35 Dog Christmas Gifts Ideas

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The festive season is fast approaching and what better way to show your pup extra love than getting them cute Christmas gifts?

Finding the best present for your lovely canine friend can be challenging, especially since there are tons of options you can choose.

To make your search a little easier, we’ve created a list of 45 Dog Christmas Gift Ideas that accommodate a variety of tastes and preferences.

Whether your pup is a playful explorer, a cozy cuddler, or a treat lover, our comprehensive guide has something extra special for every dog out there.

35 Dog Christmas Gifts Ideas

Table of Contents

45 Dog Christmas Gifts Ideas

1.  Santa on Vacation 2-in-1 Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

This Santa dog toy will give your furry friend a festive taste of the end-year humor while doubling up the fun with three squeakers.

Dogs who love to chew will appreciate the hook-and-loop feature which allows them to pull the toy and wind up for a cozy snug at night.

2.  Christmas Tree Faux Fur Dog & Cat Hat

Let your lovely dog become the royal highness by wearing this Christmas tree hut accented with multicolored pom-poms for the festivities.

The green soft faux fur ensures your pooch stays cozy and stylish, making it the perfect accessory for seasonal photos and celebrations.

Be sure to measure your dog’s head size and match it with the appropriate hat size for the perfect fit.

3.  Polar Bear Friends Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

This Polar Bear squeaker toy can add a touch of fun to your dog this holiday season. Each toy is made with a cozy material to give your dog some warmth during sleep time.

Let your furry friend play fetch on this December 25th, and get peace of mind when cuddling with the toys when resting.

4.  Wreath Fetch Squeaky Tennis Ball Dog Toy

If you’re looking for a Christmas-themed gift to capture your dog’s moods during Christmas, this colorful eight-pack tennis ball will be a delight for your pooch.

Each tennis ball in this pack is wrapped in a cheerful wreath design and includes a squeaker to get your dog excited during these joyous moments.

5.  Goody Box Holiday Dog Toys & Treats

The seasonal edition toys and treats dubbed Goody Box by Chewy are guaranteed to make the holiday fun for your furry friend.

For this year’s edition, Chewy has included a snowman plush squeaky rope, a toy moose plush squeaky toy, and some tasty Lazy Dog and Zuke’s treats.

This delightful assortment is stuffed into a holiday-themed stocking to make it more appealing and match the holiday mood.

6.  Frisco Christmas Tree Dog & Cat Ugly Sweater

December can get pretty cold in some places, and it’s prudent to keep your canine friend warm throughout the period.

This pullover design Christmas tree sweater dotted with pom-pom ornaments is enough to keep your dog warm with a touch of festive mood.

The other good part is that it has a leash hole at the back, which allows you to take your leashed dog outdoors while rocking this beautiful sweater.

7.  North Pole Mailbox Hide & Seek Puzzle Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Give your furry friend a blast during X-mass as they drop off their letters to this mailbox puzzle toy.

The plush letter toys are carefully crafted with soft polyester materials making them gentle of your dog’s mouth.

Watch as your pooch sends letters to Santa during this festive season as they reveal the squeaky excitement of this mailbox toy.

8.  Dog & Cat Cozy Plush Fleece PJs

Get this plush fleece to give your dog some extra warmth and comfort during the December holidays.

These items are made using extra soft and thick polyester materials, and we loved how they fit snugly for your pooch’s comfort

The bright color design adds a charming holiday flair, making bedtime a festive and cozy affair for your lovely canine.

9.  My First Christmas Bone Plush Squeaky Dog Toy

Your dog’s first Christmas is such a special occasion that they deserve a one-of-a-kind treatment to create lasting memories.

This festive dog toy features a bone-shaped design with “My First Christmas” embroidered on it the squishy stuffing is covered with a soft cover to give your dog a gentle bite.

10. DreamBone Holiday Chicken Wrapped Twists Dog Treats

These holiday-themed dog treats can be a perfect present for your dog during this festive season since it has real chicken and vegetable flavor to satisfy your dog’s taste buds and nutrition needs.

In addition to being a good alternative to rawhide, these delicious treats are crunchy, meaning they are good for your dog’s dental hygiene.

11. P.L.A.Y. Toy Collection with Gift Box

This gift collection comes in a set of five handmade squeaky food toys for your furry friend.

Your pup will have the delight to choose from a milkshake plush to a hot Barkie bugger or French fries to play with.

We loved these products because of their eco-friendly material and double-stitched edges which increase durability.

12. Best Friends by Sheri – The Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

If you live in an area that gets cold as the year ends, then your dog will appreciate this calming bed as a gift.

Your canine friend will get the warmth of the season just by sinking into this soft, donut-shaped bed for a cozy night.

13. Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Puzzle Dog Toy

Your dog is likely to eat more than their normal serving during the holiday season and this can put them at a risk of adding extra pounds.

This puzzle toy will keep your dog entertained and also ensure they do not overeat during the game. Fido has to lift and slide the lid for them to eat the hidden treasures.

14. Personalized Pet Face Socks

You can have your lovely dog’s face printed on a pair of socks in your favorite color. All you need is to turn in your photo, pick your favorite design, and wait for the magic.

The doggy socks are made using polyester material, and it’s machine-washable – to ensure you keep up with good hygiene.

15. MalsiPree Lightweight Dog Water Bottle

The December holidays are filled with outdoor activities that can best be enjoyed when going out with your canine friend.

This portable dog water bottle allows you to carry enough clean water to keep your furry friend hydrated during outdoor adventures.

With an in-built dispenser, you don’t have to carry an additional water bowl to use this bottle.

The other top highlight of this bowl is that you won’t waste water if your dog doesn’t drink from the bowl. You can simply press a button to drain the water back to the bottle.


Let your furry friend hunt the yummy treats and foods scattered in all the corners of the mat. This allows your pup to get entertained while feeding slowly during the festive season.

The manufacturer makes this mat in two size options, each with many spots to hide your pup’s yummy goodies.

17. Max and Neo Washable Reusable Puppy Dog Pee Pads

You can never have too many pee pads for your growing puppies or elderly pups. The material is made of a non-skid bottom layer which grips to allow your pup comfort while using it.

We loved the quilted top layer which supports quick drying, and the machine-wash feature which ensures your hygiene is up to standards.

18. Modoker Dog Travel Bag

If you’re planning a weekend trip for the December 25th celebration, then you need a convenient travel kit for your pup’s accessories.

This travel kit comprises an airline-approved bag, one water-resistant placemat, two pet silicone bowls, and two dog food carrier bags.

This will give you the joy of keeping your dog’s foods, treats, leashes, and toys in one place as you hit the road.

19. Rayco International Ltd Pet First Aid Kit

Active dog parents who love exploring with their canine friends should have an emergency kit stashed with first aid supplies.

This kit includes a saline solution which is great for cleaning wounds to prevent infections. You’ll also get a styptic pencil which can be applied on a wound to stop bleeding.

Other emergency supplies include tweezers, gauze, and bandages. For safety in night outdoor adventures, you can use the LED reflective collar to increase your dog’s visibility.

20. Lickimat Tuff – Slow Feeder Lick Mat

This slow feeder mat can help prevent anxiety during the high voltage night watch on Christmas Eve.

All you need is to smear some delicious treat, like peanut butter or Greek Yogurt, on the surface and let your dog lick it slowly.

We loved that this mat has suction cups on the bottom which grips it when your dog is licking the top surface. Some pet parents use this mat during bath time, to calm their pups.

21. Furbo Treat Tossing Dog Camera

This accessory is ideal for dog owners who would love to know their pup’s whereabouts throughout the day.

In addition to recording your dog’s movements, this accessory can dispense some treats and allows you to remotely talk to your pet with two-way audio.

The camera produces stunning 1080p resolution videos that cover a 360-degree angle to give you a clear picture of what your dog is up to.

22. Zuke’s Mini Naturals Soft Dog Treats

The Zuke’s mini natural soft dog treats will motivate food lovers to correspond during training sessions.

The treats are made in the US and they come in many flavors for variety. The composition is all-natural, without artificial colorings and flavors.

With protein being the main ingredient, your pup is guaranteed to keep a healthy weight during the seasonal merriment.

23. DASH Dog Treat Maker

As you make your food for the upcoming holidays, you can also make some for your dog too, thanks to this treat maker.

The machine can prepare up to eight bone-shaped treats at a time. It also has a non-stick coating for easy release.

24. Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Puzzle

This is yet another product from Outward Hound that forms a great Dec 25 gift for your lovely pup.

This interactive toy can help build your dog’s mental acumen and keep them from destructive behavior.

Just keep adding the squeaky squirrels into the tree trunk and let your dog enjoy hours of endless fun trying to pull them out.

This interactive plush toy comes in different sizes and critters, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your canine friend.

25. Hear Doggy Flatties Dog Toy

The high-pitched sounds from most squeaky toys can be distracting, especially during the holiday season when everyone is at home.

If your dog loves creaky toys, you can get this Hear Doggy Ultrasonic toy which makes noise that dogs can hear but humans cannot.

The manufacturer makes them in several cute animal shapes, so you can be sure to choose the most appealing one.

26. Hunger for Words Talking Pet Starter Set

Dogs are undoubtedly one of the smartest animals on the planet, and you can improve their brainpower by teaching them how to talk like Stella the dog.

This toy, developed by renowned speech therapist Christina Hunger, can help your dog develop better ways of communication.

The sound quality is amazing and we also loved the updated technology which improves the recording consistency of this accessory.

27. Jiminy’s Cricket Treats

Jiminy’s dog treats are made with crickets, which offer a more sustainable protein source than most traditional dog foods.

You’ll have many different flavors to choose from, which makes it even better during training sessions with your canine friend.

28. Now Designs Dog Biscuits Tin

Your dog is likely to receive loads of biscuits, rawhides, and training treats during the December 25th celebrations.

You should therefore plan for something cute to store all those snacks for a complementary look and feel.

With several designs and colors, you can be sure to find something suitable that matches your interior design and appeal.

29. Morezi Large Dog Toy Storage Box with Lid Basket Organizer

In the spirit of better storage space for your dog’s goods, the Morezi storage box comes with what most parents may need.

This large box provides enough space to stash your dog’s toys and keep them safe. The box is divided into two compartments but you can remove the divider if you need extra-large space.

We loved the collapsible feature which allows you to store it in a minimal space when not in use. There are plenty of colors and patterns to choose from.

30. Ruffwear Multi-Use Dog Harness

If you’re planning to take your furry BFF on an evening leisurely walk on Christmas Eve, then it’s prudent to consider a reflector harness for added safety.

Make sure to get the correct measurements to guarantee your dog’s comfort and efficiency when using this harness.

This Ruffwear dog harness comes in three colors and five different sizes to cater to your preferences and your dog’s safety.

31. Max and Neo Double Handle Traffic Dog Leash Reflective

To complement your outdoor reflective harness, you can pick this reflective leash for enhanced visibility when walking your dog during the evening.

This leash is highly favored among many dog owners because of its extra handle closer to the clasp, known as the traffic handle.

This gives you quicker and firmer control of your dog when crossing the roads. The leash comes in 6 feet and 7 color options.

32. H HandsOn Patented Pet Grooming Gloves

These patented grooming hand gloves can improve you and your dog’s experience during bath time.

They are well-made with rubber bumps to collect dead hair, give your dog a massage, and distribute natural oils during washing.

The gloves are made with durable colors and they come in six different colors to cater to your preferences in design.

33. YETI Boomer Dog Bowl

Coming in two different sizes and twelve colors, this cute dog bowl can hold up to eight cups of yummy food or water.

The bowl is made of stainless steel and it has a rubber ring at the bottom to prevent it from sliding while your dog is eating.

The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty, which speaks a lot about the quality of materials used here.

34. Kurgo Loft Bench Car Seat Cover

Car seat covers are ideal for protecting your vehicles from the muddy paws and fallen dead fur of your canine passenger.

Kurgo Loft Bench Car Seat Cover caught our attention because of its subtle looks which can complement most cars during this festive season.

35. West Paw Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy

You can keep your furry BFF entertained with this interactive puzzle toy which features hidden kibbles and treats.

The slow-feeding feature allows your dog to eat the treats only after they have discovered the hidden treasures.

This interactive toy is made in three sizes and it features five different colors to cater to your preferences and options.

36. The Dooloop Hands-Free Dog Poop Holder

This simple accessory helps keep the environment clean, offering a hands-free poop bag holding feature.

Not everyone loves carrying used poop bags with their bare hands, especially over long distances. But with this holder, you can slip a used pop bag and attach the holder to a leash as you walk back home.

37. FluentPet Get Started Kit Pet Buttons

Outgoing dogs who love to be heard will appreciate this kit that comes with a set of talking buttons for pre-recorded messages.

This will allow your pup to call you for some treats, a car ride, or request for a brisk walk in the evening. The kit is ensembled with a foam pad and two buttons that keep everything in place.

38. AWOOF Pet Snuffle Feeding Mat

These snuffle mats allow you to hide treats and kibbles to give your dog some work to do before eating them slowly.

We loved the bottom part, made with a non-slip cloth to give your canine friend an easy time while playing with the mat.

39. Zoo Snoods Grizzly Bear Costume for Dogs

This handmade kit has a soft yarn to help keep your dog’s ears and neck warm during the approaching winter and chilly nights.

The medium-sized option is a good fit for most small-sized and medium-sized dog breeds with a head circumference range of 12-18 inches.

40. Bonne et Filou Handmade Dog Macarons

These handmade dog snacks are delicious and they come in different flavors and sizes to fit your dog’s needs.

The hard textured tasty treats can give your dog long-lasting chews to prevent them from getting bored or being mischievous.

41. Whistle GPS Dog GPS Tracker

Adventurous dog owners should always plan to keep their canine friends safe when going out for games and hikes.

This GPS dog tracker will give you the real-time location of your pup. You’ll also get timely alerts when Fido leaves a geofenced (safe) area.

42. Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed

Senior canines deserve a treat that makes them comfortable. This orthopedic dog bed relieves the pressure on your dog’s joints to keep them in a comfy sleeping position.

There are 20 different colors to choose from, meaning you cannot miss to find something that blends with your interior décor.

43. Premium Pet Dental Spray

Your dog’s dental care is an important part of their overall wellbeing. This dental spray is enhanced with baking soda and natural ingredients to give your dog a minty fresh breath.

Pet parents who are not used to brushing their dog’s teeth will appreciate how easy it is to use this product.

Simply add a few drops to your dog’s drinking water or apply a few sprays to your dog’s mouth for an effective oral cleanse.

DIY Dog Christmas Gifts Ideas

44. Sparkling DIY Dog Treat Jar

Image Credit: Serena Faber Nelson from prettyfluffy

This holiday treat jar is not only sparkly but also very simple to make. The clean-up can be made easy by using a newspaper to cover your workspace during crafting.

Instead of buying new glass jars, we recommend recycling a few which is both affordable and eco-friendly.

This yummy jar can be filled with homemade treats to make everything delicious and nutritious for your canine friend.

45. DIY Modern Dog leash

DIY Modern Dog leash
Image Credit: Capree K from curbly

A holiday season cannot be fully enjoyed without taking your dog out for a treat. With only a few raw materials and tools, you can craft your own dog leash to safely walk your pup.

The project creators used illustrated steps to showcase this DIY which makes it very simple for most pet parents to follow through.

The finished products look so elegant, you may be mistaken to think that the process is complicated, but that’s not the case here.

Plan this DIY project early to give enough time for your dyed leash to dry before gifting your loyal furry friend.


The year is coming to an end and as we welcome the holiday season, we hope our guide for the 45 dog Christmas gifts ideas inspired you to do something special for your lovely pup.

When planning to exchange gifts and share cherished moments with your loved ones, don’t forget to include your trusty furry friends in the festivities for tail-wagging happiness.

Whether you choose a readily wrapped gift or mix and match according to your dog’s taste, there’s nothing too little for your canine friend.

This is a unique time to appreciate the joy, companionship, and unconditional love we receive from our canine family. Wishing you and your furry members a pawsome holiday season!

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