DIY Easter basket ideas for dogs

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Springtime is here and Eastertide is around the corner. While you’re planning egg hunts and special dinner with the kids, remember to reward your furry friend too.

DIY Easter basket ideas are a creative and fun way to spoil your pup and show them how much you care. Don’t worry, filling this basket is much easier than you think.

Read on for our hand-picked recommendation of toys, treats, and goodies you can use to fill your dog’s Easter basket with love.

How To Create the Perfect Easter Basket for Your Dog

Creating a DIY Easter basket for your dog is a fun and rewarding activity to do. The best part is that you can adjust each basket component to your dog’s specific needs and size.

Feel free to include your dog’s favorite treats in the basket or go with homemade treats if you like personalized details.

It wouldn’t be Easter without rewarding your pup with a new cuddly friend, so remember to add a few squeaky bunnies to keep your pup occupied.

Easter Basket Ideas
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Since we are in the holiday mood, your dog will love sniffing treats hidden in plastic Easter eggs. Try Milk-Bones or other small tasty goodies

Always double-check what you put into your dog’s Easter basket. Seasonal treats such as chocolates or raisins are harmful to dogs so it is best to keep them out of reach.

Also, go for dog toys that won’t break apart or pose any choking hazard to your dog. Choosing toys matching your dog’s size and playing preference is best.

DIY Easter Basket Ideas for Dogs

What You Need

  • Easter basket
  • Plastic Easter eggs
  • Small milk bones
  • Bully sticks
  • Dental chews
  • Squeaky Bunnies or any easter dog toy
  • Special gourmet snack


Getting those Milk-Bones into the Easter eggs is the most fun part and it sets the base for the upcoming egg hunts.

First, make sure you have the right size Milk-Bones. Small-sized treats are usually the best options for most plastic eggs.

Pop each egg in halves and drop in one Milk-Bone. If you want to add an extra challenge, you could even put additional small treats inside.

Once the goodies are nicely tucked in the egg, snap the halves back together and prepare them for the final part.

Once you’ve filled the plastic Easter eggs with treats, you can now proceed to fill out the rest of the basket.

Video Credit: Matthews Legacy Farm from Instagram

Start by placing the special gourmet snack in the basket. We love this high-quality ingredient food because it makes the day extra special for the dog.

Go in with your dog’s new cuddly friend, which could be a couple of squeaky bunnies, a bouncy ball, or a puzzle toy to keep them mentally engaged.

Place your dog’s favorite bully sticks or dental chews in the basket to create a long-lasting treat session they will never forget.

Finally, tuck those treat-filled Easter eggs into the basket as the last step because it allows you to hide them among other goodies, making the hunt even more fun for your pup.

Besides the Easter basket, you can also experiment with placing the stuffed Easter eggs in different locations across your house.

The scent trail will stimulate your dog to make hunts all over the house, and it’s a joy to watch them go crazy.


Easter morning is going to be extra special for your furry friend when they discover this basket filled with love.

Are you putting up a DIY Easter basket for your furbaby this season? Share a photo or tell us how they reacted to the pleasant surprise. 

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