Frozen Dog Treats for Summer

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When the weather heats up, it’s easy for our dogs to pant nonstop, get overheated, or suffer other summer hazards.

There are plenty of ways you can help your dog get some chill during the summer heat. Among them all, providing frozen dog treats can be a pleasant surprise to the heated furry friends.

Besides cooling your dog during hot weather, frosty treats can also keep them hydrated and fight boredom.

Here are 20 frozen dog treats for summer snacking that will keep the temperatures manageable for your canine companion.

20 Frozen Dog Treats for Summer

1.    Fresh & Fruity Banana Pup Popsicles

Fresh & Fruity banana Pup Popsicles
Image Credit: Barth Bakery

These frozen strawberry and banana treats provide a quick and simple way to show your dog some love while keeping them cool.

With only five ingredients and no baking needed, these treats are packed with nutritious ingredients. Your furry friend will love this refreshing, smoothie-like treat on a hot summer day.

For this recipe, you’ll need about 1 cup of finely diced strawberries, 1 sliced banana, ½ cup of plain yogurt, 1/3 cup of coconut milk, and about 2 tablespoons of honey.

Mix the ingredients thoroughly in a blender, freeze in a silicone mold tray, and serve for a refreshing summer snack to keep your beloved dog cool and hydrated.

2.    Sweet & Crunchy Frozen Pupsicles

Sweet & Crunchy Frozen Pupsicles
Image Credit: Peel with Zeal

Artificially sweetened popsicles are not ideal for dogs because of the presence of xylitol, an additive that is toxic to dogs.

But this doesn’t mean your pup should miss out on healthy alternatives such as this homemade treat made with carrots and watermelon.

Using real fruits and dog-safe vegetables to make frozen treats adds a punch of vitamins to improve the dog’s health.

For this recipe, you’ll need about 3 cups of cubed watermelon and 2 medium-sized carrots. We recommend removing the seeds from the watermelon before mixing in the ingredients.

Puree the ingredients in a blender and pour the smooth mixture into a silicone mold to freeze until everything sets. Share the treats with your pup and store the excess in a freezer container.

3.    Frozen Kong Recipes

The Kong Dog Toy
Image Credit: KONG Company from Instagram

Stuffed Kongs can occupy any dog by making them ‘work’ for their treats. There are lots of stuffing ingredients you can put in this toy and that’s why we love them.

All you need is to simply fill the Kong with a mushy blend of dog-friendly foods, freeze it, and just like that you have an exciting summer treat for Fido.

The longer you leave the stuffed Kong in the freezer, the harder it will be. But if you need a softer frosty treat, you can leave it in the freezer for about two hours.

The following are some of the ingredients you can experiment with for creating a variety of tastes:

  • A spoonful of canned pumpkin (too much can cause digestive upset)
  • Bananas
  • Canned dog food
  • Cooked, shredded chicken or turkey
  • Diced carrots or apples
  • Plain unsweetened yogurt
  • Plain, lean ground meat (beef, turkey, etc.)
  • Tiny dog treats
  • Your dog’s usual kibble

Once you’ve selected your desired ingredients, combine them thoroughly by hand, or try a blender or food processor for a smoother texture.

Fill Kong with a disposable piping bag. If you don’t have one, a plastic zip-top bag with a corner cut-off will do the trick by squeezing the mixture directly into the toy.

Freeze the stuffed Kong for at least two hours, or better yet, leave it overnight and serve it the following day to cool off your pup.

4.    Easy 3 Ingredient Frozen Dog Treats

Easy 3 Ingredient Frozen Dog Treats
Image Credit: bitzngiggles

Do you have ripe bananas at home? You can mix it with plain yogurt and peanut butter to make some popsicles for your dog.

Blend 1 cup of chopped banana, 1 cup of plain yogurt, and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy.

Pour the mixture into four paper cups, place a rawhide stick in the middle of all the cups, and freeze for about 4 hours.

Once the popsicle has solidified, peel off the paper cup and share the chilly treat with your canine friends.

5.    Blackberry Swirl Pupsicles

Blackberry Swirl Pupsicles

You’ll be surprised at how these refreshing pupsicles are easy to make. Start the process by puréeing prewashed blackberries in a blender or food processor until they’re creamy and smooth.

In the same blender combine frozen bananas, peanut butter, and plain yogurt, mixing until it reaches an ice cream consistency. Add a splash of water if needed to help it blend smoothly.

Layer the blackberry and peanut butter mixture in popsicle molds or small paper cups, swirling them together if you prefer.

Insert popsicle sticks or dog bone-shaped treats, then freeze for at least 4 hours, or until completely solid, and share some with your pup.

6.    Delicious Ice pops

Frozen Dog Treats for Summer
Image Credit: Borbala Horvath from Instagram

You don’t need to have fancy ingredients to make a simple frozen dog treat. Did you know you can turn any dog-safe liquid into a frozen treat for summer snacking?

Fill an ice cube tray with unsalted beef or chicken broth, freeze them overnight and let your dog quench the heat with taste.

Place small pieces of freeze-dried beef, or strawberries in the liquid before freezing to surprise your dog when offering this treat.

7.    Store-bought Frosty Dog Ice Cream

Store-bought dog Ice cream
Image Credit: Frosty Paws from Instagram

If making frozen doggy treats at home is not your cup of tea, don’t worry! There are many dog-friendly frosty treats available for purchase.

Check out reputable brands such as Dogster, Purina Frosty Paws, and Ben & Jerry’s when you opt for store-bought frozen treats.

These readymade dog treats can be a lifesaver on hot days when you’re short on time but your doggo needs a refreshing cool down.

We recommend speaking to your veterinarian about these commercial frosty treats before offering them to your dog.

8.    Frozen Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Frozen Peanut Butter Dog Treats
Image Credit: urbanblisslife

If your dog loves crunchy foods, this peanut butter treat will keep them cool and entertained while picking up maximum nutrients.

To make this treat, get 4 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter, 12 ounces of plain yogurt, and whip in 1 medium sized diced banana. Pour the mixed ingredients into a silicon mold and freeze.

In addition to being highly nutritious, which means your dog will spend quite a bit of time eating so it provides longer entertainment.

9.    Applesauce Dog Popsicles

Frozen Dog Treats for Summer
Image Credit: abcrafty

Making this frosty treat at home is so simple. We also love it because it freezes into an ice cube, thereby providing longer entertainment to dogs during summer.

Simply mix ½ cup of unsalted chicken broth with ½ cup of applesauce in a bowl until you obtain a smooth consistency.

If your dog prefers having softer treats, you can use more applesauce and thin it out with unsalted chicken broth to reduce the crunchy texture.

Pour the mixture into a silicone mold, freeze until it becomes completely solid, and share it with your pup for summertime snacking.

10. Dog-friendly Ice cream (Non-dairy)

Dog-friendly Ice cream (Non-dairy)
Image Credit: biggerbolderbaking

Real ice cream is a big no for dogs. It contains high levels of sugars which can spike the calorie count and lead to massive weight gain and potential health problems.

As if that’s not enough, the excess dairy products used in real ice cream can induce vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach upset in dogs.

But who said your pup can’t have a dog-friendly ice cream? With 1 ripe banana, creamy peanut butter, and about 4 ounces of plain yogurt, you can make a healthy frozen treat for your dog.

Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor until smooth. Divide the mushy mixture into 3-4 small containers and place in the freezer overnight.

Based on your dog’s taste buds, feel free to adjust the ingredient proportions to get the perfect texture and taste.

You can try this recipe while adding various mix-ins such as dried apples, small pieces of shredded lean meat, or diced carrots.

11. Frozen Pouch Popsicles

Look for baby food pouches with ingredients that are safe for dogs. Avoid anything with onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, or avocado, because these can be toxic to canines.

Stick to single-ingredient protein options like beef, chicken, or turkey, or fruit and vegetable blends like apple, banana, or sweet potato.

The beauty of this recipe is that you don’t have to mix ingredients. Simply grab a pouch, pop it in the freezer overnight, and it’s ready to serve the next day.

The frozen pouch acts as a built-in popsicle holder, keeping things mess-free. Remember to supervise your dog while they enjoy their frozen treat, to prevent them from eating the pouch.

12. Frozen Watermelon Dog Treat

A person holding a plate of watermelon and blueberry frozen yogurt treats in front of a black Labrador Retriever.
Image Credit: urbanblisslife

If you want your dog to beat the summer heat, then watermelon is one ingredient that should feature in your frosty treat recipes.

This treat requires basic ingredients like watermelon, blueberries and plain unsweetened yogurt. Mix pureed watermelon and Yogurt in a bowl and pour the mixture in a silicone mold.

Put one or two blueberries into each mold and freeze them until all the treats are fully solidified. Serve the frozen treats while chilled to keep your dog occupied for long.

If you have a smaller dog, consider cutting the blueberries in halves to avoid choking hazard and make it safe for consumption.

You can make lots of these treats and store the excess batches in a freezer-safe container for up to 2 months.

13. Golden Coconut Frosty Treats for Dogs

Golden Coconut Frosty Treats for Dogs
Image Credit: threeolivesbranch

This treat should be served in moderation because of the high-fat content and high calorie content in the ingredients.

Besides providing a cooling effect during summer months, coconut treats are recommended for dogs with flaky skin.

Mix about 1/3 cup coconut oil and a tablespoon of ground turmeric in a large bowl. Pour the combined ingredients into a silicone mold to the brim.

The turmeric naturally separates slightly as the treats chill, creating a fun two-tone effect. Expect a deeper brown color at the base (the top of the bone shape) while the rest remain golden yellow.

Once the treats are solidified, pop them out from the mold and serve your pup. Store the excess in an airtight container and freeze them to ensure the oil does not melt.

14. Cool & Creamy Strawberry Yogurt Doggie Treats

Cool & Creamy Strawberry Yogurt Doggie Treats
Image Credit: sparklestosprinkles

These frozen yogurt dog treats are a delicious and healthy way to cool off your dog during the warmer months.

Your ideal yogurt brand should be plain, non-fat, and unsweetened to keep it safe and beneficial for your panting pup.

This refreshing treat can be made in a simple ice cube tray. Yes, you don’t need the fancy bone-shaped molds.

Add 2 cups of diced strawberries, 1 banana, and 1 cup plain Greek yogurt in a blender, puree until it forms a buttery consistency.

Pour the mixture into clean ice cube trays and freeze overnight. On a sweltering summer afternoon, give your pup a few of these tasty cubes for a refreshing cooldown.

15. Frozen Vegetables

Consider freezing some dog-safe vegetables like green beans, celery, carrots, or cucumbers an easy healthy dog treat,

These powerful green foods offer a satisfying crunch and add extra hydration to keep your dog cool during the hot days.

Be careful about overfeeding because some vegetables like broccoli and cabbage might cause flatulence if your pup eats too much.

16. Veggie & Meat Frozen Pops for Dogs

Veggie & Meat Frozen Pops for Dogs
Image Credit: Tinyterrier

Packed with vibrant veggie vitamins and a yummy meaty surprise, these treats are wholesome and irresistible for just about any dog.

Your chilled dog will love discovering the hidden meaty reward, making these snacks a perfect choice for cooling down and keeping the dog occupied.

For this treat, you’ll need 1 medium-sized carrot, 1 small sweet potato, 1 splash of chicken stock or water, and 12 small pieces of cooked lean meat.

Put the vegetable ingredients in a blender, add the chicken stock, and carefully combine the mixture until smooth.

Scoop the smooth vegetable blend into an ice cube tray and fill each compartment to about ½ the capacity. Place the diced meat chunks into the middle of each hole and freeze for about 6 hours.

17. Icy Blueberry Frozen Dog Treats

Icy Blueberry Frozen Dog Treats
Image Credit: Peel with Zeal

Here is another summer treat recipe that requires only three ingredients. Mix in ½ banana, ¾ cup of blueberries, and ¾ cup of plain yogurt in a blender until you obtain a creamy mushy mixture.

Pour the smooth blend into a silicone mold, or ice cube tray then freeze for about 1 or 2 hours until it completely sets.

These frosty treats are easy to make and can be stored in a zip-top bag and preserved for about 3 months in a freezer.

18. Frozen Pina Colada for Dogs

Frozen Pina Colada for dogs
Image Credit: Three Olive Branch

These treats are made with coconut oil among other wholesome ingredients, and they are good for your dog’s skin and fur.

Melt about ¼ cup of coconut oil in a microwave, dice up 2 tablespoons of pineapple, and shred about 1 ½ tablespoons of coconut.

Pour the melted coconut oil into a silicone mold, sprinkle each mold with shredded coconut, and top it up with the diced pineapples.

Chill the treats in a refrigerator for about 4 hours or place them in a freezer for an hour until everything sets into a hard solid.

Once your frozen treats are nice and solid, simply pop them out of the mold and transfer them to a freezer-safe container or bag.

This will keep them neatly stored and prevent the coconut oil from melting at room temperature, which is likely to happen during the hot summer months.

19. Quick Freeze Chicken Treats for Dogs

Quick Freeze Chicken Treats for Dogs
Image Credit: Two Healthy Kitchens

This recipe uses leftover chicken and non-fat plain yogurt to make something special for your furry friend to beat the summer heat.

Place about 1 ½ cup of finely chopped cooked chicken in a bowl and mix it in with 1 cup of plain yogurt until fully combined.

Scoop the mixture onto a parchment-lined baking sheet, aiming for roughly ½ tablespoon per treat. Gently press the back of a spoon against each treat, forming them into small, rounded flat discs.

Put the loaded baking sheet in a freezer and let it sit all night until the treats are nice and solid. Share some treats with your pup and store the excess in an airtight zippered bag.

20. Cucumber & Yogurt Frozen Treats

Cucumber & Yogurt frozen treats
Image Credit: housethatbarks

This treat combines nourishing ingredients that can keep your dog cool down while getting wholesome nourishment.

Cucumbers have that satisfying low-calorie crunch that dogs love, and plain yogurt is packed with benefits such as soothing itchy skin and promoting good gut health.

A small serving of honey helps balance the flavors. Blend these ingredients, and freeze in fun molds for about three hours. Share treats with your puppy to manage hot days.


With these 20 frozen dog treats for summer, you’re now ready to conquer the heat and hydrate your pup in style.

Remember to choose safe ingredients and adjust servings for your dog’s size. We recommend you introduce new treats in bits as you observe your dog’s digestive response.

For the best results, combine frozen treats with other tried and tested strategies like providing shade, clean drinking water, and maybe trying a fun swim just to name a few.

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