

Shih Tzu’s medium-length puppy cut offers a bit more length than the classic version, with the hair typically ranging between 2 to 4 inches.

This style provides a touch of extra warmth, making it a good choice for Shih Tzus living in colder climates.

Remember a medium-length cut requires slightly more frequent brushing to prevent tangles, and you might notice a bit more shedding compared to a shorter trim.

13. Clean face

A shih tzu puppy with a facial trim
Image Credit: ilove_shih_tzu from Instagram

The clean face haircut emphasizes on keeping your Shih Tzu’s adorable face nice and tidy. This hairstyle leaves some hair on the head for warmth, while carefully clearing the area around the mouth and nose.

This hairdo is particularly well-suited for curious puppies who can’t stop sniffing and biting everything during the teething process.

14. Long and Flowing Trim

Elegant Shih Tzu dog with a show cut
Image Credit: shih.tzu.kylie from Instagram

Similar to show-inspired trim, this style leaves the luxurious Shih Tzu’s coat long and flowing with possibilities of reaching the floor.

This hairdo is high maintenance and it requires regular brushing and cleaning to prevent tough mats or tangles.

15. Short Coat Style

The opposite of the long and flowing style is this short hair trim which keeps things simple with a uniform cut all over the body.

White Shih Tzu with short hair
Image Credit: nevil_the_shihtzu from Instagram


Whether you go for a simple puppy cut or a sophisticated show trim, choosing from the above dog grooming styles for Shih Tzus will upscale your dog’s looks.

As you experiment with different haircuts, remember to keep your dog’s comfort first and seek the services of a professional groomer for expert guidance.

Remember, a fresh haircut is just the start. Regular brushing and should never be ignored for hygiene and keeping your Shih Tzu looking their absolute best.

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