Dog Grooming Styles for Poodles

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Poodles are renowned for their luxurious curls and soft, hypoallergenic coats. No wonder they inspire so many creative grooming styles.

Continental trim and Lion cut are two of the most popular dog grooming styles for Poodles, but there’s a whole world of trendy and practical options to explore.

Some grooming styles prioritize ease of care while others are sophisticated, thereby requiring high maintenance care.

Your choice of Poodle haircut will depend on what you want to achieve and the occasion. In this guide, we’ll outline the 17 hairstyles to give your Poodle today.

17 Dog Grooming Styles for Poodles of All Sizes

1. The Continental Cut

Standard Poodle with a Continental Haircut
Image Credit: BlazingStar Poodles from Instagram

The timeless Continental clip is one of the most iconic hairstyles for this breed often featured in show rings. It’s a good option to consider if you’re truly stuck on the trim to pick.

The Continental haircut is achieved by shaving the Poodles all over the body save for the chest, head, legs, tail, and paws.

It also features voluminous pom-poms on the hips, ankles, and tails, a thick mane-like hair on the chest, and may have a banded topknot on the head.

2. The Puppy Cut

Brown curly poodle with a short puppy cut
Image Credit: pudel_von_der_delme_ from Instagram

This trim can transform your fully-grown Poodle to look like an innocent puppy. The Puppy cut is a popular option for owners who prefer low-maintenance trims.

It’s realized by trimming the body to achieve an even coat throughout. Toy poodles are best suited for puppy cuts because they are already small enough to look like puppies.

3. Teddy Bear Cut

Brown Poodle dog with a Teddy Bear inspired Haircut
Image Credit: Toy from Instagram

The Teddy Bear Cut has become popular among owners with long-haired canines. This cut aims to transform your Poodle into an adorable cuddle bug for endless snuggles.

It features long facial hair with a soft rounded appearance that gives the ‘teddy bear’ look. The rest of the hair can be cut shorter to make the head stand out.

Professional groomers with experience in styling Poodles are best suited to give your pup a Teddy Bear look. The cut is done using scissors and it requires a medium-length coat for the best results.

4. The Lion Cut

Poodle with a lion-inspired Cut
Image Credit: jackie_silverpoodle from Instagram

The Lion trim is an eye-catching hairdo that looks extravagant but is surprisingly easier to maintain than other dapper trims.

It involves trimming down the legs while leaving pom poms on the back and front paws. The tail is rounded off and the upper part of the body should be left with hair to give out a mane-like appearance.

Some groomers can modify the traditional continental haircut to look like a lion trim, so you’re probably going to see this trim in dog shows.

5. The Summer Cut

White Poodle dog with a summer haircut
Image Credit: Ziggy Stardust from Instagram

As the temperature rises, you should also trim your Poodle’s coat to achieve a shorter length for a cooling effect.

With summer sun comes extra playtime which means extra mess for your furry friend, especially after those beach trips.

A summer cut not only helps your Poodle beat the heat but also reduces matting and tangling during outdoor adventures.

6. Creative Poodle Cut

Three Poodle dogs with creative haircuts featuring temporary dog-safe colors
Image Credit: dogmodelsofatlanta from Instagram

If you have a skilled groomer with a flair for the creative and experience in exotic hairstyles, consider a unique and playful creative Poodle trim to make your dog the star of the show.

These cuts are perfect for celebrating holidays and special occasions. Your groomer might sculpt geometric shapes, add pops of pet-friendly temporary dye, or create a themed look for your pup.

7. The German Trim

Black Standard Poodle Dog With an Attractive Haircut
Image Credit: Brian Cuoco from Instagram

Try the German cut for a fancy hairstyle that doesn’t look too elaborate. It features angular trims to give your dog a sharp appearance.

Your groomer will leave the hair on the legs longer while shortening the rest of the body, especially the ears.

The German cut is a preferable option to prevent unwanted matting, or if your Poodle is susceptible to ear infections.

8. The Miami Clip (The Bikini Cut)

A standard poodle standing on a leash. The poodle has a medium length, curly brown coat that is groomed in a bikini cut.
Image Credit: bigathepoodle from Instagram

Just like the summer cut, the Miami clip is a perfect option for hot weather. We love this trim because it looks a little bit fancy, but it’s a low-maintenance option.

For this cut, the dog’s ear, paws, and tail have longer hair while the rest of the body is trimmed to a reasonably shorter length.

Most groomers leave a pom of hair at the end of the tail as well as near the paws for this trim. While some great DIYers can do this style at home, it’s best to stick to a groomer.

9. The Modern Cut

Dog Grooming Styles for Poodles
Image Credit: duke_thepoodle from Instagram

The Modern Cut is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a fresh and effortlessly stylish look for your Poodle.

It’s designed with both practicality and aesthetics in mind to highlight your poodle’s athletic build with clean lines and minimal fuss.

This cut might not boast the extravagant flair of other dapper trims, but it wins major points for its low-maintenance requirements.

10. Short and Classic Cut

Poodle with a curly haircut
Image Credit: Truffle That Micro Poodle from Instagram

If you’re looking for a simple poodle trim or find yourself short on grooming time, consider the classic Puppy Cut. It features your poodle’s beautiful curls trimmed to an even length across their entire body.

It’s a versatile option meaning you can keep it shorter for reduced matting or leave it a bit longer around 1-2 inches for a plush, cuddly look.

11. The Lamb Cut

Black Standard Poodle with a Lamb inspired Haircut
Image Credit: blue.licorice.poodle from Instagram

Still, on modern trims, the Lamb cut has gained popularity in recent times and many people love it because of its practicality.

This trim keeps short hair all over the body, but the legs are shaved in cones to give the visual allure of a little lamb.

12. Ponytail Style

White Toy Poodle dog with a Ponytail
Image Credit: Lino from Instagram

A ponytail is rather simple and it can go with other Poodle trims for added fun. You may have to leave your dog’s head hair to grow for several weeks or months to achieve a desirable length.

Gather the hair at the top of the head and secure it with a colorful ribbon or hair band. You can even curve two ponytails to create an adorable pigtail.

13. Fluffy Style

White Poodle with a fluffy coat
Image Credit: Lino from Instagram

The fluffy haircut is a perfect choice for owners who want to celebrate the Poodle’s natural curls. For this style, you need to allow your dog’s hair to grow to its full potential.

It’s a high-maintenance option that requires regular brushing and washing to prevent the coat from matting or tangling.

14. The English Saddle Cut

Black Poodle with an english saddle haircut
Image Credit: Dongseok Yoo from Instagram

The English Cut is similar to the continental or lion cut, but it features an additional pom of hair on the back legs.

Your groomer may also shave the pelvic area to be of equal length with the hair along the chest. The English cut keeps ‘saddles’ of longer hair along the upper body and chest area.

15. Sporting Cut

Black standard Poodle dog with a sporting haircut
Image Credit: Verity Hardcastle from Instagram

The sporting cut is a good option for keeping your Poodle pretty and adorable. Apart from the dog’s tail which has a pompom at the end, this style keeps shorter hair for the rest of the body.

Besides being a standard cut for Poodles in show rings, the sporting trim can also be a good option for everyday pet life.

The sporting trim can be of great help during the winter because the longer fur can retain body heat for your dog’s comfort.

16. Town and Country Clip

White Poodle with a neat haircut
Image Credit: BlazingStar Poodles from Instagram

The ‘Town and Country’ haircut is increasingly becoming popular across the United States because of its elegance and simplicity.

It’s a recommended trim for both standard and miniature Poodles, but a skilled groomer can still rock it on a toy-sized Poodle.

The top highlight is that the dog’s legs are left with long hair and in cylindrical ‘dome’ shapes. Your groomer might trim the body hair to accentuate the hairy legs.

17. Corded Style

Parti colored Poodle dog with corded hair
Image Credit: Furi and Panda from Instagram

A poodle’s curly coat has a natural tendency to form cords. The Corded style embraces this unique texture, allowing the hair to develop into controlled dreadlocks.

While this traditional style fell out of favor for a time, it’s experiencing a resurgence in popularity in the United States.

Achieving this look requires careful separation of the cords to prevent painful matting. The best part is that you can do this style at home and the maintenance requirements are surprisingly low.


Whether you desire a show-stopping elegant cut, or a simple and classic trim, the above dog grooming styles for poodles provide insights into endless possibilities.

No matter your style of choice, remember to prioritize your dog’s personality, comfort, and overall well-being for the best possible looks.

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