Dog Grooming Styles

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Regular dog grooming starts with simple brushing or a quick bath, but it shouldn’t end there. You can make your dog stand out with many makeup grooming styles to choose from.

From simple trims to sophisticated hairdos by professional groomers, get ready to learn 30 dog grooming styles to help you find the perfect touch for your pup.

30 Dog Grooming Styles

1. The Kennel Cut

Kennel cuts are one of the most popular dog hairstyles for just about any breed. This trim leaves the hair short and uniformly trimmed all over to maximize the duration between grooming.

It makes a great option for pet parents looking for an inexpensive way of keeping their dogs stylish, neat, and tidy without too many requirements for regular brushing.

2.    Teddy Bear Trim

The Teddy Bear haircut is perfect for curly canine companions. As the name suggests, this trim can transform your dog into a cuddly bug just by playing around with their coat.

The best part about this trim is that your groomer can tailor the outcome depending on your preferences and your dog’s needs.

Unlike the Kennel Cut, the Teddy Bear Trim calls for regular upkeep to maintain the furry round shape.

To keep your cuddly dog looking sharp, we recommend visiting your groomer once a month for a quick spruce job.

3.    Puppy Cut

The Puppy Cut is a simple trim that aims to restore the innocent puppy look on your dog without too much elaborate shaping.

Depending on the breed, this trim is achieved by keeping the dog’s fur at uniform, but sometimes the fur on the ears and muzzle can be trimmed shorter.

4.    Breed Trims

Every dog breed has their set of rules when it comes to grooming and trimming. These rules are often highlighted to emphasize the breed’s unique features.

In most cases, Breed Trims are simplified versions of the elaborate show trims, making them more manageable for the average dog owner.

Examples of common breed trims include the Schnauzer cut, Westie cut, and Poodle trim.

5.    Show Trims

Officially recognized breeds often have specific grooming styles that adhere to the standards set for show dogs by respective kennel clubs.

These charming styles emphasize the breed’s defining features but can be high-maintenance for everyday pet life.

You’ll typically see show trims on current or retired show dogs and on pets whose owners want to emphasize their breed’s bright appearance.

6.    Lion Cut

The Lion trim is one of the most eye-catching grooming styles that can transform your loyal pup into a royal companion.

While it works best on breeds with naturally thick coats like Poodles and Chow Chows, a skilled groomer can adapt the Lion Cut for various breeds.

It involves shaving a dog to resemble the imposing appearance of a male lion. This can be done by leaving a thick mane around the dog’s head, neck, and chest.

7.    Lamb Trim

The Lamb Trim is a magical choice for curly-haired pups like Airedale Terriers, Poodles, and Poodle mixes.

This style features shorter hair on the dog’s face, upper body, and chest while leaving the fur on the legs longer and fluffier with an overall effect that resembles a lamb.

During hot weather, dogs with a Lamb Cut will need shaded spots to cool down. In winter, you only need a light cover for the upper body, as the thicker leg fur provides warmth.

8.    Exotic Hairstyles

Canine exotic hairstyles can turn many heads. These creative hairdos range from intricate patterns and geometric cuts to the use of safe, temporary dog hair dyes.

Exotic hairstyles require a dog with a calm temperament and should be handled by a highly skilled groomer specializing in canine beauty.

Bichon Frise

1. Bichon Frise Kennel Cut

Neatly Groomed Bichon Frise dog
Image Credit: ming9__mini from Instagram

2. Bichon Teddy Bear Cut

Bichon Frise with a teddy bear cut
Image Credit: _bichon_mandu from Instagram

3. Bichon Frise Breed Cut

Bichon Frise Breed Trim
Image Credit: kuku_ronnie_lucky from Instagram

4. Bichon Frise Smooth Cut

Bichon Frise trimmed hair
Image Credit: lovebabyruby from Instagram

5. Bichon Frise Show Cut

Bichon Frise Show Cut
Image Credit: pet.grooming.tales from Instagram


1. Cockapoo Kennel Cut

Cockapoo Dog Grooming Styles
Image Credit: Fido Foto from Instagram

2. Cockapoo Teddy Bear Cut

Cockapoo Teddy Bear Cut
Image Credit: House of Dapper Dogs from Instagram

3. Long Cockapoo

Long haired Cockapoo
Image Credit: KALLE | The Cockapoo from Instagram

4. Short Cockapoo

Short Hair Cockapoo dog
Image Credit: ECHO & NOVA from Instagram

5. Cockapoo ‘Schnauzer’ Cut

Brown Cockapoo seated on green grass in the backyard
Image Credit: reggiecockapoostocks from Instagram


1. Labradoodle Full Coat

Labradoodle full coat
Image Credit: Fido Foto from Instagram

2. Labradoodle Teddy Bear Cut

Labradoodle with a teddy bear cut
Image Credit: sawyer the labradoodle puppy from Instagram

3. Labradoodle ‘Schnauzer’ Cut

A Labradoodle playing out in the field holding a green ball in his mouth
Image Credit: lildoodhenry from Instagram

4. Labradoodle Summer Cut

Labradoodle Summer Haircut
Image Credit: Diego The Labradoodle from Instagram

5. Labradoodle Kennel Cut

Brown labradoodle with a summer cut
Image Credit: lacey the labradoodle from Instagram


1. Schnauzer Breed Cut

Cute black Schnauzer dog
Image Credit: Calvin the Schnauzer from Instagram

2. Schnauzer Show Groom

Cute schnauzer dog with a show cut fur
Image Credit: Henry Zara & Pickles from Instagram

3. Schnauzer Puppy Cut

Schnauzer dog puppy haircut
Image Credit: Theodore Cooper from Instagram

4. Schnauzer Summer Cut

Schnauzer Summer Cut
Image Credit: The Dog from Ipanema from Instagram

5. West Highland White Terrier

1. Westie Breed Trim

Westie Schnauzer Cut
Image Credit: puddythewestie from Instagram

2. Westie Kennel Cut

Westie Kennel Cut
Image Credit: westie_emmi from Instagram

3. Westie Schnauzer Cut

Westie Breed Trim
Image Credit: Tracy Vo from Instagram

4. Westie Teddy Bear Cut

Cute Westie dog
Image Credit: Chile Dog Photography from Instagram

Chow Chow

1. Chow Chow Breed Trim

Cute Dog Grooming Styles
Image Credit: LilyBearChowChow from Instagram

2. Sheared Chow Chow

Sheared Chow Chow on a grooming table
Image Credit: Charles Swasho from Instagram

3. Chow Chow Teddy Bear Cut

Chow Chow Teddy Bear Cut
Image Credit: pet.grooming.tales from Instagram

Golden Retriever

1. Goldie Show Trim

Golden Retriever with a Show Trim Hair
Image Credit: TUCKER | The Golden Retriever from Instagram

2. Golden Retriever Kennel Cut

Golden Retriever with a kennel hair trim
Image Credit: Charlie the Golden Retriever from Instagram

3. Goldie ‘Lion’ Trim

a Golden Retriever with a lion-like mane haircut
Image Credit: Harvey | Golden Retriever from Instagram

4. Goldie Simple Cut

Golden Retriever Simple Trim
Image Credit: Holly Hildreth Photography from Instagram


If you choose this route, remember to prioritize your dog’s safety and comfort. Any dyes or styling products used must be specifically designed for pets.

We hope these 30 charming dog grooming styles will unleash the best of your canine companion. No matter the style you go for, remember to put your dog’s health first before appearance.

We would love to know the styles that sparked your imagination. Feel free to let us know in the comment section and remember to link a photo of your dog before and after the makeover.

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