Dog Grooming Styles for Maltipoos

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With a Maltese and Poodle heritage, Maltipoos are naturally adorable. Besides regular brushing and washing, did you know a fresh trim can upscale your dog’s look?

With the right dog grooming styles for Maltipoo, you can transform your lovely hybrid pup to look their absolute best.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up the 17 best Maltipoo grooming styles and trims that will make your charming dog pretty and more adorable.

Get ready to be showered with compliments about how cute your pup looks. You might even get a few requests from passersby for selfies with your freshly trimmed Maltipoo.

17 Dog Grooming Styles for Maltipoo

1.    The Teddy Bear Cut

White Maltipoo hybrid dog with a teddy bear haircut
Image Credit: Redpin Photography from Instagram

The Teddy Bear trim is one of the most popular dog grooming styles for Maltipoos and other breeds as well, especially the Poodle mixes.

This haircut style aims to transform your cute Maltipoo into an adorable cuddly toy. It makes the freshly trimmed dog fluffy, especially around the rounded head.

2.    Continental Cut

White Maltipoo dog with a modified continental Haircut
Image Credit: The Colourful Groomer from Instagram

The Continental cut is a traditional grooming style for show Poodles, but also a great pick for other curly dogs including Poodle mixes.

It features a close shave on the rear, hind legs, and part of the tail, contrasting with a mane of fluffy fur left around the chest, a pom-pom at the tail’s end, and bracelets of fur around the ankles.

Although visually striking, the Continental Cut is considered high maintenance and is often seen in show dogs more than as an everyday pet style.

3.    The Puppy Cut

Dog grooming styles for Maltipoos
Image Credit: maltipoo named milo from Instagram

Maltipoo puppy cut is achieved by trimming the dog’s coat to a uniform length all over the body, although certain areas can be left with some fluff.

The puppy cut is a preferable choice for many Maltipoo owners because it’s easier to maintain and keeps the dog’s temperature at a constant level.

It’s also a good choice if you want to give your dog an innocent puppy look, with minimal matting and tangling of the coat.

4.    The Poodle Cut

Maltipoo with a curly poodle haircut
Image Credit: Maltipoo Teddy Girl from Instagram

With Poodle genes in their mix, Maltipoos can comfortably rock a classic Poodle breed haircut as an adorable way to celebrate their heritage.

We recommend getting this trim in a professional pet salon, but it’s something you can do at home with the right tools.

Aim to keep the dog’s ears and top of the head fluffy while shaving their tail, feet, and face to a comfortable length. Leave some pom-poms on the paws and tail for an elegant look.

5.    The Miami Cut

Dog Grooming style and trim for Maltipoos
Image Credit: Bailey from Instagram

Just like the classical Poodle cut, the Miami trim is centered around leaving plenty of fur on the dog’s head and legs with the rest of the body getting a close shave.

It is a favorite choice for show-bred standard and toy Poodles, but some Maltipoo parents find this stylish cut adorable for their pups as well.

Some pet groomers will also leave some pom poms on the dog’s legs for an added flair of beauty. This grooming style is adorable for Maltipoos but it requires high maintenance for everyday pet life.

6.    Maltipoo Summer Cut

Maltipoo dog grooming style
Image Credit: Megan Dearth from Instagram

The best thing you can do for your dog when the weather gets hot is to trim down their coat to a shorter length compared to a normal puppy cut.

The summer cut will also prevent the dog’s body from trapping heat thereby improving comfort during the hot months.

7.    Maltipoo Town & Country Cut

Cleanly trimmed white Maltipoo dog wearing a bowtie
Image Credit: Paws & Bows from Instagram

Popular for both Maltese and Maltipoos, this classic cut offers flexibility in how short or long you can keep your dog’s coat.

The key is focusing the trim on the tail, face, and feet while leaving the rest of the body as desired. The Maltipoo town and country cut is perfect for any season

8.    The Lamb

Maltipoo dog with a red sweater and a lamb-inspired hairstyle
Image Credit: Yoda from Instagram

Just as the name suggests, the Lamb Cut is an adorable style that gives your Maltipoo the soft, fluffy appearance of a little lamb.

It features a close shave all over the body with longer, fluffier fur left on the head and legs. The head fur is often rounded into a gentle dome to enhance the lamb’s look.

9.    Little Fringes

Cute Maltipoo dog with a textured coat
Image Credit: Yoda from Instagram

The fringe trim might resemble the popular Teddy Bear Cut, but it has a few enhancements for a signature look.

This hairdo offers a quick solution when your pup’s hair gets too long to the extent of obscuring their eyes. Besides preventing eye irritation, it also frames the face perfectly for an adorable look.

This grooming style is not an easy DIY option, so we recommend seeking the services of a professional groomer for the best results.

10. Fluffy trim

Maltipoo with long and fluffy hair
Image Credit: from Instagram

Maltipoos come in various coats which include a beautiful, thick, wavy fur all over the body, a thin coat, and a medium curly coat.

Depending on the texture of your pup’s coat, you can give them a fluffy hairdo which makes for an adorable look that will turn heads.

11. Maltipoo Creative Cut

Maltipoo dog with long and fluffy hair
Image Credit: Stella from Instagram

Some dog groomers are very creative and they can let their imaginations run wild with a creative Maltipoo haircut.

You can ask a skilled groomer to sculpt unique shapes, and patterns, and even add pops of safe, temporary color to your dog’s coat, for a beautiful appeal.

Creative haircuts are preferable for special occasions, dog competitions, photoshoots, or for owners who just want a unique allure.

12. Kennel Cut

White Maltipoo dog with a kennel cut, wearing a bow tie.
Image Credit: Buddy from Instagram

The Kennel cut is an even shorter version of the puppy trim. It involves cutting the dog’s coat evenly for easier maintenance.

This cut is preferable for outdoorsy Maltipoos to help minimize mats and tangles or in situations where regular grooming may not be available.

13. Ponytail hairstyle

White Maltipoo dog with a Pony hair style
Image Credit: Queen Yuki B from Instagram

To style your dog’s hair with a ponytail, let their coat grow for weeks or months. A ponytail hairstyle helps keep your Maltipoo’s hair out of their eyes.

Simply gather a section of hair on top of the head and secure it with a small, soft hair band. This prevents hair from falling into your pup’s face to avoid obstruction and enhance comfort.

You can even get creative with little braids or colorful ties to make your Maltipoo the star of the show on special occasions.

14. Maltipoo Pigtails

Maltipoo dog with Pigtail grooming style
Image Credit: Grooming Dublin from Instagram

For a cute pigtail style, divide your Maltipoo’s top fur into two sections and secure each one of them with a soft hair band.

15. Shaggy Curly Coat

Fluffy Maltipoo with Shaggy hair
Image Credit: Bailey from Instagram

Leaving your Maltipoo’s coat in its most natural look is okay, but you need to brush and clean them regularly to avoid matting.

If your Maltipoo is often indoors and doesn’t play in the sand as much, you can rock this style for a tousled appearance.

16. The Maltese Haircut

Maltipoo dog with a crown
Image Credit: Yoda from Instagram

With a lineage from the Maltese purebred dogs, it’s not uncommon to find pet parents rocking this style for their Maltipoos too.

The Maltese haircut can be achieved by rounding the ‘boxed’ ears and leaving a fluffy, well-defined face. Hair is kept longer on the lower half of the face with distinct cutouts around the eyes and nose.

While the body has a slight fluffiness, particularly around the paws, the Maltese cut is preferable if you want to highlight the dog’s adorable facial features.

17. Maltipoo Mohawk Cut

Maltipoo with a Mohawk haircut
Image Credit: Kristen Lumsden from Instagram

The Mohawk cut is a partial style that focuses on the head fur and can be matched with longer or shorter body trims.

This cut is achieved by shaving and trimming the sides of the head while leaving a long strip of hair in the middle.

The long strip of hair on the head can further be styled according to your liking. Some professional groomers can infuse it with fun pet-friendly colors if you want it that way.


As you have seen, there are many dog grooming styles for Maltipoos that you can choose from. Whether it’s a simple Puppy cut or a splendid Poodle-inspired trim, the possibilities are truly endless.

Feel free to modify your dog’s stylish for a personalized look to match the occasion. A professional pet groomer is best placed to style your dog’s coat, especially for the fancy trims.

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