12 Easter Gift Ideas for Dogs

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Easter weekend bells are ringing and many are prepared to share this holiday’s tidings with close friends and family.

That’s good enough, but to make things a little different this year, we have 12 Easter gift ideas for dogs that will express your canine love in the best way possible.

You can get creative by mixing and matching some of the gifts below to ensure your canine friend gets endless entertainment with happy moods all weekend long.

12 Easter Gift Ideas for Dogs

1.    Dog Easter Basket Hide & Seek Toy

Easter Gift Ideas for Dogs

This Easter basket from Frisco is every dog’s dream for springtime tidings. This magnificent basket is filled with every interactive toy your dog needs for an excellent session of fun.

In the hamper, we have three mini plush toys each with a chick-in egg, a bunny rabbit, and an Easter egg to give your pup a quadruple session of fun in the sun.

All you need to do is hide the plush toys in the Easter-themed basket and watch your furry friend do everything possible to retrieve them.

2.    Easter Bunny & Egg Plush with Rope Dog Toy

Easter Bunny & Egg Plush with Rope Dog Toy

Start this year’s Easter weekend with a bang by offering your dog a toy that combines their favorite ways to play into one.

This toy is a perfect choice for playing fetch or catch, and we love it more because it allows our beloved pups to get exercise.

The soft and squeaky plush toys can extend your dog’s playtime by encouraging more fun through the subtle noise and cozy texture.

3.    Easter Fetch Squeaky Tennis Ball Dog Toy

Easter Fetch Squeaky Tennis Ball Dog Toy

We all know that Easter egg hunts are fun, but you can make your dog’s dreams of chasing a squeaky ball come to reality by gifting this toy.

These cheerful Easter-themed tennis balls from Frisco by Chewy are furnished with vibrant blue color and playful chick designs to awaken your dog with squeaky surprises.

The best part? With these three squeaky balls, your dog can get three-fold fun and endless entertainment, making every day after Easter feel like a holiday for your lucky pup.

4.    Dog Easter Eggs Plush Squeaky Toy

Dog Easter Eggs Plush Squeaky Toy

Name anything more iconic to Easter celebrations than eggs, we’ll wait! This adorable set of plush Easter egg toys from Frisco will lift up your dog’s Eastertide fun.

Your pooch will be encouraged to continue with nonstop hide-and-seek games thanks to the creaky sounds produced by the three plushie eggs.

5.    Easter Bunny Egg Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Easter Bunny Egg Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

As a quintessential pick for dog moms and dads, your charming pup is in for double the Easter fun with this adorable hybrid toy from Frisco by Chewy.

The unique design blends a plush egg with floppy bunny ears and feet, perfect for chasing, retrieving, and naptime cuddling, thanks to the soft exteriors.

We loved the squeaker sounds because they help tap into your dog’s natural hunting instincts, making for ceaseless playtime and the exercise needed to stay in good shape.

6.    Spring Easter Egg Hide & Seek Dog Toy

Spring Easter Egg Hide & Seek Dog Toy

Even if the ceremonial egg hunt is over, your pup can still have a blast this Easter weekend. This plush toy can be a perfect solution to chase boredom while elevating the holiday mood.

The large egg base hides three plush minis in the burrow, thereby encouraging your beloved pup to use their sniffing and problem-solving skills to find them.

7.    Spring Bunny Burrow Hide & Seek Dog Toy

Spring Bunny Burrow Hide & Seek Dog Toy

The plushy toy consists of three soft bunnies and a burrow that will exercise your dog’s hunting instincts.

All you need is to place the bunnies at the burrow base and watch your dog go all out retrieving them with curiosity

For every successful hunt, your adored pup will be rewarded with a squeaky surprise to tap into their natural curiosity for continuous entertainment.

The soft exteriors on the three bunnies make these toys an excellent choice for post-game naptime and cuddles.

8.    Easter Puppy Plush Dog Toy

Easter Puppy Plush Dog Toy

Springtime fun just got extra exciting for your beloved canine buddy, thanks to this charming plush set filled with exciting dog toys.

From the cuddly bunny basket to the playful gingham bone, vibrant carrot, and squeaky egg, your gorgeous pooch has many options for fetch, hide-and-seek, and warm snugs.

On top of that, your furry friend will love the squeaky noises and the interactive rope handle, making this a gift they’ll enjoy long after the Easter celebrations are over.

9.    Wash Effect Bunny Ear Hoodie

Wash Effect Bunny Ear Hoodie

This bold, eye-catching hoodie can be a good attire for your pup if you’re planning a dinner date this Easter Weekend.

Matching the multicolored exterior design is the adorable Bunny ears addition which is a quintessential Easter signature prop.

The stretchy cuffs at the bottom make it easy to slip on and off, so you and your furry friend can hop to the egg hunt or Easter brunch in style.

10. Easter Bunny Muscle Plush Dog Toy

Easter Bunny Muscle Plush Dog Toy

This amusing musculus bunny toy from Frisco by Chewy can be the perfect fitness coach your dog needs during the springtime.

The exterior material can be plushy, but this physically fit bunny has a chisel chisel-shaped six-pack that would make your lovely pup jealous.

Your dog will be motivated to work out some more thanks to the epic squeak noises produced by this bunny toy. (not recommended for heavy chewers)

11. Easter Chocolate Bunnies Latex Squeaky Dog Toy

Easter Chocolate Bunnies Latex Squeaky Dog Toy

The Easter weekend cannot pass by without gifting your dog some adorable chocolate bunnies. These cute latex toys will provide both indoor and outdoor fun to keep your pooch cheery.

With two toys, your canine friend will enjoy double playtime enhanced with an extra loud squeaky sound.

Don’t limit your dog from playing in dirt because these toys have a durable latex construction which can be spot cleaned with a quick rub.

12. Easter TPR Bone Squeaky Dog Toy

Easter TPR Bone Squeaky Dog Toy

We understand the urge to get an egg for your dog this weekend, but have you thought about adding a TPR bone squeaky toy to your dog’s Easter basket?

Your dog’s Eastertide fun will certainly get amplified, thanks to the two super-bouncy bones made from super-durable thermoplastic rubber.

Adding to the bouncy fun, we also loved the super satisfying squeak which will arouse your dog’s attention during playtime.


With these 12 Easter gift ideas for dogs, your furry friend will certainly have their best holiday without missing out on the springtime fun.

From squeaky bunnies to Easter egg toys, you are spoilt for choices but remember the greatest gift to your dog is the affection and valuable company you offer during playtime. Happy Easter!

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